"Or will we have to arm wrestle?" Captain- Doctor Sam Carter asked looking her new CO in the eyes. Jack twichted a little he hated scientist....this one was a little to cocky for her own good...he thought to himself as she stopped talking. They were both smiling.

"Maybe." He responded.

"Really." She asked obviously in complete shock from answer. For a moment silence.

"Well, shall we?" He asked her smiling from ear to ear. She couldn't help but return the smile offered.

The rest of the breifing room audiance had remained in silence waiting to see where the conversation would lead to, and it was obvious to all that immediatly the stubborn Colonel, and Scientific minded Captain had taken a shine to eachother from the moment they laid eyes on the other. Nobody mentioned this fact.

"If you want." She replied as she stuck her arm out onto the table in an arm wrestling position.

He followed her action. " I want." He replied. Before they started Colonel O'Neill looked at Kawalski. "Start us off." He motioned verbally.

"On your marks, get set, go." And that was that. They began. All eyes were on the Captain, and Colonel. These two of which remained in a tight lock with eachothers eyes.

"Who do you think is gonna win?" One of the men sitting beside General Hammond asked him.

"I'd say it's a safe bet, the Captain....she is way to determined to let herself loose." He explained.

"Yeah, there's no way Colonel O'Neill's gonna make it." The Lt. agreed.

Gosh, she's strong....for a girl. For a scientist. I can't loose I've got my reputation on the line...........however I really need to consider going to the gym more often.

Jack thought to himself not willing to give up so quickly,even though his arm was beginning to give out.

Should I let him win? Go easy on him... I dont want to embarris him...not infront of his men......General Hammond...Naw.....take him down Sammy.....

And with that line of thought at hand, that's exactly what she did. Within five minutes after their original starting time, she had him, his arm pinned to the table. The other men in the briefing room couldnt help but let out the laughter.

"So, is that tough enough for you Colonel?" She asked him letting go of his hand. She noticed he was turning red, or had turned red....he cleared his throwt as he looked around at the other people in the room, who had lowered the laughter to an almost complete stop as he quickly turned his attention back to Sam.

"Yeah I'd say so. Not very many people can say they acctually beat me fair and square at an arm wrestle." He said trying to save himself.

She smiled, doubtfull of his last coment.

"Don't feel so bad Sir. You put up a good fight. Now, if you dont mind," She said looking at him and General Hammond, who still contained a very large fullly growthed smile. "I'd suggest we get on with the briefing."

"Yes that sounds good." General Hammond agreed.

Jack, and Sam then stole one more glance with eachother, and when she caught his eyes she couldnt help but smile at him. He returned her smile, only this time it was a more humble smile.

She was the one, he thought to himself as General Hammond talked. She would always be there for him, some how he new, they'd always be together....


Well what did you think?