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Sesshomaru is still Western Lands dude, Katrina and Sutaasafaia are generals in his army, which is rather large and still growing. When the realize they need another general, they go look for it. But instead of stumbling upon a general, they find a 15 year old war-child

{born on a battlefield in the middle of a battle}.Sesshomaru sees that she is a tactical genius and thinks he's found his new general. But when they girls see how taken he is with her, they think he's finally found a mate. Are they right?

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Chapter 1: The search and the Girl

Sesshomaru, taiyoukai of the Western Lands, commander of a vast army, stared out of his window. From what his generals said, his army was steadily growing and had only two people to watch them. Two FEMALE people to watch them.

He knew that he would have to look for another general. He couldn't have anyone to old and too....bloodlust-y. Which meant no one from the army.

He called the twin girls and talked to them briefly before sending them away to prepair for a journey. They bowed and left The taiyoukai to his thoughts. Which, evidently, had strayed to the prospect of finding a mate.

He hadn't really been searching for someone. He was good looking, had power, and money. The women wanted him, so they came. But none of them had the slightest chance. They were too...prepped up.He wanted someone who didn't have to try to be anything they weren't, which, in fact, was all that these girls weren't. They tried to mold themselves to fit him.

He wanted someone pleasing to the eye(shallow bastard), someone intelligent, and someone who could oppose him without a single repitition or regret, but obey when it really mattered. He wanted mental strength, which most women in general didn't have. He had his generals, but Sutaasafaia was his cousin and Katrina was too weird for him.

They came back in, saying they were ready. He stood away from the window and looked at them, remembering how they grew up together.

Sutaasafaia was an chestnut inu-youkai, with dark hair, medium skin, and ice-blue eyes. Katrina was a falcon demon, with dark hair, somewhat light skin, and eyes that shone silver. They both wore peasent shirt and breeches unless it was a formal occasion, in which they wore the general's black kimono's with a bright red sash.

He himself wore his usual attire, his silver-white hair cascading down his back. His eyes shown the brightest gold, his cheeks adorned with magenta stipes, his forehead baring a navy crescent. He was tall, muscular, and toned.

They walked out of the castle, and walked into a new chapter of their lives.

%%%%%%%%%%I'm not ending it%%%%%%%%%%%%

A young teen, about fifteen or sixteen, ran for all she was worth. She formed a fireball in her hand and threw it behind her, hoping to draw the pig youkai away from her scent and towards the scent of something burning. It didn't work. So she continued to run, thinking of another plan.

Sesshomaru was flying over the area that moment. He caught a strange aura and looked down to see where it came from. He saw a young woman dashing through the forest like the devil himself was at her heels. She was somewhat tall, had skin that shone like the full moon and was just as pale, and black hair streaked with bloodred.

He watched as she made a jump into a tall pine and waited for two pig youkai that had been after her. Then she leaped down on top of them both, driving twin swords made of fire into their heads. They fell dead instantly.

Sesshomaru looked on at her suprised. No one he knew had ever been able to think of something like that when their lives were on the line. But she had. And it had worked well.

He began to look her over with a more studious eye. She had high cheekbones, and full, red, lucious lips. He couldn't see her eyes because they were hidden by her bangs, but if they were anything like her hair, which was long, thick, and dark with the bloodred highlights, they were bound to be astounding. He had well toned arms and beautifully shaped shoulders. She wore a sleeveless kimono that was a black color embroidered with silver moons and stars and ended at her knees. She had perfect curves and a thin waist, followed by full hips and long, slender legs. To Sesshomaru, she looked like a tennyo.

"Astounding,"whispered Katrina, in awe by her tactics.

"Incredible,"echoed Sutaasafaia.

"Perfect,"said Sesshomaru.

The girl mustv'e heard him, which he intended, because she looked up. He was completely right about her eyes. They were framed by thick, luscious lashes. They were a deep, forest green with sliver lining her iris's. But that wasn't what shocked him. They held such a fire, such a passion, such a flame that he couldn't look away.

The young woman couldn't look away either. The man she was staring at must have been a god at one point, even though she knew he was a youkai now. He had silky, silver hair to his waist, Taller than her, and was well toned and muscular. He had twin magenta stripes going across each cheek and a navy crescent on his forehead. But she was stunned by his gold eyes that could only be described as godlike.

But the demon aura he possessed scared her, so she began to run again. He landed on the ground and took chase, hoping to find his new general. She had disappeared, so he decided to find her scent. He was suddenly washed over with the scent of apple blossoms and jasmine, a scent so tantalizing that it could only belong to her. He followed it until he found the tree she was hiding in. He flew up it, but didn't find her. Then he realized that he had been tricked.

He backtracked along the path she made until he found the right place, which was a sage bush. It was hard to decipher her scent from the sage, but he did, and he pulled her out by the neck off her kimonom, kicking and screaming. His ears couldn't take the pain, so his grip loosened. She felt the slack and wrenched free, running. He caught her easily and pinned her to the truck of a tall oak.

Sesshomaru pinned her to the tree by his weight on top of hers and with his hand over her mouth, to prevent screaming. They were both panting, her more so than him, with her mouth covered, and he was leaning against her and the tree, his body pressed against her.

"If you don't scream,"he panted lightly,"I'll let your mouth go."

She took a second before nodding slightly. He moved his hand to his side.

"What do you want with me,"she asked harshly, sensing the generals behind him.

He didn't respond.

"Look, demon, I don't have time for your stupid bullshit, now-"

He covered her mouth again, this time hard and extremely uncomfortable.

"I am the demon lord of the Western Lands, wench,"he said as she managed to struggle out of his grip," and I-"

"I don't give a flying fuck who the hell you are! You have-"

He cut her off by pinching the nerve at the base of her neck, knocking her unconscious. She slumped in his grasp, which he didn't remove. He picked her up and began to fly home, where he would have a long talk with the girl.

He glanced at her, wondering what she was, when General Sutaasafaia flew besides him.

"Do you know what she is, my lord?" she asked quietly.

"No,"he said simply.

"She looks like a cross between a moon demon, which are really hard to find, and a fire sprite."

"That would explain her temper and her fiery demeanor."he retorted gently.

She shrugged and flew ahead toward Katrina. He though long and hard about what the general said. He now had many more questions to ask the girl.

Once they got home.


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