Freaky Flying: Summer Nights
A fanfic by HiSpAnIc PaNiC

Summary: Hagrid's getting married! Desperate to keep his mind off Sirius, Best Man Harry seeks out Ginny to learn to dance. In return, he must teach her to ride…a broomstick.
OotP canon, HP/GW, RW/HG, RH/OM. A must-read!

"Vare is JK Rowling?"
"No idea," said Ron mushily, looking up at Krum. "Lost her, have you?"

"Vell, if you see her, tell her I haff borrowed her characters."

–Ron Weasley, Viktor Krum; Chapter 23, Goblet of Fire.

Disclaimer: I own nothing, of course; the title was ripped off of Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights, which I've never seen but heard it was pretty good. The plot…well, it is mostly mine, I guess, and since I haven't seen the movie copy of its plot is purely coincidential.


"HARRY! Oh—oh, Harry!"
"For Merlin's sake, Potter, WAKE UP!"
"…eh?…urg, geroff guys…" Harry Potter mumbled to his two best friends, which had each seized a leg and were attempting to heave him from bed. He raised his arms to rub the sleep from his eyes, which proved to be a fatal mistake.
"OUCH!" he cried, having fallen very hard onto the wooden floorboards of Grimmauld Place.
"Sorry Harry," said Hermione meekly, hurriedly releasing his foot. Ron gave him a hand up. Hermione suddenly giggled. Harry stared at her.
"Sorry," she said again, "but it's the most wonderful thing…" To Harry and Ron's great shock, Hermione began to bounce on the balls of her feet, chewing on a strand of her hair and smiling at random intervals. Harry rubbed his eyes of sleep and flopped back down on his bed.
"So, enlighten me, Hermione. What is so wonderful that you and Ron had to nearly pry me from bed with the Jaws of Life?"
Hermione looked fit to burst, but she took a deep breath and shouted, "HAGRID AND MAXIME ARE GETTING MARRIED!" Harry felt his jaw drop and heard a screech from just outside the door.
"Merlin's beard! Hermione!"
"Can you—?"
"—Believe it?"
The two girls clasped hands and began to bounce around the room, shrieking.
"Will you two please find a container for your joy?" Ron bellowed, but to no avail. At this time, however, Hedwig swooped in with a letter in her beak.
"Where have you been?" Harry asked her curiously, eyeing the envelope. "All the way at Hogwarts, eh?"
"Say, Hedwig, you wouldn't happen to have a handsome owl friend back there, would you?" Ron added teasingly. She hooted in a dignified way and preened her feathers. Both boys laughed, but knew that if owls could blush, Hedwig would be doing so.
Another excited, almost hysterical cry made its way upstairs.
"Mum!" yelled Ginny. "She must have found out Hagrid's big news! C'mon, Hermione!" and they raced out of the room.
Ron shook his head. "Mental, the pair of them. So, what's Hagrid got to say?"
Dear Harry,
Hope your summer is going well, and you're enjoying yourself. No doubt Ron and Hermione have told you the good news by now: I've asked Olympe—that's Madame Maxime to you—to marry me. And there's something else. You know every groom has that one mate that's always there for them and never let them down and stuff. I can't think of no one better than you to be Best Man at me wedding. All you have to do is give me the rings and dance once with the Maid of Honor. Her name's Christine, and she's Olympe's niece. Hope you'll accept!

Harry read through the letter twice and chuckled with pleasure.
"He's asked me to be his Best Man."
"That's…great," smirked Ron, biting his lip. He proceeded to burst out in peals of laughter.
"What's up with you? You're acting loonier than Luna," he said, chortling.
"Erm…well, Harry, it's just…it's just…" Ron looked ready to start cackling again, but restrained himself. "…you can't really dance…"
Harry remembered the Yule Ball with a pang. Parvati had been leading, it was true. And, according to Hagrid's letter, he would have to dance with Madame Maxime's niece, Christine.
"Hey, at least I danced with my partner, I didn't sit around looking pretty and glaring—" he retorted. Before Ron could respond, Hermione came panting in.
"They're—they're here! Hagrid and Maxime…downstairs…"
"Excellent, save me the trouble of responding by owl," Harry said, grinning at Hedwig's sad little hoot. "Come on, pretty boy, let's give our congratulations."

Down in the kitchen sat Molly Weasley, positively beaming at two gargantuan figures above her. "Oh, I'm all a dither, it would be a pleasure…"
"Couldn' think o' no one better, Molly." Harry heard a gruff voice saying as he, Ron, and Hermione catapulted down the steps.
"Hagrid and Maxime just asked Mum to plan their ceremony, since Maxime's mum is on holiday for a month," Ginny whispered before they could ask.
Hagrid turned around and spotted the four of them, smiling.
Ron stepped forward, stuck out his hand, and said "Congratulations, Hagrid…Mrs. Hagrid." Hagrid chuckled, shook hands, and pulled Ron towards him for a hug. Hermione and Ginny hugged Hagrid too, and kissed Madame Maxime on both cheeks, European style. Finally, Harry came forth, hugged Hagrid, and said "I would be honored to be your Best Man. Thanks, Hagrid."
"Couldn' think o' no one better, Harry. No on' better."

End of Chapter One

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