Title: Soaked

Character: Smith

Synopsis: The calm before the storm. Before their final confrontation, Smith waits for Neo. Set during Revolutions.

Spoilers: Minor Reloaded and Revolutions Spoilers.


Smith stood in the street, every street; in the apartment buildings, in the offices, in the parks, everywhere. And he waited.

The rain fell on him, ran in heavy streams over his face. It impacted on his head, ran under his sunglasses, around his nose, over his lips and into his collar. It soaked into his jacket, his shirt, his pants, his briefs. It was even sufficient to have soaked into his leather holster cradling his Desert Eagle. The code forming his apparel was thoroughly and completely permeated with the rain, almost as if it had become part of him.

Had he bothered to actually watch the rain as he was waiting, he may have noticed its similarity to code as it fell; steady, rhythmic, ever shifting, perfectly ordered in its seeming chaos. Looking between the falling streams, he would see himself.

He was, however far too occupied with his Purpose.