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CHAPTER 1—The five dormitories

Seishun Gakuen is an extremely huge boarding school. It's so huge that students were divided into five different dorms. The first dorm—Seigaku had always been the best dorm ever, the second dorm—Fudomine is full of rascals, third dorm—Hyotei is always challenging Seigaku dorm to be the best, fourth dorm—Rudolph is famous with its head dorm, Mizuki having hidden intentions to bring down the reputation of each dorms and fifth dorm—Yamabuki is still a mystery. Each dorm has its own first, second and third year students, led by a head dorm.

"Do you know who Seigaku's head dorm is?" Kachirou, a short boy with mushroom-like hair asks.

"Of course I know! I am Horio-sama with two years of experience in school." The brown hair boy shows off.

"Then who is it? We are still new here." Katsuo proceed to ask.

"Hehe who else but Tezuka Kunimitsu. He's the best dorm leader anyone would ever want. He is dedicated, responsible and respected by everyone. Even other head dorms look up to him."

"Wah Horio-kun, you do know a lot." Kachirou praises him.

"Of course. Didn't I mention I have two years experience of schooling in a boarding school? I was—"

"Eh? Isn't that boy in year one as well?" Katsuo pointed out.

"Ha? That's Echizen Ryoma; he's in my class, also my room mate. Hoi Echizen! What are you doing here?"

"Hm? You are—"and he scratches his head.

"Horio! Your classmate and roommate!!! How can you forget my name!?"

"Hm... do you have any coins?" Ryoma asks.

"What do you need it for?" Horio took out 200 yen.

"To buy a drink." And he walks off.

"WHAT!? Return my money!!!"

"Such a peculiar person..." Kachirou looks at Ryoma admiringly.

"Yea..." Katsuo nodded in agreement.

"What's so great about him!?" Horio asks angrily.


A can of Ponta drops from the machine. The boy in white cap opens the can and took a sip.

"Hey, got any extra coins?"

Ryoma glanced at him sideways and then decided to ignore him.

"I'm talking to you aren't you in first year?"

"So what if I am?"

"Hey, that tone of yours wasn't nice."

"... ... ..."

"Well, you are lucky I am a nice second year student. If you meet with that mamushi and spoke to him with that tone of yours boy, you'll be in trouble."

"Mada mada dane." He threw the empty can and walks away.

"Alright!!! Hyotei dorm tennis players in Court A! Seigaku dorm players in Court B, Yamabuki go to Court C and Rudolph in Court D." Banda-sensei called out.

"Sensei, you have forgotten about us. Where are we supposed to train?" Tachibana appears in his sports uniform with his team.

"Oh, Tachibana-kun. I am sorry. I forgot about it... perhaps you can use court E. but please clean up the court before using it. Some students use it for after-school practice yesterday but did not clear up."

"What!? Hey, old man, shouldn't you ask yesterday's students to clean up!? Why do we—"


"... ... ..." Kamio had his head hung low.

"Yes sensei, we will clean up. Let's go." Tachibana leads his team to court E, the furthest court with the worst condition.

"Tachibana-san, that old man is obviously looking down on us! How can you stand him?"

"Kamio, I understand how you feel but we have to be patient. This is the key to all success. We will show them that the Fudomine dorm is not to be bullied."

"Tachibana-san is right. Why is Kamio so impatient? He never listens... always act on his own. Em, yea. He even left me alone at the department store the other day after he bought his favourite CD. I don't understand why he did that to me. I am his best friend but he just left me there. He don't care about me... how can we play in the same team? But not that I can change the fact I am in the Fudomine dorm..."

"Shinji! Didn't I apologize to you the other day? Plus, you were wandering around and I couldn't find you so I thought you went back!"

"Alright everyone. Let's clean the court now and hurry up with our practice." Tachibana can no longer stand his team mates' argument.

Yamabuki dorm—head dorm: Sengoku Kiyosumi

"Sengoku-senpai, where should I put these desu?"

"Oh, Taichi, just put them beside the bench."

"A-re? did you see Kentarou and Masami?"

"Jimmies desu?"

"Hahaha they will get mad if they hear you. Yea, did you see them?"

"Hai desu. I saw them talking to Akutsu-senpai desu."


"Hai desu."

"Hm... "

"Sengoku-senpai, any problem desu?"

"Ah, no... don't worry. Can you get the other first years to gather in the court?"

"Hai desu."

Rudolph dorm—head dorm: Mizuki Hajime

"Yuuta-kun, what are you looking at?" Mizuki asks in a sly tone of voice.

"Ah, Mizuki-san. Erm, nothing..."

"Your brother is in Court B. Looking for him, aren't you?"

"No. I was just—"


"What is it Atsushi?" He hates to be interrupted while having a conversation.

"Yanagisawa is sick. Look at him."

"Ugh Mizuki, I need to go toilet dane. I think ... I am being poisoned dane. Can't hold any longer dane. Can I go dane?"

"Hurry up!!!" Mizuki shouted.

"I don't think Yanagisawa can practice today... who will be my doubles training partner?" Atsushi asks.

"Nomura! Take over Yanagisawa's place!"

"Ha— Hai!"

Mizuki turned and left. Yuuta sighed in relief. He's been spared this time.

Hyotei dorm—head dorm: Atobe Keigo

"Kabaji, keep an eye on Seigaku. No one can defeat ore-sama."


"Huh never tired of doing that, do you, Atobe?"

"Yuushi, what did you say to ore-sama?"

"Nothing." He whistles and walks off to his doubles partner—Gakuto.

"Hey Yuushi, Atobe is not in a good mood today. Don't mess with him."

"Oh well, I just had a word with him."

"He's in a foul mood today. Have been keeping an eye on Tezuka since this morning." Shishido blurts out.

"Sigh is beating Seigaku really that important?"

"What is it Ohtori?"

"I mean, if we only keep watching for Seigaku and neglect other dorms, it wouldn't be wise right? But all Atobe-san have in mind is Tez—I mean Seigaku. What if dorms like Yamabuki and Rudolph climbs to our head?"

"Oh, good thinking Chotarou! Nice!" Ohtori blushed at Shishido's compliment.

"Well, that's true but you know Atobe... when he sets his eyes on something, he will make sure he gets it no matter what." Gakuto sighs. "But actually, Seigaku is a good opponent. I'll show that Kikumaru what acrobatic is all about!"

"Yea, whatever... Hey Jirou, wake up! Time for practice!!!" Shishido shakes him.

"Hey you, super rookie eh? Don't think you are so smart just because the Seigaku regulars aren't here yet it doesn't mean you can show off!" Arai shouts.

"Mada mada dane."

"What!? Are you using that tone to speak to a senpai!?"

"Hoi, Arai, forget it. I think he speaks to everyone with that tone."

"Momoshiro. Hn! Count yourself luck today you brat." Arai went in to the changing room.

"Hey, heard that you play tennis quite well. Can we have a game?" Momoshiro is challenging Ryoma.

"Whenever you are ready."

--and so they had a one-set match, of course, Ryoma won but he didn't realize he was being watched by the regulars of Seigaku not that he actually mind and with that, Tezuka puts him in the Regular list ... which means Tezuka acknowledge Ryoma's ability in tennis. Perhaps it was just a short one-set match but being able to win a regular and having such natural tennis instincts (Tezuka notice them clearly), he knew he did not make the wrong choice.

"Boy, you are good" Momoshiro shakes Ryoma's hand after the match.

Smiling, Ryoma says (alright, everyone together now!) "Mada mada dane."

The other regulars smiled. Seems like from today onwards, life will never be the same again.

Don't you think so?