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Chapter Five: A Wedding Never To Be Forgotten, And A Friendship That Will Always Last

"Oh my, I can't believe that this is really happening!"
"Oh, don't worry Mia!" Sheba told her as Mia looked at herself in the mirror.
"I can't believe that I'm finally taking that one big leap...."
Mia smiled nervously at the blue haired beauty staring back at her in the mirror. Then she looked at Sheba.
"Don't worry Mia! You need to forget about it, and besides you still need to get in your wedding dress!"
"Oh, you're right Sheba. I need to calm down and get the dress on.... What about you? You still haven't gotten in your dress."
"Oh, well I think that I'd rather spend my time making sure that you don't get wet feet and leave Isaac standing at the-"
"Oh Sheba, I would never leave Isaac like that!"
"I know that you wouldn't, but you still need someone to make sure that you stay calm."
"Oh, thank you Sheba!"
Mia hugged Sheba tightly, and soon let go.
"Alright, where's that dress of mine?"

Isaac stared at the suit that he was going to be wearing.
"Are you sure that I'm going to look right in that?"
"Of course you will Isaac, no need to fret." Piers stood right next Isaac, Isaac sighed and looked at the suit again.
"Are you sure?"
Piers laughed and patted Isaac on the back.
"Of course I am! Why won't I? When I have ever told you to do something that would make things worse?"
"Well, never."
"Exactly! So trust me again and get that suit on while I try to get figure out to get your strait instead of leaping around like a werewolf."
Isaac made a nervous laugh and looked at the suit again, he hoped that this would turn out to be a good look for him.

"Oh Mia, you look... you look...." Jenna looked helplessly at Mia's wedding dress.
"To stunning for words!" Dora finally said after Jenna found that she couldn't describe how she felt.
"You two really think so?" Mia asked as she looked at herself in the mirror.
Mia's wedding dress was blue so that way it would match her eyes, and also because that was Mia's favorite color. It had a long but not too long train, and it let her shoulders show off. It had pearls that ran all around it, and the dress had flowers, not real ones, but the cloth itself was designed to look like it had white flowers on the dress.
"You sure that it isn't too flashy?" Mia asked, as she looked herself over.
"No, I don't think so!" Sheba declared from the doorway in her gown.
Sheba's gown was a light violet that showed off the shoulders a bit but not that much. The bottom of her gown was lose and didn't puff out like Mia's did. Her dress was just the same as all of the other bride's maids, but hers had white pearls around the waist and sleeves.
"I got these for you." Sheba held out a simple yet beauty bouquet of light blue and dark blue flowers. It wasn't large at all, but it suited Mia just perfectly.
Mia gasped as Sheba walked over and gave the flowers to her. Mia stuck her nose in and took a deep breath.
"Oh, Sheba, it smells wonderful! Not to mention that it looks absolutely gorgeous!"
Sheba smiled, and Jenna looked at the flowers carefully.
"Oh, it's small!" Jenna said when finally finished looking at them.
"But bigger doesn't make anything better." Dora told her gently.
"I guess your right."
Mia smiled and laughed, then she looked out the window.
"I think that I'll go outside for a moment, if you all don't mind."
"Of course we don't, just make sure that Isaac doesn't see you!" Sheba told her, and took Mia out before Jenna could say anything.

Isaac looked at himself in mirror, it wasn't his style, but he decided that he looked better then he thought he would have. His suit was black with a white shirt under it. He thought that he looked a little odd, but then again he couldn't think of anything else to wear. (He does not have a tie or a weird little bow thingy around his neck. I didn't know what else to put on him besides a normal wedding suit. But I didn't want to have him wearing or anything! He would look... weird.)
"Oh well, I can't get your hair down. But I think that maybe your hair should stay the same. I don't think that I could imagine you with strait hair like mine or Felix's." Piers remarked as he stood behind Isaac.
"You think that I look alright?"
"Of course I do! Why do you say that?"
"I just think that this might look a little weird."
"Well, I think that you look great in it. How's that?"
Isaac looked in mirror, and noticed that his father was standing behind Piers.
"Hey Dad!"
"Hello. You know, that was my suit when I married your mother."
"Really, I felt weird wearing it too."
Isaac smiled at his father and then looked at himself more confidently in mirror. Then his father walked out, and Piers followed him. As Piers went out the door, he called out to Isaac.
"I'm going to get dresses, you better not wonder around. I don't want you to see Mia, bad luck to see the bride before the wedding!"

