Ok, it was just driving me mad on how much I wanted to do a GoldenSun fic, So here it is, it's a short few chaptered one, but I can't make it long because my Zelda one is already in for heavy duty, so I can't make two really long stories at once.

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Chapter One: Broken Heart

Mia brushed her hair, it was the only thing that she could do right at that moment to make herself feel better. It was midnight, and she knew that she should be in bed, but she just couldn't sleep. She was going to go back to Imil, Isaac and everyone had just completed the quest. And she was currently staying at an inn at Vale, the hometown of Isaac, Felix, Garet, and Jenna. She had been her for months now, helping the villagers of Vale rebuild their homes after it had all been leveled out. It had almost been a year since she had been here, and she still hadn't been able to tell Isaac her true feelings about him.
It hurt her, to see him and know that he didn't know about how much she cared for him, but she could never be able to tell him the truth. She was going to leave in about a week, go back to Imil, but leaving her heart soul here with one person. His eyes haunted her, every time she would close her eyes they were there, and when she would sleep, they would there. Staring at her.
Mia stopped brushing her hair and looked and saw Sheba standing at her doorway, she hadn't even noticed that Sheba had come in.
"Yes Sheba?" She asked her as she placed a fake smile on her face.
"Don't, I'm a Mind Reader, I know what you're thinking about. You have to tell Isaac the truth Mia, you love him."
The smile disappeared, and Mia looked back into her reflection. Sheba and Jenna had known that she was in love with Isaac, because she had told them so, it was when they were first traveling with each other. Flashback
Mia laid down and put her head on her pillow, and silently began to cry, just at that moment, her new room mates Jenna and Sheba came in. Mia jumped up and then wiped away the tears before either of them could see.
"Hello, Sheba and Jenna, I suppose that we will be sharing this room."
Sheba walked over to Mia and sat down next to her.
"Mia, I've just meet you and Isaac, Garet, and Ivan only have good things to say about you, but I've been feeling bad vibes from you. What's wrong?"
Jenna sat down on Mia's pillow.
"Sheba's right, all of the boys only have good things to say about you, but I can tell that something's wrong. Tell us, it can be a secret between the three of us, you know, a girls thing!"
Mia looked at both of them, and then saw Sheba's eyes flash. She smiled at Sheba, trying not to sniffle.
"Please don't read my mind, I can tell when you're doing it, I've had plenty of practice with Ivan." She looked down the floor, Ivan knew her secret, but he promised that he would never tell.
Sheba placed a small hand on Mia's shoulder and made Mia look her eyes.
"I won't read your mind, but you should tell somebody before it explodes and you embarrass yourself."
Mia wanted to look away from Sheba's penetrating gaze, but Sheba was using some type of Psynergy to make sure that she didn't look away.
"I... I'm... in love with Isaac."
The words fell out of her mouth before she knew that she had even spoken the words, Sheba let her go and Mia immediately looked at the floor. Slowly the tears began to fall, and both Jenna and Sheba put their arms around her.
"I'm sorry," said Sheba, "I didn't know it was that serious, if I had known it was something like, then I wouldn't have pried...."
"It's Ok," Mia said through her tears, she said it so quietly that only Sheba and Jenna could hear her. "It's the truth anyway." End of Flashback

Closing the door, Sheba walked over to Mia and then stood behind her, her nightgown waving.
"Why don't you tell him? You would stop hurting the way you are now, I'm your best friend, and I say that you should tell him."
Mia got off the stool and paced around as tears threatened to come out.
"I can't, I don't have that kind of courage. And besides, I know that he doesn't love me, maybe as a friend, but nothing more."
She sighed and then walked over and took Mia's hand to make her stop pacing around.
"If you don't tell him, then you'll never know. Lay down Mia, it will make you feel better."
Mia sighed and sat down on her bed, and Sheba sat down next to her, still holding Mia's hand.
"Mia, you're going to leave soon, you should at least try and give him some type of a hint. Maybe he'll ask you ask you to be his partner in the celebration that Vale is having. Ivan's asked me, and Garet's asked Jenna, and Isaac will probably ask you!"
"I have a feeling Pier's will, not Isaac, after all, this partner stuff seems to be going by Psynergy element, haven't you noticed? Maybe Isaac is gay and he'll ask Felix." She said this in a sarcastic voice, although for some reason part of her wasn't kidding.
"Maybe, but I don't think that Felix will except." Sheba hugged Mia, and then released her. "Do you have a dress for the celebration?"
"Well, no."
"Well, I really don't think that anyone is going to ask me."
"How many different boys have asked you to be their date?"
"That isn't fair Sheba!"
"Let me see, there were those four boys that asked you the first day that the governor announced that there was to be a celebration. And then it at least doubled the next day... and what about the next day? Even more wasn't it? And then today-."
"Alright! You have your point!"
Sheba hugged Mia again and then stood up.
"Get a dress, and tell Isaac."
With that said and done, Sheba turned around and walked out of Mia's door, closing it silently. Mia laid down and pulled the covers over her head, and saw Isaac eyes. She opened them again, how would she get to sleep when Isaac was staring at her? She closed her eyes again, and saw Isaac's eyes again. They looked at her, and Mia felt herself get cold as his gaze penetrated her as it always did.

