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Oh, yeah, and here's a warning: WARNING.

I'm liking this new system story system.

Yaone: Really now.

Hey, you're back!

Yaone: And you're lazy. Y'know, I'd really love to see you try a three-five. Give me something to do.

... Kougaiji, you busy?

Kougaiji: Apparently not busy enough.


Hakkai: This is where I'm supposed to say "Educational Guidance", right?




Yaone: I hope you die a slow and painful death.

But you liked the mental image, right?

Yaone: ... I still hope you die suffering. Right, Kougaiji-sama?


Poor, poor, innocent.

The hotel was now on fire, and its patrons happily rearranged in rows out on the front lawn. Jien had taken to directing them all over the patchy grass, back and forth, back and forth, all in the hopes of creating a new strategy for beating Yaone at chess (forget the fact that they actually don't play chess, only get into catfights and hurl pieces at each other). Unfortunately, the pieces were wandering too much, and he had to keep beating them over the head with a stick -


- just to keep the board playable.

(It can now be noted that Gojyo and Sanzo had no real complaints about the previous image.)

Everyone else: Uh.

Gojyo: Did I miss something here?

Sanzo: Don't wanna know.

Gojyo, upon sensing that the presence of that demonic element known as fire, had immediately jumped out of the building with his newly acquired hair gel. He landed in bushes, just so you'd know. Just like a regular movie ninja would.

Then again, ninjas wouldn't really care about their hair as much as Gojyo does.

"NO FAIL!" He screamed in midair.

And if you don't know anything about Honey and Clover, you now know a little of it.


Ichigo: What are we doing here?

Rukia: Beats me. Wanna threesome with Ishida?

Ichigo: Normally I'd say "Like hell", but the idea sounds oddly appealing to me right now. You're on.

Hmm, it seems the author is straying from the original topic -

Yaone: Which was?

- so here we go again:

Gojyo landed on Sanzo (forget all that stuff with the bushes), who had tossed the burning book back into the inn and was trying to get away nonchalantly whilst polishing his gun.



Yaone: I am NOT seeing this.

I think I'll stop right here.