Since several people showed interest in this series I'm going to go ahead with it. As the title of this fiction suggests this is the first part of a Trilogy about Vegeta's pre-Dragon Ball Z life. It will follow him from birth right up until he is introduced in DBZ.

The first installment is about Vegeta's life up until the destruction of Vegetasei and how Freeza gains control of the saiyajin and acquires the young prince. It starts in the Prologue with a brief vignette about Vegeta's birth.

Before I begin I'd like to address Vegeta's age in this story. According to the Bardock Special and the flashbacks Vegeta was a young child when Vegetasei was destroyed. I have determined that he had to be around 7 years-old at the time through some calculations using the ages of the other characters I've learned thorough research. Since Bulma is 5 years older than Goku and Vegeta is 2 years older than her that would make Vegeta 7 years older than Goku. Goku was only a few weeks old when Vegetasei was destroyed so I'm figuring that our little Prince had to have been about 7 years-old at the time.

The Vegeta Trilogy

Part 1: The Cold Accord

By: Lil Songbird



The normally stoic Saiyaijin Royal Guard lined either side of the private royal nursery room barely containing their excitement, after all it wasn't every day that your squad was asked to attend a royal birth. The men and women shuffled nervously where they stood every once in a while, stealing a furtive glance at the door to the room or the incubation chamber that now held the tiny Prince. At the sound of the door hissing open they quickly snapped to attention.

A large burly Saiyaijin with a mop of black hair on the top of his head was the first to enter. Towering over most of the other Saiyaijins in the room he used his height to his advantage, staring down contemptuously at them and searching for someone to berate. An ugly man already, the imperious sneer on his face made him appear even more grotesque. No one liked this man, not only because he was brutish and stupid, but because he had been elevated to the coveted position of King's personal bodyguard though he was only an elite. Up until three months ago he was merely Commander and Chief of the Army, but his loyalty to the royal family of Vegetasei had led him to put his life on the line to save the King's life. One of the imperial guards had turned traitor and attempted to assassinate King Vegeta, and Nappa had shielded the monarch with his own body. After the selfless act he was in near critical condition and it was doubted that he would survive, yet he did. When he had recovered, the King awarded him with the new position, feeling he could no longer trust the royal guard. The promotion had gone to his head and he took every chance he found to flex his new superiority. On this occasion, however, Nappa couldn't find anyone to bully, so he merely turned on his heels and snapped to attention himself just as the King and Queen stepped onto the threshold of the room.

The King rushed in first, with a flourish of deep red cape trailing behind. His handsome brow was set with unmistakable annoyance while his dark eyes swept over the occupants of the room. Although King Vegeta was a Saiyaijin man of average height (which is tall by human standards) and build, his charismatic presence made him seem almost as tall as his giant bodyguard. He stood erect and proud; his mouth pinched into a grimace as he impatiently tapped his foot and glared at the door.

The Saiyaijin Queen, Naoko, entered the room slowly and deliberately with a haughty tilt to her chin. Her deep brown eyes met those of her mate as she glided into the room. Her full lips curved up into a taunting smile as she stopped in front of the King. The monarch turned with a huff and the black haired beauty let a musical chuckle escape her lips. They'd obviously had words just before arriving in the royal nursery, which wasn't surprising.

"Technician we are ready." the King said impatiently, unfurling his tail from his waist and letting it hang loose to twitch, disclosing his impatience to all.

"Yes your Majesty." the small green alien said with a deep bow.

Naoko walked past her mate to stand in front of the glass. She stared in fascination at the young Saiyaijin, her eyes betraying the tenderness that the tiny being inspired in her heart. Naoko held her breath as the fluid was drained from the chamber and her infant son slowly rode with it to the bottom. As the last of the blue liquid ran from the container, the baby began to wave his arms and legs about. She marveled as the young prince pushed his brow down in a miniature frown of protest at having his warm and secure world vanish from around him.

