Title: Catching Up With The Past (title may change!)

Author: Stacey Mclean

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Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters of Las Vegas except Stacey.

Spoilers: Delinda has a best friend Stacey, who is like a sister to her and a daughter to Ed. After a bad break up she comes back to work at the Montecito. She and Danny become close but when her past catches up with her what will happen with her and Danny?

Danny's P.O.V

I was walking to Ed's office first thing Monday morning, today was different though he had asked me to, normally I would go to get my orders for the day, but today he had specifically asked me to go and see him so I knew something was going on.

I walked in to the corridor direct to Ed's office and met up with Sam. "You off the see Ed?" she asked me

"Yeah, he ordered me to" I explained

"Me to" she told me "something must be going on"

Ed had called me and Sam in to his office first thing Monday morning, it was hard to keep track of days in Las Vegas, and it always seemed like a weekend. I was curious now with what was going on. 

Delinda was sat in front of her Dad's desk. Sam took a seat next to her after saying "good morning" to her and Ed. I stood behind the two gorgeous ladies.

 "I have a very important guest arriving tomorrow morning and I would like the two of you to give her everything and anything she wants…"

"Daddy I really don't think she needs babysitters, no offence to you two, she'll be pissed at you if you do this…" Delinda interrupted, that was the first time I had ever heard Delinda swear in front of her Father.

"Delinda, she's had it rough, and I wanna make sure she's not keeping it all inside, she will be escorted by these two whether she likes it or not!" Ed said

"And it's not like she's never been here before, she use to be your right hand man well woman" Delinda told him.

"we are done here Delinda" Ed told her, she sighed loudly and stood up to leave "and remember keep your mouth shut" Ed added looking at his daughter.

"I know. Let me know when she gets here, I can't wait to see her" Delinda told her Dad.

"You will be the first to know" her Dad reassured her. Delinda left and Ed waited to continue until she had left.

"Thank god. Where was I? Anything and everything she needs, don't ask questions just do it. She's just come out of a really bad relationship, a really, really bad break up and I want her here so I can keep an eye on her and when she is up to it she will be working with you Danny, she's already worked here as Delinda said so she won't need training, but two of you is better than one and she is the best at what she does"

Best at what she does what about me? I'm good at my job, I'm his right hand man, and a woman do my job, please?

"If you don't mind me asking, who is she?" I asked

"She's my daughter" Ed told us.

"I thought Delinda was your only daughter?" Sam asked

"Delinda is my only daughter by blood. Stacey had a bad bringing up, she made friends with Delinda, I took her in, that's all you need to know, if Stacey wants you to know anymore she will tell you herself." Ed said. "Her plane lands at 8.45 tomorrow morning, I want you both there to pick her up"

"Ed I'd love to but you asked me to escort the Beale party this week" Sam told Ed. The Beale's where known as what we call Whales (gamblers who have obscene amounts of money that when they lose millions they don't bat an eye.)

"That's right. Well Danny looks like you're on your own."

Great I get to spend god knows how long with another Delinda, this should be fun.

"And don't make the mistake of thinking she's anything like Delinda, she use to be but she grew out of it." Ed told me. To bad Delinda didn't. "She's a lot like you Danny just better looking"

"Thanks" I joked.

"she will be staying on the top floor in the Pent house, and the camera's wont be on in her room, she hates it, you will be at her beck and call Danny, I've got someone to cover you here tomorrow and for as long as she needs you around so take care of her!" I knew she was really important to him and I wanted to do a good job but I didn't wanna be a babysitter, it's not what I came to Las Vegas for!

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