Mia sleepily got off of her bed; she hadn't slept at all that night. Isaac's eyes had been haunting her again, just as the night before, and the night before that. Mia couldn't remember the last time she had been able to sleep correctly without his eyes haunting her like that. She yawned then walked over to her mirror, brushing her hair Shade jumped out of the mirror and onto her lap. Putting her brush down, she petted him with a gentle finger and he coed and she smiled and then returned to brushing her hair. Once she finished that, she picked Shade up and put him on the top of her head. All of her other Djinn popped out from their places around the room and settled themselves on Mia's head or shoulders. She made sure to give them each a little special attention and then went to get her clothes on.
She got out her usual outfit, her blue and purple dress with the cape. She dressed and then put her hair up in its usual style; she looked in the mirror and saw that she had small black bags under her eyes from the lack of sleep. She went through her belongings and found some powder; she placed it under her eyes so that no one would notice, once she was satisfied and put it away and then went out the door. That powder had served her well, she had bought it at some town and it had kept the black from under her eyes from showing. The sagging she couldn't do anything about, but they had slowly come, so she was sure that none of the others had noticed.
She meet Sheba, Ivan and Piers at the lobby of the inn and they all ate together, once they were finished, they all headed out together to meet the rest of the gang.
They meet Felix and Jenna first, and then Garet, Isaac was busy helping his father with carpeting and was going to arrive late. Mia sighed, it brought her pain to look at his flawless face, and it was always difficult to try and not avoid his gaze whenever he looked at her, so it was nice that he wasn't going to haunt her in such an early hour.
They went down to the center of Vale were a new Pysnergy stone had been placed and decorations for the party to come in one day were beginning to go up. Mia sat down next to the Psynergy stone as everyone else went off to buy new things, and spend time with their dates. Mia sat there for ten more minutes, and then saw Isaac coming down the hill with saw dust in his hair, face, and clothes.
He walked over to her and then sat down next to her cross legged.
"Nice day wouldn't you say Mia?"
"Yes it is." She replied back to him in the straightest voice she could manage. She looked at him and then put her hands through his hair to get the saw dust out, at least that was her excuse for touching his hair.
"I always get saw dust all over me whenever I help my dad, not that it bothers me that much though. I'm used to it."
Mia frowned when she had gotten all of the saw dust out his hair and took her hand away and rested it on the ground. He looked at her and Mia felt her insides flip.
"Has Piers asked you out to the celebration yet?"
Mia blinked, astounded at his question.
"No, he hasn't, why do you ask?"
Isaac looked away and Mia's insides went in their correct places again.
"Just wondering, all of those other boys have asked you, why do you always turn them down?"
"Well, it's just that, that, well...."
"You just don't feel like a date, is that it?"
"Well no, I'm just waiting for the right guy to ask me I guess."
Mia's frown deepened at his last remark, what was, 'oh,' supposed to mean?
"Do you have a date?" She asked him, and she looked at the grass, hoping that he would say no.
"No. Piers and Felix don't have one either, maybe one of them will ask you."
"I would say no even if they asked me."
"What if I asked?"
Mia looked at Isaac with shock, but he just kept his eyes on the skies.
"Well, if, if, I said no, then I guess that I would be... well, lying."