Sheba left Mia as Mia walked out of the doorway of the house.
"Don't get your dress dirty!"
"I won't." Mia called back as she walked away.
Mia walked to the one place that she had often gone to, to be alone. It was the one place where the GoldenSun had once been. And it was the place where the GoldenSun was once again.
"Hello, Alex."
Alex looked at Mia and smiled, then his eyes went to her dress.
"You look...."
"Don't say anything, I know that you would go off without stopping."
Alex gave her a friendly smile and took his cloak off and set it on the ground.
"You know me too well, sit down on my cloak. I know that one of your friends would kill me if I let your dress get dirty."
"Thank you."
Mia gently sat down and made sure that nothing got on her dress. Then she saw her djinn peep out of the grass and look at her.
"Hello, so this is where all of you have been." Mia picked them each up, cleaned them a little and then gave them each a warm welcome and then put them on her dress. "Now don't get my dress dirty." She reminded them, they all nodded. Then she noticed some of Isaac's djinn standing next to her.
"So all of you want a some attention too?"
They jumped once and then nodded. Mia smiled and did the same thing that she had just done with her djinn and then set them all on her dress. She also noticed that some of the djinn paired up together, but not just earth and earth djinn. It was Earth with Water and Earth with Water.
"Looks like they really do take on what their masters do." Alex remarked as Mia looked at the djinn stunned. Then she looked back at Alex and nodded.
"I guess so! It seems that we might have a few djinn wedding after mine!" Mia and Alex laughed together, and then they both smiled and looked at the sky.
"So Alex, what have you been doing?"
"Oh, I went to some temple to make my mind stronger. It's still a little banged up. My repeating isn't as bad, but it will always be there."
"Oh Alex...."
"Yes Mia?"
"Why don't you come to the wedding?"
"Oh I'll be there, somewhere in the trees."
"Are you the holder of the GoldenSun or a monkey?"
"Oh, Alex! You still act the same."
"Isn't that a good thing? I'd rather be the real me then that power hungry monster I once was."
"Oh, I'm sorry Alex!"
"Nothing to be sorry about, Mia. But just look for some blue among the trees, and I can guarantee you that I'll be there. I wouldn't miss your wedding for anything, Mia. I promise I while be there."
"Alright, I believe you. But Garet won't try and kill you if you-"
"I'm just too shy Mia. It's hard enough coming to see you, I still feel guilty over what I did to all of you...."
"It wasn't you, Alex. It was the four shards of the Lighthouse."
Alex didn't say anything to reply.
"Ok, I won't force you to sit down among the Valeans. But it would be nice."
Mia looked over at Alex, but found that he wasn't there. She did a sad sigh, and then looked down at the djinn on her lap. They were there, and took the signal and jumped into her hands and on her shoulders but not her hair for fear of messing it up. Mia smiled and laughed.
"All of you are so kind!" She told them as she stood up and took Alex's cloak and headed back down to Dora's house.

Isaac was nearly about to explode as he stood next to the alter. Piers, Felix, Garet, and Isaac's best man Ivan stood right next to him. There was two minutes left until Mia was to come down and....
"Oh, I'm not sure that I can take this any longer!" Isaac finally told the others as he shut his eyes. "Tell me when it finally starts."
"Oh, come on!" Garet said as Isaac kept his eyes nailed shut.
"Are you the one waiting for your bride-to-be to walk up to you and say 'I Do?'"
"No, but you still need to chill out."
Piers put his hand on Isaac's shoulder and put a cold aura through his body. Isaac opened his eyes back up and looked at Piers.
Piers nodded silently and smiled, then someone tapped Isaac's shoulder. When Isaac looked over, it was the last person that he thought that he would see besides Mia.
"H-hello Isaac." He replied back nervously.
"I haven't seen you since the Lighthouse! What are you doing here?"
"Oh, well, well, I, I just, just-"
"Calm down, I'm not going to strangle you or anything."
Alex smiled nervously and took in a deep breath.
"I wanted to wish you and Mia good luck, and this is my wedding gift to both of you."
Alex pulled out something made of glass, when Isaac looked closer he found it was he and Mia embracing each other.
"How did you make that!" Isaac asked as Alex it to him. It was only two inches tall!
"Well, having the, the GoldenSun can, can come in handy."
Isaac looked at it more closely, it looked like he had been shrunk and turned into glass himself.
"How could you...?"

