A few situations that came to me when I should have been working.


The Doctor walked out of the TARDIS, throwing one end of his scarf casually over his shoulder. He decided to have a look around before fetching K-9.

He was in a dark corridor, but he could hear the distant hum of electronics, and what appeared to be ... a chanting crowd? Inside a building? An amplified voice seemed to be egging them on.

Curious, the Doctor walked towards a chink of light at the end of the corridor. He entered it-

-to see nearly a hundred people seated in front of him, in dazzling lights, some trained on him. The amplified voice still speaking. The chant was now more distinct.

"And here is the man having an affair with both your husbands at once ... hey, you're not ..."


Before the Doctor could ask what was going on, he was flattened by a combined total of 510 pounds of homicidal African-American women.


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