Isaac looked at her with the same shock.
"You would? Why?"
Mia was cut off when the rest of the group had come up and started talking to Isaac. Mia sighed happily, that was a close call. Jenna and Sheba took Mia's arm and took her off to a shop that Mia hadn't bothered to go to before.
"We need to get you a dress!" Jenna cried out as they walked into the busy store, woman of all ages were looking at gowns. Mia looked at Jenna and then to Sheba, blushing.
"I don't need I dress, honest!
"Sheba told me that you haven't picked out a dress yet, and I can't let that pass by. What kind of a friend would I be if I didn't make you get a dress for this party that Vale is having?"
"I could just wear this dress, I'm fine, really, I don't even have a date!"
"Well," said Sheba as she towed Mia towards some dress, "when you wear this dress to party then all of the boys will want to dance with you. And I bet that if asked a random person they would say yes!"
"But it's only formal that the boy asks the girl to a date, and I've already told those boys no."
"Well then just tell one of them that you changed your mind, they'll say yes, I know it!"
Both Sheba and Jenna let go of Mia and began to grab random dresses, Mia felt a drop going down the back of her head.
"Please, I don't need a dress!"
The other two just ignored her and kept on looking at dresses, desperate, Mia kept on trying to make excuses like, "But you two need a dress, why don't you go looking for yourselves?" or, "Please, I really, really, don't need a dress!" But still they ignored her, and Mia had finally found a bench to sit on. She played with Hail on her lap; every once in a while Sheba and Jenna would run up to her and ask Mia to try on a dress. But Mia never liked any of the dresses; none of them seemed to click.
At least an hour or so had gone by, and still she had no dress, Sheba and Jenna had seemed to finally give up too and were sitting down next to Mia.
"I can't believe that we couldn't find a stupid dress for you Mia, I'm sorry!"
"It's alright Jenna, and besides, I don't even want a dress anyway."
Sheba had her arms crossed on her chest and had her legs over each other, lost in thought. Mia stood up and told them thank you and then scuttled out of the store as fast as she could. She went to some fields where the Sol Sactrum used to be and sat down. The villagers had thought of that place as a holy ground and so they built Vale a little far away from it. It was enough so that Mia could get a good of the town, Isaac and Felix had made a hill just that the later generations would recognize that place as the spot where the Sol Sactrum used to stand. Mia didn't really believe that that place had any harm, so she had gone there one day and had found that no one bothered to ever go out there. She had sort of made it her 'place,' the place where she could sit and think, and sometime just be by herself whenever she needed it.
The wind played with her hair, and all her Djinn jumped off of her and ran off to find a good spot to get some sun. Mia sighed, every time she would come here, it was never too chilly or too hot, it was just right with a gentle breeze coming every now and then. It was also the only place that seemed to make her forget about Isaac. Laying back, she closed her eyes, and let herself drift into sleep without dreams, into the water of her mind.
When she woke up again, the sun was just in the center of the sky, and Mia felt her stomach grumble. She sat up and stretched, and then placed a hand on her stomach, she was hungry and wanted to get some food, but she didn't want to leave this place.
"Hail, Sleet, Shade, Fizz, and everyone else, come back!"
All of her djinn came back and lined up in front of her, waiting for her orders.
"Could you guys get some food? I don't really feel like leaving her right now, if you any of you don't' want to then I can go down and get some food for us all."
Her djinn bounced up twice, and Mia had found in her journey that that meant yes, she smiled as they went to the village. They were all so nice and sweet, but Ivan had always told Mia that was because she was always so kind to them and that they reflected her emotions. As an example, he told this to Mia, "Haven't you noticed that my djinn are always smart and that Garet's are usually stupid?" It wasn't true, but he had a point, his were the smartest out the four of them, Isaac's the bravest, Mia's the kindest, and Garet's the strongest, but sometimes they acted stupid. It was true; they reflected their master's emotions.
Her djinn came back at what seemed like no time at all and brought back some bread and fruit with a cup, when she asked them where their food was they all did nothing and so she sent them to get their own food. They did that often, they would get whatever Mia asked for but would never get anything for themselves. Mia filled her cup up with water with her Psynergy and then began to eat her food. Her djinn came back with their own food and then disappeared in their hiding places again. Mia ate her food slowly, taking her time, and would refill her cup whenever she ran out. She had found that drank a lot of water but then would usually never had to go to the bathroom after, it was probably her element, like how Garet could withstand scorching temperature.
After she finished her food she napped again, and when she woke up she found that she had a guest sitting next to her. He had his eyes to the sky as he always did.
"Isaac? What are you doing here?"
"Same thing you are, to relax. So is where you go when you disappear? I admit it's a pretty clever, going to the place where people consider holy. You don't believe that it's holy?"
She sat up and watched Isaac's finger as he twirled a piece of grass in it.
"Well I do, but it's the only place that I can go to be alone without anyone bothering me."
