A few situations that came to me when I should have been working.


The Doctor muttered to himself as he stalked outside the TARDIS. He would show Tegan he was careful - he would perform a recce outside and determine it was safe for her and Nyssa, all without getting into trouble.

Somebody was ranting uncontrollably within the stadium the TARDIS had landed in. He wondered idly where a soft-drink machine was, and moved to a large corridor where the most human traffic would be, and therefore, the highest chance of asking for directions.

The ranter was growing more discernible by the second. "I will take on this coward, who hides while spitting these lies about my wife..."

Oh shut up, thought the Doctor, hands in his pockets. From the noises, there had to be a fair crowd listening to this drivel. Who would listen to that?

"...and I will tear out his heart before making beg for any mercy, that might exist within my dark soul..."

A little hard to do with your heart torn out, don't you think? There was an opening at the end of the corridor, where the crowd and the ranting was emerging. He hoped that the machines would have iced tea.

"...I shall crush this person, who dares to stain, my warrior's honour!"

Watching too much Star Trek, old chap? The Doctor emerged from the corridor, shielding his eyes from several spotlights that had trained themselves on him, and saw a massive audience, and heard the blaring rock music and the sudden booing from the masses.

Suddenly, a large, bald man who was five inches taller than the Doctor, twice as wide and all muscle, grabbed him by the shirt front and bodily dragged him towards, and throwing him into a fighter's ring.


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