"You use Mars and Venus, mix those two Psynergies together and think of an image and that is what happens. The power, the better it comes out."
Isaac looked up after Alex finishing speaking, but Alex wasn't there any longer.
"Did anyone see him leave?" Isaac asked dumbly as he felt a sweat drop trail down his head.
"No," Piers said. "But the wedding is about to start. Less then three seconds to go."
Isaac dropped his wedding gift from Alex; Ivan caught it before it was able to fall. Ivan smiled at Isaac and held it up to Isaac. Isaac shook his head.
"I think that I'll break it from being so nervous."
Ivan laughed and went back to his spot, safely holding Isaac and Mia's wedding gift with careful hands. He didn't want to drop this.
Some music started, and Isaac felt his hands go cold. Now he needed some heat.
Isaac nearly fainted when he saw Mia she was like an angel! He swallowed and smiled nervously at Mia. She smiled nervously back at him, and he swallowed.

Mia smiled nervously at Isaac and then glanced at the trees. Almost instantly she spotted something blue among the trees. She could even see Alex's face; she smiled in relief and looked back at Isaac.
Mia saw that Isaac looked like he was about to faint as she walked closer to him. But then again, she wanted to.
But Isaac's face looked like his face was made out of snow he might as well faint!
Mia finally made up all the way, and now she felt her hands go colder then usual. Her stomach knotted as the pale Isaac stood before her, she could hardly even keep track of what was happening. She knew that she was saying words, but she wasn't that sure of what she was saying. She couldn't really see what was happening, all that she could see was Isaac. Only when the main healer of Vale asked her,
"Do you Mia, take this man to be your husband?"
Did she finally snap back into reality.
"I do." She stammered out of her mouth. Now the Great Healer faced Isaac.
"Do you Isaac, take this woman to be your wife?"
"I do." He finally said after a one second silence.
"You may kiss the bride."
Mia slowly inched foreword, her lips ready. Isaac did the same, and finally Mia felt Isaac's lips touch hers. His lips were surprisingly warm, and Mia hoped that hers were. When they parted, Isaac looked like he was dead.
"May you know be named forever, Husband and Wife."
And right after the Great Healer said that, Isaac fell to the floor. Mia immediately bent over him and touched his forehead. She sighed with relief when she realized that Isaac, the one who had saved the world and stopped it from total destruction, had fainted.

Isaac woke up to a wet cloth on his forehead; he slowly opened his eyes and saw Mia sitting next to him in her wedding gown.
"Did I faint?" He asked as he looked up at Mia. She smiled and laughed.
"Yes you did. You scared me! I thought that something horrible had happened to you!" "I fainted? I can't believe that I fainted.... I've faced countless monsters, the Mercury Lighthouse, battle Saturos and Menardi, survived through Kraden's non-stop talking, beat the Fusion Dragon like three times, survived the eruption of Mount Aleph and lit the four lighthouses but I faint after getting married. How can do that?"
Mia laughed again and wet Isaac's head again.
"I don't know, but a man at Imil did the same once. In fact, I've wed a lot of men that have fainted."
"You have?"
"Yes, I was the main healer at Imil. And the main healer is the one who does the marring. Well, if you know what I mean."
"I do."
Mia smiled at Isaac thoughtfully.
"I'm so glad that you saved me from the Lighthouse Isaac, and that you brought me back here with you. If I hadn't been there at that old man's house to heal him, I might have never met you...."
Mia bent down and hugged Isaac, and Isaac hugged her back.
"Thank you...." She whispered into Isaac's chest as she cried, Isaac put his hands through her hair. It was like silk.

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