Isaac stopped playing with the grass and then looked at Mia.
"Am I bothering you? I'll leave if you want; I know what it's like to always be bugged whenever you need privacy."
Blushing Mia looked away and one of her djinn appeared so that she could play with them and have an excuse for not looking at Isaac.
"No, it's alright; you don't bother me at all."
"I don't? Really?"
"No, you don't at all, whenever you're around me it's like I'm in the middle of the ocean on a cool day with a nice breeze. Like when we're on the boat, but there isn't any noise, and no body is there to bother you, just calm and peaceful." Mia went crimson, why in the WORLD did she just say that!
"Oh, well then I'm glad that I don't bother you, I'm sure that Garet bothers you a lot."
"Yes, he does sometimes." She told him while giggling, still playing with her djinn.
"Sometimes? He drives me nuts! Or maybe it's because I've always known him all of my life."
"No, he bothers Ivan a lot too, and don't forget Felix, Peirs, and Sheba, he bothers Jenna too, but she has a crush on him." Mia blushed even harder, why was it that whenever she talked to Isaac that unwanted things would come out of her mouth? She might as well just tell him the truth right then and there!
"She does? It doesn't surprise me, I've had a hunch on that ever since I was like ten, that was just before the boulder came and nearly killed Jenna's parents and Felix, and don't forget my dad. I can still remember how I felt myself shatter into pieces when I saw that boulder go over my father, I was certain that he had been crushed to death." Even though Mia couldn't see him, she knew that Isaac was smiling. "But that doesn't matter anymore, because now, he's here with me and mom, and he's here to stay. I'm really going to miss you Mia, when you leave and go back to Imil, maybe it's selfish of me, but I want you to stay. Ivan is staying, so is Piers since he has been cast out of his home. And Sheba is going to go back home and then come back, or at least that's if her father and family gives her permission. But the people of Imil need you, and so I can't do anything to stop you."
Mia felt tears build behind her eyes, she didn't want to leave either, but Isaac didn't know her feelings, and Imil would need her when winter came even with the fountain. And the Lighthouse needed to be guarded from thieves anyway. She had no choice; she was tied to her blood to be the guardian of the lighthouse by herself. Alex, he was a traitor, and she hated him in so many ways, but before he had betrayed her, he had been her best friend, and whenever they needed help they were there each other. But now she was all alone, with no body to be by her side. No matter what, she would have to leave all her friends, she hadn't told that to Sheba or Jenna or any of the crew that even if she wanted to she had to go back to the lighthouse; she had no choice but to return. She had already broken the one of the laws of her ancestors when she left the lighthouse with Isaac, but when she had helped light them; she had completely destroyed her heritage. She knew she had done the right thing, but inside where her blood connections lay, she was as much of a traitor as Alex was.
During the journey, she had felt the lighthouse call her, and every day that she had been away from it the call had gotten stronger. If she didn't go back soon, it would force her to come, like a zombie. It was more like being a slave. Not a guardian.
"Mia are you sure that you want to go back to Imil?"
Mia jumped and then looked at Isaac.
"I miss it so much it's almost unbearable, I have to go back, and I miss the people there so much." The lie she had just spoke burned he lips and her heart, she was good at it, but she hated doing it. Isaac looked back at the sky, and Mia felt like she would burst from the hurting inside of herself. "I'm sorry Isaac, but I'm going to go now. Bye."
Her djinn came back and went in her and pockets, she walked off the hill without looking back at Isaac. Instead she looked at Vale an at its villagers, all of them working to get ready for the celebration. She walked through the town without stopping to greet anyone, instead, she went strait to her room, her djinn bounced off of her but she called their attention.
"Don't get comfterable, we are all going to go tonight, back to my hometown of Imil, it's always cold there, so I think that all of you will be right at home. But since the journey is over, if any of you want to leave, you may, I won't try to stop you at all." She told this to them in a whisper, so that no one trying to hear could listen, only her djinn. All of her djinn jumped up to her, and they stayed on her.
"I guess that means that none of you are leaving? Thank you so much, when I thought about going to the lighthouse, I thought that was going to be alone, but I still have all you with me."
She went around the room and began collecting her things, but then stopped, if Sheba or one of her friends saw an empty room then they would certainly try to stop her from leaving early, and she couldn't have that. She put the things that had gotten back and then went back outside where Sheba and Ivan greeted her. She was afraid that they would read her mind and know her plan, but their eyes didn't glow and neither of them seemed to be out of their usual selves. That day she spent time with all of her friends as much as she could, then at night, when no sound came to her ears, she began packing.
After finishing she found that she had very little, just her weapon, food, she wouldn't need the skin powder any more, change of clothes, and the pack itself. She got a piece of paper and a pen and began writing, after crying on a couple she had finally been able to not ruin this one:

