Chapter 14

"Dad!" "Paul!" shouted Eric and Amanda. They ran to his side and rolled him over onto his side, making sure his back didn't touch anything. "Another great adventure," Paul said quietly, trying to smile. He was really pale and was breathing shallowly. No one knew what to do.

Alan sat on the sand thinking hard, how could Paul survive? For one thing they needed disinfectant, no say what were on those claws, plus bandages, to stop the bleeding. He laid back in the sand and something stuck him in the back. He sat up quickly and reached behind him and felt his back. He felt a box, rectangle in shape and pulled it. When he got it out he held it in front of him, and by a streak of lightning he saw what could save Paul.

It was the first aid kit he had grabbed those hours ago. He jumped up and ran to the Kirby's side. "Lay him back on his stomach, quick!" he told Eric and Amanda. They looked at him questioningly, saw the first aid kit, and obeyed. Alan opened the kit and grabbed the disinfectant, it was the spray on kind, which made it easy to apply. After that was on, he applied the non-stick bandages, which he hoped would last the stay.

When they turned Paul over he was looking a lot stronger, or at least had more color in his skin. "We should keep going," Billy suggested walking over to the group, "there are more animals out there and we aren't equipped to fight them off." The rest of the group nodded and began to get up. Alan and Billy helped Paul to his feet and supported him through the forest.

It was a slow moving group, but it was better than sitting and waiting for an attack.