The characters aren't mine, the plot is.

Chapter 1

The cruise ship pulled out of the harbor and started out to sea. On this boat were all the original survivors of Jurassic Park, and the Kirbys, and Peter Ludlow's group from Isla Sorna. John Hammond had left over half a million dollars to give to the survivors, and the new management put it into a cruise especially for them.

Alan looked out to the sea, and again went back to his horrible experiences at the two islands. He just could not get it out of his head that he shouldn't be on this cruise. But Ellie had talked him into it, she said she needed someone to have fun with. Alan wasn't surprised, and didn't mind going if it would cheer Ellie up.

Ellie's husband had died over a year ago in a plane crash on his way from a big business seminar in New York. She was heart broken, and so were her two children, Charlie and Samantha. They were only 5 and 2 when he died, but were still hit pretty hard. She needed this vacation, and she had wanted Alan to accompany her. She knew he would make her feel better.

Ellie came over to Alan, startling him slightly from his past. There they stood, arm in arm, looking to the horizon, not knowing what trouble was in their future.