Dear Isaac, Ivan, Garet, Felix, Jenna, Sheba, Piers and Kraden,

I am sorry for leaving so early without notice, but it seems that the time has come for me to leave this place. I will miss all of you with all my heart and soul, I can't make this letter any longer, but the money for my stay at the inn is on the bed. Goodbye.

My deepest love to all of you,


Mia finished the letter and then left it on the desk; she picked up her belongings and then made sure that no-one was in the hallway. When she was certain, she crept out as without even making a sound. Once she was outside she put her hood on and then slung the pack on her back, checking to make sure that she had her Frost Wand, she walked out the gates of Vale. After walking for a few minutes, she looked back at the place where she had left her heart and soul with one person, and then turned back and began walking to the place where she was being called to.

Sheba woke up quietly as she always did as the sun streamed through the windows, the day already seemed to be a good day when the smell of breakfast meet her nose, but something inside of her felt wrong. It was her Psynergy that was giving her a bad vibe; she got out of bed without bothering to change clothes and followed her feelings. When she arrived at Mia's room, she flung the door open and saw that Mia wasn't in her bed and that all of her things were gone. She looked around and saw a piece of paper on the desk, she ran over and read it, and kept on reading it over and over again unable to believe that Mia had left without saying goodbye in person to anyone. She put the letter back and then ran to her room to get dressed as fast as she could. Once she was finished she ran out and then franticly banged on Piers' and Ivan's doors. Both of them came out a sleepily, but when Sheba told them about Mia they told her to go tell the others and to meet them back at the Psynergy stone. Sheba didn't waste anytime, she ran as fast as her legs could carry her to Garet's, Jenna's and Felix's and Isaac's home to tell them the bad news. All of them hurried to get dressed and then headed down to the Psynergy stone to meet.
Sheba went and got Mia's letter and read it to everyone, and no one said a word after she finished, all of them had the same thoughts going through their heads. Why did she leave so early?
Jenna cried, and Sheba was close to it but she kept her tears in, Isaac just kept on staring at the grounds with one of his hands on his head. Garet was muttering curses, Piers was leaning against the Psynergy stone with his eyes closed, and Felix was holding Jenna and had the same sorrow in his eyes as everyone else did. They all knew that she was going to leave, but it hurt them that she had left without even a word, all that was left of her was a letter.
"Why would she leave so early?" Jenna demanded as kicked the ground with her feet after Felix had let her go. Other villagers weren't staring but wondering what was wrong with their young heroes.
"Who knows?" Piers said, his arms crossed over his chest, he was still leaning on the stone.
"Mia," said Isaac, "I don't get it, but at the same time I do. Yesterday I was talking to her, and she said that she missed Imil so much that it was almost unbearable. I guess that she just couldn't take it any more. But I feel like there's more to it then that!"
Both Jenna and Sheba looked at each other, and Ivan suddenly began fiddling with his fingers. Garet caught them all doing this and made a statement.
"Hey is there something that you guys know about and you aren't telling us?"
Piers opened his eyes to see what Garet was yelling about, and the rest of the gang all had their eyes turned to them. "If you don't say, I swear that I'll pound it out of you!"
Isaac raced in front of Garet and put his arms out in front of Sheba and Jenna.
"No Garet, they need to tell us, but right now violence isn't the answer." He let his arms fall and then looked at Ivan, Sheba, and Jenna with questioning eyes. "What do you know that would make her leave so suddenly like this?"
"We can't tell!" Jenna blurted out, and Sheba and Ivan let their mouths drop. "We promised not to!"
"Nice work Jenna, now it'll make then want to know even more!" Sheba hissed at her, Ivan shook his head and spoke up.
"But it is true, we know something that none of you know about, but you need to trust me when I say THAT YOU REALLY DO NOT WANT TO KNOW."
Isaac walked over to Ivan and placed his hands on Ivan's shoulder, he looked strait into Ivan's eyes. "You need to tell us, it's obvious that whatever made her leave is something serious, so we all need to know.
"You DO NOT need to know! Trust me!" Ivan said as he looked from Isaac's gaze.
"We'll its serious, so we do need to know!"
Ivan looked at Sheba and Jenna for help, and Sheba went and gently took Isaac's arm off of Ivan's shoulder. She looked at him, and Isaac looked strait into her eyes.
"It's about you Isaac." Sheba said, and Jenna made some kind of a hissing noise, but Ivan looked to the ground. "Since she's not here anymore, I guess I should tell you, but at the same time, it would be dishonest of me to tell you."
