When it's All Black and White

Author: Datakenobi05

Summary: AU. Sirius never went to Azkaban, and a year before Harry starts at Hogwarts Sirius gets custody of his godson.

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters in this story, they are property of J.K. Rowling. I dont own much of anything really, such as the places, and towns, you know.

Series: This is going to be the first story in my series called 'The Boy Who Lived.' You can even look at this story as a prologue to the later ones.

Authors Note: This is my first Harry Potter fanfiction and I'm sure there are other stories out there like this, if there is, well, I hope I make mine original. It took me a while to come up with a plot so I hope you like it.

Authors Note #2: I went back and fixed most of my errors in this story.

Chapter 1 Sirius Black

A young boy no older than ten years old sat under the stairs in a cupboard listening to the thunderous steps of his cousin Dudley.

"I'm going to find you Piers!" The over wieght boy shouted through the house at his friend.

'I bet he'll never find me.' The boy thought to himself, pretending that he too was in on the fun. Then his face fell as he sat back against the wall. No one was looking for him, and he sometimes wished everyone in number four Privet Drive would forget he existed.

Harry Potter lived with his Aunt Petunia (his mothers sister) and her husband Vernon Dursley. Harry was orphaned before he reached two years old. His parents Lily and James Potter were killed in a car accident and the only injury he got was a lightning shaped scar across his forehead. He was never allowed to ask about that night, or about his parents at all, the Dursleys forbade it.

After a while, the sounds of Dudley and his friend faded away until Harry was sure the Dursleys left with out him. Not that it bothered him, it was one of the few times Harry even bothered to get out of his 'bedroom'. Slowly opening the door he looked around then strained his ears for any sign that might tell him one of the Dursleys were still in the house.

There was only silence.

Harry walked, or more like crawled out of the cupboard and went to the windows that faced the street.What he saw made him jump slightly. A big black dog was sitting on the lawn looking directly at him. The dog was obviously a stray, its fur was long and matted and it had no form of identification.

Thinking quickly, Harry went into the kitchen and got some ham. Walking out the back door he looked around the side of the house and called the dog. Reluctantly it moved closer, and Harry put out his hand. Being cautious, the dog licked it and Harry sat down under a tree.

"Well you have to come here if you want something to eat."

Seeming to understand, the dog got close to him and Harry held out a piece of the ham, which the dog look happily. Patting it on the head he realized he had see this same dog before, a few days ago.

"Are you as lonely as I am?" He asked, the dog look up at him. Harry just smiled and fed it another piece.

"You're very lucky that my aunt and uncle are gone," Harry said and laughed bitterly. "I would be in so much trouble for getting food without their permission, expecially for a stray."

The dog looked a little angry at what Harry had told him and stared at the house, eyes narrowed. Harry saw it look away and then back to him, as if trying to comfort him.

'That's ridiculus. Dogs don't have emotions.' Harry thought to himself as he idly petted his companion.

"I should give you a name." He said to the dog which wagged its tail.

"Okay then, how about, princess!"

The dog looked scared and edged away from Harry. Being called Princess seemed to offend him or something. Harry laughed.

"Okay, okay how about," but he stopped mid-sentence as the still nameless dog snuggled up against him. "Snuggles!"

The dog Snuggles was dozing off but was suddenly alert as a car pulled into the drive way. The Dursleys were back.

As if on cue, a tabby cat appeared on the other side of the street. Snuggles ran towards it and chased it around the tall bushes surrounding Mrs. Figg's house. Harry sighed and stuffed the last piece of ham into his mouth. Walking to the back door he tried to open it but it was locked. Sighing again, Harry walked to the front of the house, luckily the Dursleys had already went inside before they saw him. Before he went inside Harry was distracted by Mrs. Figg's bushes moving slightly. Hoping it was Snuggles, he was disappointed to see a man with shoulder length black hair appear instead. The man saw him and smiled kindly. Harry just stood there until he heard his uncle yelling at him to shut the door.

After Harry went inside the man stared at the closed door for a while then retraced his steps back to Mrs. Figgs.

"Where were you boy? Out causing trouble?" Vernon Dursley asked, not realy interested.

"No, I just sat in the backyard for awhile."

"Shut up! I'm trying to watch my show," Dudley yelled then muttered under his breath "idiot."

Vernon saw Harry walking to his cupboard when he spoke to his nephew.

"Go help your aunt with lunch boy."

"Yes Uncle Vernon."

In the kitchen, Petunia Dursley was washing some vegetables to cut up for a salad.

"It's about time! Don't just stand there, start cutting these up!" She ordered and Harry obeyed. Taking the knife, he very carefully started to cut the carrots.