The technician opened the door to the chamber and reached inside pulling all of the monitoring equipment off of the infant's naked body. As the technician did so the child's frown deepened and he began to flail his tiny fisted hands more desperately. When the technician removed the breathing tube, the baby's piercing cry filled the room as he took his first independent breath.

King Vegeta winced at the loudness of the baby's wailing as he watched the technician reach in and pluck him out of the compartment. As the technician lifted him up and examined him, the prince's wails became shrieks that could wake the dead. His father tried to forget the fact that the unpleasant sound would be a common one in the royal chambers for quite some time. The baby continued his screaming tantrum, growing red in the face and his little fists trembling from exertion, while the technician turned him over to continue his examination.

"He does have quite a temper." Naoko observed. "Like father, like son. Is it not so my Lord?"

King Vegeta 'humphed' at his mate's comment and surreptitiously pulled out the scouter he had brought. Putting it on he tapped it twice to turn on the power and initiate a power level reading. He watched through the green tinted display as his son's examination continued and the numbers began to show on the corner of the eyepiece. He smirked in satisfaction when the number reached 100 and then watched in fascination as it continued to rise. He felt his heart begin to race as the total reached 200 and still went beyond that. At last the numbers ceased to ascent and the device beeped its acknowledgment of the completion of the reading.

"Damn!" King Vegeta exclaimed. "By the Gods it can't be right!"

Everyone in the room tore their eyes away from the baby and looked at the King who stood aghast, staring at the still furiously squalling prince the technician now held against his body after the conclusion of the examination.

"Nappa," the King ordered his giant body guard, "check the brat's power level now on your scouter."

The big Saiyaijin shrugged and complied with the King's order, not at all curious about what had flustered the lord. He tapped the device and disinterestedly watched as the numbers began to race across his display, trying hard not to feel like clobbering a few of the baka guards that were now staring at him. His disinterest quickly changed, however, when the numbers on the display reached the triple digits. His mouth nearly dropped open when the number went beyond 200. He watched in shock until the machine finally beeped its affirmation of the final reading and he could only stand and stare in disbelief.

"Well idiot, what does it say?" the King demanded.

"500." the giant simply uttered, staring wide-eyed at the child.

The room erupted into whispers of disbelief, everyone present forgetting proper decorum with the starling news.

"Are you certain?" the technician questioned in protest.

"Yes." the King snapped, "I got the same reading on the brat when I checked."

"But that would mean that this infant has been born with the power of an elite!" the technician proclaimed in disbelief.

"And why is that hard to believe?!" the King blustered. "He is my son, the direct descendant of the first Super Saiyaijin!"

"Your Majesty, you aren't suggesting that this baby is the Legendary?" Nappa began.

"I AM STATING A FACT!" the King shouted. "We knew it would happen someday didn't we? Isn't that what the whole damn breeding program has been about?"

"My lord it is not factual." the Queen cooed, taking the infant from the technician. Naoko was delighted that her son stopped fussing immediately and stared at her with curious, wide black eyes. "He is strong to be sure, but it is not certain that the Prince will become the Legendary Super Saiyaijin" she said, not trying to hide her smile of pleasure as she and her son regarded each other for the first time.

"He will," the King stated, angrily watching his mate, "because he is my son." He eyed the Queen with displeasure over her affectionate display towards the Prince, and she answered with her own defiant glare. "Give the brat to me." the King demanded, knowing that according to Saiyaijin law, Naoko had no choice but to do so. He clumsily took the baby from his frowning mate and held the boy aloft over his head, beginning to critically peruse him. He noted with satisfaction that the Prince had inherited the typical Vegeta flame-like hair, but that it was the raven-black color of his mother's and not his own brown-black color. As he looked at the child's face he could not help but note the remarkable likeness to himself, which again was pleasing, although Saiyaijin boys generally greatly resembled their fathers there was no guarantee how close that similarity would be.