All of them quieted, and Ivan looked at Sheba and then cleared his throat and said, "You should him, it's for the best." Sheba looked at Ivan and nodded, and then looked back at Isaac. "If Mia were here, then she would give the worst frost bite that anyone could ever get in their life." Taking a deep breath as Jenna mad an odd noise she whispered low enough to where Isaac and everyone else could hear except the villagers, she said. "Mia is in love with, I don't know how long."
"About since the time when arrived in Sheba's hometown." Ivan said as Jenna furiously began to kick to the ground.
"What?" Isaac asked his eyes wide. "Why didn't she tell me?"
"Well," Ivan said, "look at it this way, would you go up to Mia and tell her out of the blue, 'oh my sweet heart I love I love you!' I wouldn't, and besides that, her mind would always go berserk whenever she saw you, but in a hurt way, because she loved so much. It was a hard secret, but she didn't have the courage to tell you if you want me to tell you flat-out strait. I know because whenever she saw or was near you I could sense it, and so I know that she knew that that I knew, she even told me not to pretend that I didn't know. I don't know how Jenna or Sheba got wind, but at least now you know."
"Mia told us the first time that we were in the cabin together," said Jenna quietly since all of her rage had evaporated. "It's been a secret for so long, and Sheba wasn't kidding when she said that Mia would give her the worst frost-bite ever, she would give it to me too, and also Ivan."
Isaac backed up slowly, thinking of the all times when Mia would look away from him and would start doing something, she hadn't done that because she had to do something, and it had been because it hurt her to see him. "I would of never...." He began to say, but the words wouldn't come out. The truth of it was, he loved her too, but he had always thought that she didn't have feelings for him. And the very sight of her gave him pleasure, not pain!
"Isaac!" Isaac's father called from a distance, "Son, I need your help, I'm sorry to pull you away, but I just really need some help!"
Isaac turned away from the group and ran over to his father, his father gave him a weird look but just lead him back to the carpeting shed.
Piers looked up to the sky, he had seen this before, situations where somebody was desperately in love someone but didn't have the courage to tell. It always ended up in a tragic mess, and he wished that he didn't have to see two of his closest friends be wounded like this. Although that wasn't true, he didn't have to see Mia, but he still knew that she was hurting off somewhere away from Vale. He walked away from the Psynergy stone and just kept on looking to the sky.
Felix stood while looking at the grass, he hadn't even noticed that Mia had feelings for Isaac; she had hid it from them so well. He pushed away a bang that had fallen over his right eye and then closed his eyes, why did he have to see this? He had already seen broken people, why did he have to see it again? And why his friend?
Garet still stood there, dumbfounded, but at the same time feeling guilty. If hadn't demanded like that, then he wouldn't have hurt his best friend like that, it was his fault. He put one hand on his head and just looked at the ground.
Ivan had his arms crossed, and Sheba also had her arms crossed like him.
He jumped when he heard Sheba's voice echo through his head.
'What is it Sheba, you scared me.'
'Do you think I should of told Isaac?'
'Yes, it would have been worse if we had just kept it to ourselves, and it would have leaked out somehow anyway.'
'I guess that you're right, but I still feel horrible, at least Mia isn't here.'
'She would have been crushed that we had told Isaac.'
'Yeah, she would, wouldn't she?'
Sheba didn't mind talk to Ivan after that, but she went back to the inn to get some food. Piers and Sheba soon followed after; Jenna sighed and then went back up the hill with Felix as slowly as she could. Garet went back home as well, guilt as high as the sky on top of his shoulders. Isaac nearly cut his finger off when he hadn't been paying attention, and finally his father let him leave to sort out his thoughts. Isaac went where his legs took him, and found that he had stopped at the place where Mia had been yesterday. He sat down in the same spot that Mia had been, and then saw a long dark blue hair caught in the grass near him. He picked it up and began to wrap it around his finger while looking up into the sky.

Ok, weird chapter, I know, and depressing too.

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O.o is there something wrong with your brain? That wasn't 'pretty!'

Gust: Well, it was heart braking; I think it was at least.

Well, it was first romantic fic, and my first GoldenSun fic! How am I supposed to do good?


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So until next time,