Dimension 17

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Chapter one: Purple sparks

Kurt was on his way home from the nearby Burger King. He had had dinner with Scott and Evan, since Kitty was the Institute's chef for the night. Her cooking had a bad reputation. Anyway, Kurt's two friends had finished their meal long before Kurt had, and since he didn't wanted to keep them waiting, they'd left about 20 minutes ago. The elf didn't mind walking home alone, though. It was a beautiful evening with an amazing sunset over the sea.

Kurt had reached the Institute and pressed his thumb against the reader (AN: you know, like in 'Mindbender' when Jean unlocks the gates by pressing her thumb against that strange lock thing?). The computer voice could be heard: "Identity confirmed. Welcome, Nightcrawler. Security systems disabled." The gate opened and Kurt was on his way through when suddenly a strange sort of purple light surrounded him. He panicked and tried to run, but it was as if the light had turned his legs to stone.

"Vhat? Vhat's going on? Help me!" Vait a sec, the professor's a telepath. Professor! PROFESSOR! I need help!

Meanwhile, the professor, Storm, Logan and the other students were inside, each with a slight feeling of sickness. (Yes, Scott and Evan had been forced to eat at least a bit of Kitty's food. She was pretty sulky with them for trying to sneak away.) Anyway, suddenly, professor "heard" Kurt calling for help.

"Ouch! Kurt! Don't scream!" he said loud. Then: Take it easy, calm down. Where are you? What's happening?

Ze gates! Purple light! Help me! It vill - He became silent.

Kurt? Kurt! I can not hear you! Keep thinking! There was no answer. Xavier turned to Rogue, who sat near the window. "Rogue? Would you like to take a look outside? I think Kurt's at the gates, but I can not be sure."

Rogue got up from her chair and looked out of the window. "I can't see Kurt, but there are weird purple sparks on this side of the gates."

"There are?" Xavier rolled his wheelchair to the window. Rogue was right, purple sparks were flying around outside. "Students, I want you to go out and call for Kurt. He called for me just a moment ago, and I want to know what happened to him." The students immediately raised and got out of the house.

Vhat happened? Vhy am I bleeding? VHERE am I bleeding? Oh, ze forehead. Vell, it could have been vorse. It could have been blood from my, lets see, my stomach, and zhat vould be vorse, right? Vhy is it so cold? Vhere am I? Maybe I should open my eyes. Okay... zis is frightening.

Kurt opened his eyes and found himself lying on a narrow cliff, covered with snow. The cliff was just a very small part of a mountain, it seemed to be at least 1000 meters to the ground. The whole valley below him was also covered in snow. Because of the small cut in his forehead, some of the snow directly under him was red. He could see no way to leave the cliff, neither upwards nor downwards.

Oh brozzer. I'm hurt and stuck on a cliff vhich I can fall down from any minute. Great. Vonder if zis has happened to Evan and Scott? Should I call for zem? Nah, I may bring down an avalanche if I scream. Speaking ov an avalanche – could zis be ze Brotherhood's vork?

He thought about that for a minute but then pushed the thought away. It couldn't be them, they couldn't have done this at least without help. Mystique was gone and, as far as he knew, the Brotherhoods' only leader for moment was the living earthquake. But if it wasn't them, who could have done this... thing... to him?



"C'mon, you fuzzy elf, like, where are you?


"Kurt! Ku-urt!"

"Blue boy? Is that you, in the bushes? YIKES! Don't scare me like that, bloody squirrel!"

"Where the hell is he?"


"I have no idea."

"If this is one of his stupid pranks I will –"

Students! Get inside! There's something I want to show you.

The x-men looked at each other, confused. Then, they shrugged and got inside. They found the professor in his office beside one of the big computer screens.

"Like, what's going on, professor?"

"Well, Kitty, I watched the latest pictures from the security camera closest to the gate. Look."

The students watched, stunned, as the screen showed what happened at the gate ten minutes ago. They could see Kurt walking through the gate as the purple light surrounded him. They could see his desperate, but useless, attempts to flee. Then, the light became so strong that they couldn't see him anymore. When at last the light turned into sparks, he was gone. Everyone – except for the professor, who'd seen it before – gasped.

"What was that?"

"What, like, happened to him?"

"Where is he?"

"What was that light?"

"Students! Calm down, please. I don't know yet what's happened to Kurt. I will search for him using Cerebro. Just try to take it easy, nothing will be better by just running around asking questions which I cannot answer. I can not answer them yet, but, with a bit of luck, maybe we will be able to find him."

That didn't seem to calm down the students a bit.

"What do you mean, MAYBE we'll find him!" Scott shouted, angrily.

"You mean that we won't see him anymore?" Jean gasped.

"Never, EVER!" Rogue screamed.

"He can't just disappear! Fuzzy wouldn't accept that! WE can't accept that!" Evan shouted.

The only one that remained silent was Kitty. Now I understand all these people who say that you don't know how important something is to you until you lose it, she thought. And without a word, she turned around and phased through the wall and into her room. She lay down on her bed and stared at the ceiling. You won't disappear, will you, Fuzzy? Of course you won't. I know you. You would never let that happen. You will come back. I know that. I know that... And she drifted off to sleep.

Yeah, I know, it was short. Next will be longer, I promise. And a lot of Kurt!

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