"I want lunch to be served before dinner!" Petunia yelled and knock into Harry, making him cut his finger.

"Stupid boy! Never mind, I'll do it. Get the table set."

Harry examined his finger which was bleeding excessively now.

"Aunt Petunia, can I have a band aid please?" He asked in a small voice.

"Oh for heaven sake." She said, and not trying to control her temper threw some tape and a piece of cotton at him.

Harry muttered a 'thank you' then started to set the table. By the time he was done, blood was already seeping out of the makeshift band aid.

"Go get washed up. I won't have dirt on my new table cloth."

Harry paled as he saw that some blood fell onto the new, white, table cloth.Turning around to set the salad on the table Petunia saw it instantly. Before Harry knew what was going on he was on the floor crying.

"Look what you did!" Harry's aunt screamed and pointed to the red mark on the tablecloth.

"I...I'm sorry."

"I don't care if you're sorry! That won't fix my new twenty pound table cloth with it?"

Harry got up from the floor and glanced at the doorway where Dudley stood, his face showing complete satisfaction.

"What's going on!" Vernon yelled as he walked into the kitchen.

"Look what that boy did!" Petunia said emphasizing 'that boy'.

"You. Outside, clean my car. Now." Vernon said in short breaths.

"What. . . what about lunch?"

"Well you don't get any now, do you!" He said and dragged Harry into the front room and pushed him out the door.

When he thought he was alone, Harry sat in the corner of the garage, his back resting on the door. He closed his eyes, feeling tears that threatened to fall. When he opened them Snuggles was watching him from across the street. Harry wiped his eyes and started to wash his uncles car.

Harry had just about fell asleep when his uncle banged on his door.

"Boy, come out here, now."

Harry obeyed and wondered if he missed a hub cap on his uncle's car.

"What is that dog doing in my yard!"

Looking out the window, Harry saw Snuggles sitting in the front yard staring at the house.

"I. . I don't know."

"Don't lie to me boy. I saw you pet that flea bag earlier. Get it away from my house before I shoot it!"

Harry quickly walked outside and was greeted by an affectionate dog.

"Snuggles please, go away. My uncle is very upset and angry that you're here." Harry said very quickly, looking the dog in the eyes. As Snuggles walked back toward Mrs. Figg's, Harry wondered if dogs had blue eyes, he shrugged and walked back into the house.

"Before you go to bed make sure Dudley has his lunch ready because he's going out tomorrow. Make sure his clothes are washed and dried as well." Petunia ordered. Harry was so tired he was sure he would soon fall asleep standing up.

"Did you hear me boy!"

"Yes Aunt Petunia."

Harry waited until his aunt and uncle went to bed before leaving the house in hopes to clear his mind. Snuggles was standing on the street corner when Harry came out of the house and started walking towards him. He saw the dog and called for it, but it disappeared around the corner. Curious, Harry followed it, only to run into the man he saw earlier.

"Woah, where are you going so late at night?"

"I'm. . I'm sorry sorry for running into you." Harry said looking for the dog, " I was looking for a black dog. Have you seen him?"

There was a twinkle in the man's eye as he looked down at Harry. Their eyes met and Harry recognized his blue eyes instantly, but it wasn't possible, the man had the same eyes as Snuggles.

"No. I can honestly say I haven't seen you dog."

"Oh," Harry said looking down at his feet,"I'm sorry for running into you." Harry apologized again.

"Don't worry about it kid," he said kindly then he noticed the cotton and tape around Harry's finger.

"What happened to your finger?"

"What?" Harry was distracted with a bug on the ground.

"Your finger?"

"Oh," Harry said taking the tape off "I cut myself earlier today. It's not a big deal."

The man looked a little upset as he inspected the cut.

"You should clean it out and put a proper band aid on it so it don't get infected."

"Yeah okay, thanks anyway." Harry said and started back toward number four.

The man was confused for a moment at the boys last remark, then he remembered that he was looking for that dog.

"Hey kid," He called before Harry could get too far away.


"I don't think I properly introduced myself. My name is Sirius Black."

Harry paused for a moment looking at the man.

"I'm Harry Potter."

Sirius smiled and walked towards Harry.

"It's kind of late, I'll walk you home."

"Okay," Harry said and walked next to Sirius. When they got to the front of the house Sirius looked Harry in the eye.

"If you ever need anything just call."

Harry realized that this man was serious.

"Okay, I will."

He smiled and watched Harry enter the house.

Waiting across the street on the sidewalk, Sirius Black saw the last light go out, and if anyone was looking they wouldn't believe their eyes. Sirius transformed into the dog Snuggles and headed for Mrs. Figg's house.


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