Title: Legolas' Lament For Aragorn

Author: Gevaudan

Disclaimer: The characters here are the property of JRR Tolkien, and alas, not me.

Author's Note: I'm no big poetry writer, I write it only when it pops into my head. Which this did – at half eleven at night. So I had to get up and write it down. Its not very Elven at all…but it fits more with Legolas' thoughts than anyone else I think. May incorporate it into a fic at some point but I was hoping for some constructive criticism from anyone who has something to say. Thanks – Gevaudan.

I have followed you for many a year,

Along the woodland way.

From the early break of dawn,

Until the close of day.

But soon your journey will be made,

Far from where I abide.

And I will follow you no more,

Nor travel at your side.

And alone I will sit, beneath the trees,

And think on days long past.

Hoping Mandos guides your way

And you find peace at last.