They all made fun of her for the oversized Wanted poster of Roronoa Zoro she kept on her wall. But, as with all things, she let the negativity roll off her back, and resolved to not let it get to her. As the first rays of dawn crept across the floor of her bedroom, through the windows of the Marine Headquarters, she just stared at that poster, not quite awake, still somewhere between her dream and the morning.

Somehow her subconscious had brought to mind images – perfect, memory- realistic images – of the two men she had seen Zoro with in Loguetown. The Captain and the Cook of the Straw Hat Pirates, according to Marine intelligence.

Zoro had been in her dream, two. All three of them. When had her dream decided to twist those images so crudely? Why had the two others she didn't even know – the tall, gangly blonde and the dark-haired boy-captain – invaded her sleep doing such...interesting...things?

Now she stared at Zoro's photo, thinking back on the odd cinematography of the dream. The strange, passionate voices. The nakedness. The sex. She wondered if, next time she encountered them, before she was even able to arrest them, if a blush would take over her cheeks as she thought back to these waking non-memories.

Blinking away the crisp-clinging sleep from her eyes, Tashigi tilted her head down and coyly giggled.