Naoko watched as her mate and son suspiciously examined each other and couldn't help but be amused. The King was holding the boy as if he were a snake that was ready to bite him. She couldn't help but mark the similitude between the two in both temperament and appearance. They both were rigid and uncomfortable with the situation. The boy's tail hung loose and twitched with irritation like his father's, and the queen nearly lost her composure when the Prince exactly imitated the King's furrowed brow and frown on his tiny features. He was indeed his father's son. "Woe to the female who is selected to be his queen" she thought, "For she will have her hands full as I do mine."

The King was taken aback when he saw the same look come over the tiny prince's face that he commonly wore. It was almost like looking into a mirror back in time to his childhood. His heart swelled at the thought of how much like him his brat was and then his feelings took an odd turn when he realized the power that was contained in his tiny frame. It was a far greater power than his at birth, and the highest in 1,000 years. The last baby who had had such power had become a Super Saiyaijin. "My son," he thought, "you will go down in history as the next Legendary."

"Where is the brat's caretaker?" the King demanded.

A young, teenage Saiyaijin girl stepped forward and bowed. "I am here Your Majesty," she said keeping her eyes cast towards the ground.

"Take the Prince to his chambers and tend to him." he ordered. He was ready to hand the Prince to the girl until she stood up and looked at the King with a pair of violet eyes. The King had never before seen eyes like hers and this made him suspicious of alien impurity in the girl's bloodline. There had been a few isolated cases of Saiyaijins mating with aliens, but hybridization was uncommon. Saiyaijin genes were too different from that of the other known races in the galaxy to allow for children to be produced from unions, and even if they did, the culprits and those brats that they whelped were always culled before they could contaminate the purity of the Saiyaijin race. He knew little about this girl except that she was an indentured slave, but the idea of anyone who had alien blood, regardless of how insignificant they were, touching his son angered him.

"What is your name, girl?" King Vegeta demanded.

"My name is Nira your Majesty." she answered.

"And who was your master before you came to serve the royal house?" he requested none too nicely.

"Selc." she replied. "My master was the last of his house alive and he willed all of his property to the crown."

"Were there other servants?" he continued to inquire rudely.

"No," she replied, "I was the only slave he had."

King Vegeta growled. He would have to look further into this girl's story but for the time being he would hand the Prince over.

The girl took the newborn, bowed slightly and began to exit.

"Wait." the King proclaimed. "Nappa," he told his guard, "you are now the brat's personal bodyguard and will go with them. Guard the prince well and I will allow you to assist in some of his training."

The larger Saiyaijin could not hide his delight to be given such an honor. "It is my pleasure to obey you, your Majesty." the Saiyaijin said with a bow, bringing his clenched fist to his chest and dropping to his knee on the floor. "I swear by my life that none shall ever harm the Prince as long as I am alive."

"You are both excused." King Vegeta declared. Both Saiyaijins bowed and exited the room. "You are all excused." the King declared. All exited except for the Queen and the King glared at her in displeasure for her disobedience.

"Forgive me My Lord," she stated insincerely with a smile of triumph, "but I was curious as to why you sent your own bodyguard with the child?"

The King grimaced, he did not want to admit he had taken her advice from earlier that morning when he had denied its necessity. "How dare you question my decision, woman." he blustered. "Now that the heir has been born, I have the right to destroy you for such impertinence."

"My apologies." she stated, meeting his stern gaze. "You are right, of course. With your recent dealings with the Cold Empire, there indeed is wisdom in protecting the boy. You have made an enemy of the most powerful Tsirijin clan and to be cautious is indeed proper, despite what others may think."

"I'm glad that you see sense." he replied irritably, seeing there was no way to make her see anything other than the truth that he had listened to her suggestion. He had grown fond of his mate and knew her to be wise, though he would never admit to either of the two things. "I will not, however, over-look your disobedience." he said with a wry smirk.

She returned his smirk with a lopsided one of her own, unfurling her tail seductively. "I will await your punishment in the royal chambers." she purred and exited the room with a swaying gait.

King Vegeta smirked as he set out after her. This was turning out to be a rather good day.