When it's All Black and White

Author's Note: This is the last chapter for this story. I will be updating some of my other stories before I start on 'Life's Many Challenges', which is book 2 of this series.

Chapter 20 Departure

Diagon Alley was so congested with people that Harry had to hang on to Sirius's robes so he wouldn't get lost.

"First things first Harry, I think we should get you a wand."

Harry could barely hear his godfather over the noise of the masses of people but at the word 'wand' he immediately understood.

Sirius led Harry into Olivander's and the old man took his measurements.

"What's the point of measuring between my nostrils?" Harry asked Sirius who was looking at some different wands.

"I dunno. It's stupid really."

"Do you think so Mr. Black? Do you think it would be stupid if you got someone else's wand? What if it backfired on you? That wouldn't be too funny now would it?"

"Depends on who you ask." Sirius said under his breath.

"Now Mr. Potter." Olivander said, ignoring Sirius's last comment." Hold out your wand hand.

Harry complied and Olivander pushed a wand into his hand.

Nothing happened.

"No good, no good."

Harry found himself holding another, completely different wand. Again nothing happened. Sirius let out a sigh of boredom.

"Another one perhaps?"

Harry tried at least fifty different wands that day until the fifty-fifth wand finally shot out green and scarlet sparks.

Sirius stood up at the sight and looked at Olivander.

"Fine, good choice Mr. Potter, however curious it may be."

"What do you mean?" Sirius asked.

"Nothing." Olivander said, shaking his heads. Then, he wrapped the wand and handed the box to Harry.

"Congratulations Mr. Potter. I'm expecting great things from you."

Sirius softly gripped Harry's shoulder and led him out of the store.

"That man gives me shivers." Sirius said.

Harry nodded in agreement, looking back toward the store.


"But Sirius we already have Pyrgus. What if he doesn't like another owl?" Harry asked as they entered the owl emporium.

"This will be your owl. You can take it with you to Hogwarts. I just don't trust those old barn owls they have."

"Well can I get it a cage and some treats too?" Harry asked in a monotone voice, not really caring.


Harry looked around the store at all the different owls. In one spot it stuck out like a snowflake on a black sky. Walking toward it, Harry noticed its beautiful clean feathers; its eyes were intense and young. The owl was perfect.

Sirius saw Harry looking at the owl and he watched intensely as it flew off its perch and onto his godson's shoulder.

"Excuse me….Ethan. I'll buy that owl." Sirius said looking at the workers nametag then pointing to where Harry was.

"Very good choice Mr. Black. She is a very well trained owl."

"Then why hasn't she been bought?" Sirius asked motioning Harry over to his side so he could get a good look at the owl.

"Her price sir. She is quite expensive."

"Why?" Sirius asked a little too sharply.

"Well she is very unique. Hedwig is one out of three that was bred for performance. One of the others died. So it's just her and her twin."

"That really doesn't answer my question."

"The mother was an endangered species. Was is the key word."

Sirius nodded and looked at the owl, gently stroking it and testing its wings. Then he looked Harry.

"Money is not a problem."

A grin filled Harry's face and he went down the aisles to find the perfect cage.

"How much?"

"You're not going to like it."

Sirius just looked at him.

"One thousand five hundred gallions."

Not that it would make a noticeable dent in his vault, but Sirius thought it was a tad expensive for an owl that it's owner will outlive.

"Okay I'll buy her. I need a cage and some owl treats as well and possibly a toy or two.

Ethan was more than happy to ring up the treats, food, cage, toys, and owl for Sirius. His total bill was well over two thousand gallions.

When they were back on the street Harry let Hedwig ride on his shoulder as he thanked Sirius a thousand times.

"Okay Harry you're welcome. Just make sure you grovel at my feet for a few weeks."

Harry laughed and punched Sirius's shoulder.


The day had been perfect. Harry was full and content sitting on the couch playing wizards chess with Sirius while Pyrgus and Hedwig flew around outside.

"Knight to H 4." Harry said and one of Sirius's rooks got smashed to pieces.

"Think you're so smart do you?" Sirius asked, a funny glint in his eyes. "Queen to A 3."

Harry watched as his mistake led him to lose, again.


"Come on Sirius! Can't you let me win just once?"

Sirius put a hand to his heart.

"Let you win? Absolutely not! That would ruin the 'Sirius in the best' law."

Harry laughed and threw a pillow at Sirius. Before the pillow hit him it stopped in mid air. Harry looked at his godfather who was concentrating on the pillow. Sirius then calmly plucked it from the air and threw it back at Harry.

"How did you do that?"

"I can do anything. DUH!"

Harry tried to look upset but when the doorbell rang he ran to answer it to hide his laughter.

"Hi Remus! Will you beat Sirius up for me? He won't let me win!"

Remus didn't say anything; he just looked at Sirius who was now standing behind Harry.

The look Remus had on his face answered all of Sirius's questions.

"You're going."

It was a statement, not a question.


Remus stayed most the night talking with Harry and Sirius. Harry fell asleep happily after beating Sirius at chess.

"I should go now Sirius."

"I know." He said after some hesitation. Remus stood up and walked out of number twelve.

"Hey Mooney."

Remus turned around.

"Be careful."

"As long as you take care of that boy and not burn the house down."

Sirius smiled.

"I can tell you that I can definitely do the later."

Remus smiled and then walked away.

Sirius watched until his best friend was out of sight, then walked back in the manor and shut the door behind him.


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