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Brooke Davis walked into the Tutoring Center and spotted Haley sitting at one of the tables, a book open in front of her. She smiled as she sauntered over to her table. There was a few odd looks thrown her way, many people were surprised to see the one and only Brooke Davis, the most popular girl at Tree Hill High, in the Tutoring Center, nerd central. The girls gave her a dirty look and the boys shifted nervously in their seats. Brooke was oblivious to it all, her full attention on the girl in front of her.

"Hey, Sexy," Brooke greeted her. She frowned when Haley didn't respond. It wasn't until she saw Haley move her head that she realized she had headphones on. She smiled as she knocked on the table to get the girl's attention. Haley was startled at the sound and looked up to see Brooke's smiling face. A smile soon graced her face as well. "I said 'Hey, Sexy'."

"Hey, Beautiful," Haley greeted back. She turned off her Walkman and took of the headphones, laying them on the table in front of her, before closing her book to show Brooke that she was done her studying. "Not that I'm not glad to see you, but what are you doing here? I told you I had to meet with the new person I'm supposed to be tutoring." Brooke's face lit up.

"That would be me," she told her. Haley's eyes widen and she tried to look mad, but couldn't stop a smile from breaking through. "I wanted to surprise you. Now that you don't have anyone to tutor, you can come and hang with me." She wiggled her eyebrows in a comical way, trying to be suggestive. Haley laughed.

"Sounds like much more fun than hanging around here," she commented. She pulled up her bag to put it on her the table. She gathered her things and piled them into her bag before standing up. Brooke grinned as she slid Haley's hand in with her's and walked out the door.


Haley looked around at all the other teenagers that were hanging out at the beach. She recognized most of the people from school and the people she didn't know, she assumed were from out of town. She smiled when she spotted Brooke making her way over to her with two Popsicles in her hands. Brooke grinned at her as she plopped down beside Haley on the towel they are sharing. She handed Haley her Popsicle.

"Thanks, Tigger," Haley said sweetly, her voice sweeter as she pronounced Brooke's nickname.

"No problem, baby," Brooke replied in a voice that was equally as sweet as the other girl's. She leaned back on her elbows to do some people watching. Haley watched Brooke out of the corner of her eye. She was trying to decide what Brooke was looking at, but couldn't tell because of the dark glasses she had on. Haley followed to where she thought Brooke's gaze was and frowned when she saw a group of girls.

"So," she began, trying to distract Brooke from the group of girls in their bikinis. "Did you want to do something tonight?" Brooke noticed the insecurity in her voice the moment she opened her mouth. She hated it when Haley got like this. She was constantly getting down on herself, thinking that she wasn't good enough. Brooke sighed and pushed her glasses to rest on the top of her head. She turned to look at Haley. The sudden movement startled the girl.

"Baby," Brooke began. "All those other girls, they are nothing compared to you. I know every single one of them and they have nothing on you." She laid a hand on Haley's bare thigh. "You are the only girl for me, you understand?" Haley nodded reluctantly.

"I get that," Haley said. "It's just that... look at them. They are perfect and I'm just me." Brooke shook her head.

"You are more beautiful then they could ever be," Brooke argued. "How many times do I have to tell you that?" Haley didn't say anything and Brooke smiled. "Good. Now that that's out of the way, what do you say we go swimming?"

"I say bring it on," Haley answered as she dropped her Popsicle and ran towards the water. Brooke took a moment to admire the view before she ran after her. They both giggled as Brooke tackled Haley in the water and they started up a water fight.

They spent the next hour playing and enjoying their time together. Neither of them would have guessed the drama that would ensue as their friends and family discovered the secret they had kept so well hidden for the past month.



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