It's been two weeks since the match at Survivor Series and people were still wondering who won the match. When Roxie did not show up at Raw, they assumed that JBL won, but when she did not show up with JBL, everyone was confused. Neither Randy or JBL said that they won the match, and the ref would not say either. Even the superstars were making bets on who Roxie would go to. Hunter was sitting with the rest of Evolution in their limo and looked at Randy, "Any word from Rox?"

Randy shook his head, "Nope, have not talked to her since... God knows when."

Batista slapped a hand on Randy's shoulder, "Has Cena talked to her?"

"Nope," said Randy, "no one has since Survivor Series. Not even her family, I know because I called her mother and she said that she has not talked to her in weeks, but I am invited for dinner on Sunday." The boys laughed at the thought.

"That's weird," said Flair, "and so unlike her."

"Well," said Hunter, "she might be recovering from her concussion she sustained, not to mention when she was thrown into the stairs by JBL."

"Do you need to remind me?" asked Randy with annoyance.

"Sorry man," said Hunter.

"It's cool Hunter," said Randy, "I know you guys are all worried about Roxie, and so am I, but we all know that she is a fighter. Now, let's talk about what's going to happen tonight." The four of them sat together as the talked about what was happening, unknowing that they would have a nice surprise at the arena.

The new women's champion Molly Holly strutted down the Titantron and went into the ring, she smiled with confidence and with a cocky attitude as she rose the title over her head and then grabbed a microphone. The crowd booed and Molly began speaking, "Now, as you know at Survivor Series, I beat Trish Stratus for the Women's championship." They showed the footage of Molly cheating to win the title by holding Trish's tights. Molly smile with pride as she said, "Now, I am the best damn diva here in the business, but I will challenge diva in the back for my Women's Championship." She waited for a few moments and when no one came she smiled. "Well, since no is going to challenge me...."

Suddenly she was interrupted by Evolution's theme song, everyone was confused even Jim Ross, "What is Evolution doing? I did not realize that they were in the arena."

"Wait a minute JR..." said King, "isn't that?"

"King!" said JR, "Roxie Hart has returned to Raw!" Sure enough Roxie walked out onto the titantron and the fans were going nuts. "What a standing ovation for Roxie."

"Does this mean that..."

"This means that Randy won the match at Survivor Series!" said JR, "Why else would Roxie be here?"

"Making her way to the ring," said Lillian, "representing Evolution, from Louisville Kentucky, Roxie Hart!" Roxie smiled as she made her way down to the ring, and Molly was freaking out. Roxie high fived a few fans and then went into the ring.

"Well King," said JR, "I think business is about to pick up." Then the match began.

It was toward the end of the show and everyone was buzzing on the fact that Roxie had returned. No one told Evolution because Roxie told them that she wanted to surprised them. Sure enough Evolution made their way to the ring smiling with their usual confidence, lately they became a fan favorite, thanks to Roxie. All of Evolution rose their gold into the air, "Here is Evolution showing off their gold and their about to get a big surprise tonight."

"Oh yes," said JR, "and I think that it will be a great surprise."

"All right everyone," said Hunter, "when we got here we were told that we had to go to the ring, and that there was a surprise for us." The three guys nodded and looked at Hunter. "All right, now what is it?" A couple minutes went by and the guys looked confused. Suddenly their theme music hit the titantron. "What the?" asked Hunter when suddenly the crowd went nuts as Roxie came out... with the WWE Women's Championship around her waist.

"Roxie is Evolution's surprise!" said JR, "Look at Evolution's faces."

"Forget Evolution! Look at Roxie! She looked so good with that gold around her waist." Roxie was making her way down to the ring and the boys were still standing there in shock. When she got up to the ring she looked and waited for one of them to open the rope, yet they stayed in placed. Roxie gave them a look and suddenly Flair and Batista quickly went and opened the ropes.

Roxie smiled as she walked up to Hunter and took the mic from him, "Surprise." The four of them looked at Roxie with shock and she sighed, "My my, how the mighty have fallen. Evolution went from tough guys, to statues. I leave you for a couple months, and this is what happens?" Suddenly she was stopped by a hug from Batista, and then Flair and Hunter and Randy. She laughed and hugged them back with tears in her eyes. "Here are my boys." When they broke apart, Randy and Roxie looked at each other and smiled at each other as he suddenly pulled her into his arms and kissed her pouring all of his heart and soul into it. The fans went nuts as Roxie wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back with equal passion. When they broke apart Roxie and Randy were all smiles as he just held her in his arms.

Flair grabbed another microphone, "Does this mean that Randy won the match?"

Roxie sighed as she lowered her head, just as the boys thought that Randy lost she quickly rose her head and said, "You know he did! Hey boys in the back, can you show the footage?"

"How can they since the lights went out..." but JR was stopped when they showed the rest of the match with night vision.


JBL was prepping for the Clothesline from Hell, when the lights suddenly went off. JBL and Randy looked around for a moment, but then JBL suddenly went for the clothesline, but missed since Randy ducked. Randy went for the RKO, but JBL shoved him away. JBL tried again, but suddenly as he got to the rope, Roxie sprung out of nowhere and smacked JBL with Randy's title. Randy then hit the RKO and got the 1-2-3.


Roxie smiled with confidence as the guys were surprised and the crowd cheered that Roxie had gotten involved, considering everyone thought she was knocked out. She looked at them and smiled, "Now I know ya'll thought I got knocked out, I did, until the lights went out, I came around, grabbed the title and knocked JBL in the head. Did you really think I was going to let my boy lose?"

Hunter then grabbed the microphone from Batista, "Does this mean you are free to rejoin Evolution?"

Roxie looked at each of them and said, "if you'll have me."

The four of them looked at each other, huddled up and then broke apart. Randy lowered his head down and Roxie thought for a minute that they would not have her back, but suddenly Randy looked up and said, "Welcome back honey." Roxie shook her head as she ran up to them and leapt on top of them. They had a group hug and Roxie began to cry, as she felt like she was home.

"The first lady of Evolution has finally returned to Raw!" said JR, "And I have to say that it is wonderful to have Roxie back on Raw."

"Oh yeah," said King, "JBL must be fuming on the fact that he lost the match. Oh well, his lost is Raw's gain. That is what happens when you misuse a wonderful woman like Roxie. Look at her! Ah man, I really wish I was part of Evolution!"

"King shut up!" said JR, "don't forget she is Randy's girl."

"I know," said King, "but she is a wonderful thing to look at."

The five of them left the ring and went to the top of the Titantron, with Roxie in the middle, they rose their hands into the air, and the cameras were flashing like crazy. "Well Evolution is truly golden again. Roxie has been through quite a challenge, but in the end, she survived and is now a 2- time champion. We will expect many things from her as Evolution. See you next week!" The show went of the air, but the crowd was still going nuts that Evolution was back together, and they would not have it any other way.


(Author's note: Well, here is the end of Roxie's Challenge. I hope you guys enjoyed this one. I don't know if there will be a sequel to this, but if I get any requests for one, there might indeed be one. Enjoy my other stories, and my future ones. Peace ya'll. ::hugs::)