"Puppy Love... (And Kitty Love Too Nyo?)"
By CarefreeCaptain

Cast of Characters
Gamers (DUP) Side:

Di Gi Charat (Dejiko) Age: 10
Usada Hikaru (Rabi-en-Rose) Age: 14
Petit Charat (Puchiko) Age: 5

Black Gema Gema Gang (PKO) Side:
Pyocola Analogue III (Piyoko) Age: 8
Coo Erhard Age: 13
Ky Schweitzer Age: 17
Rik Heisenburg Age: 26

(Please don't mind the ages too much, my girlfriend and I just think certain characters look cute together)

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters or series associated with this story nor am I a relative of or have connections to the rightful owners of these properties. These characters and the series they are from are property of Koge Donbo and Broccoli International. The Di Gi Charat series this fan fiction comes from is the original Di Gi Charat OVA series which was licensed and has been released in the U.S. by Synch-Point. The plot of this fan fiction, however, is my own with the help and inspiration of my lovely girlfriend.

And with that out of the way, please enjoy the story!

Chapter 1: "Get a room nyo!"

It was once again that time of year, spring, a time where love blossomed like the cherry blossom trees that littered the Japanese landscape. And here in Akihabara there was no exception. For today was a day of love, White Day, where boys would give gifts to the girls with whom they would like to become romantically involved with. Even in the anime and games store, Gamers, love found its way into the hearts of customers and employees alike. Just recently Puchiko, the sharp-tongued five year old, was swept off her feet (probably against her will) and showered by a plethora of gifts by the tall bishonen, Takurou Kimura.

Today the door of Gamers rang as usual for the younger and more otaku-ish of the two Takurous, Takurou Minagawa. However, something was different today, as two Gamers employees would soon find out.

"A-ano..." a shy Minagawa said as he approached the cash register which hid behind it his rabbit-eared crush, Usada Hikaru.

"Oh hello Minagawa, are you interested in more cards today?" said a cheerful Usada.

"W-well, I... I wanted to uhm... I wanted to..." he continued, "...I wanted to give you this!" He quickly pulled a bouquet of flowers out from behind him and shakily presented it to the surprised Usada.

"O-Oh my... I... I dunno what to say..."

"W-Well... I... w-would you like to go out with me tonight...?" Minagawa blurted out with a slight blush.

"Well... I'd love to after work," she said before giving Minagawa a small kiss on the cheek causing the timid boy to turn beet red.

"H-Heh, Happy White Day..." was all he could muster in reply.

The cat-eared mascot of the store, Di Gi Charat (aka Dejiko), happened to see this whole scene while restocking Galaxy Angel cards in a nearby aisle. And as Usada and Minagawa embraced each other in a hug Dejiko blurted out. "Get a room nyo!" with her trademark speech habit from her home planet of Di Gi Charat.

"Oh put a sock in it Dejiko!" Usada retorted, "You're just jealous."

Dejiko stopped to think to herself about Usada's last comment for a moment but just shrugged it off.

"Whatever nyo." She retorted as she returned to her daily duties around the shop. Dejiko, jealous of that rabbit-eared phoney, Usada? She chuckled to herself at the mere thought of it. However, the more she thought about it, the more it ate at her consciousness. The truth was that Dejiko was jealous of Usada, she was extremely jealous (though she'd never admit it aloud). Many of her friends had now been taken, Puchiko had Kimura (though Kimura is probably a pile of ash by now or undergoing some other form of physical torture at the hands of one of Puchiko's eye-beam misfires), and Usada had Minagawa. Even the random finger-people customers were coupled together. This began to annoy her since she had spent the last few months of her life around numerous male otakus, all of which seemed to have at least some level of attraction towards her and had all offered her gifts, yet none of them were just right... quite frankly they scared the daylights out of her. She thought of all the men in her life and was greatly dissatisfied... Bukimi were too creepy for her tastes... and Rodoyan, well he was just too American and hyper for her tastes. Was there noone suited to be Dejiko's special someone?

"I'm going nyo" Dejiko said as she headed for the door.

"Dejiko where are you going!" Usada wondered.

"Just out nyo. I needa think a bit nyo" Dejiko said as she left Gamers to do a little soul searching in a park just outside of the Akihabara shopping district.

End Chapter 1