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My name is Hope. I am dead. I know this. It hurt when I died. I went to Heaven and there was no more pain. No more fear or doubt. I was at peace.


Then I opened my eyes and I felt pain again. I was alive. Why? Why was I alive? I was dead. I was happy dead! Let me go! The pain seared me. What had they done? What had they done to me? Where were my friends? Were they here? I don't know. All I know is that I was wronged. They had done something to me, so terrible, I didn't want to know what. The need for revenge burned through me and I would have it, even if I went to Hell afterwards. They had made me what I am, they gave me the instrument of my vengeance.

And their worst mistake was letting me live.


[On a ship, in the middle of space.]

"She's moving…get the professor…she's waking up…this was not supposed to happen…it's too early…shut up! Let her awaken at her own pace."

The human female slowly opened her eyes and blinked against the light.

"Turn the light down," snarled a male voice. "Her eyes aren't used to it yet."

Immediately the light was toned down and the female blinked her eyes open a bit more. She was lying on a cold floor and she was naked. She sat up and crossed her arms over her breasts and drew her knees up, shielding her body instinctively from scrutinizing gazes.

She looked up through a glass window at several staring humans, the foremost of which was a man with a bald patch and a big nose.

The girl was silent as she stared up at them, a slight scowl on her flawless features.

"I am Doctor Weiss," said the man slowly, as if talking to an infant. "What's your name?"

The girl scowled, 'What, does he think I'm a simpleton?'

The doctor mistook this, "She doesn't understand me." He glanced over his shoulder at another male who was making notes. Then he turned back to her, "Do you understand what I am say-ing?"

'I understand perfectly, you dickhead,' she thought. 'I just don't want to answer you'.

As they continued to interrogate the girl, another girl opened her eyes as well. She was in another chamber, but the room beyond the glass window was closed. The girl shivered and curled up tighter, cold in her nakedness.

Not far away, another girl and two boys awoke in their separate cells, naked and alone. But they felt the presence of each other, an awareness in the back of their minds. But there was something else there. Something else was inside them. They were the same…yet completely different.

The first girl looked up at the scientists. 'What have you done?'


The Predator was pacing his cell again. He ignored the human who were in the lighted room. He hoped his fellow hunters were safe. He hoped the humans hadn't changed them as much as they had changed him. He touched his face with his claws, feeling the different features. Just like last time, anger raged through him. This time, however, he contained himself, knowing it was best if he conserved his strength for an escape.

He glanced up at the humans as they began preparing to leave. He snarled under his breath, the sound no different if his face had remained unchanged. He could still speak in his own language and make clicking noises, by his face was so very different now. It looked more human than Yautja.

Prince Kradak cursed in his language as sat down against the wall. He would loose much honor in just being captured. Now that his facial features hardly looked Yautja anymore, he might even be banished by his own father.

Kradak tipped his head back and roared in rage.


A xenomorph lifted its head as a roar echoed through the ship. Its exoskeleton glistened black in the shadows and dim lighting from the darkened room beyond the glass. It tugged on its restraints once more, but they were made as to prevent cutting into him and drawing his acidic blood.

The xenomorph was special. The humans, or soft-flesh as his race called them, had never seen one like him. He was extremely rare, something that even drone xenomorph rarely saw. Queens saw him, yes, they did. He only honored them with his presence and favor.

His tail thrashed in its own restraints, the large blade on the end striking the floor and throwing up sparks. He swung his head and yanked on the restrain about his neck. Damn the humans! How had they captured him? He could not remember. He remembered a queen, and drones. Then humans had entered the breeding room, when he was vulnerable, sleeping after mating. They had shot him with electricity, stunned him. he had killed many, but still more came. The queen had died. The drones. They had captured him. they had experimented on him, taken his blood in special containers. They had never come close to allow him to attack, but had used machines to take samples of him.

Xenomorph King Mercarian lifted his head and let out a roar of his own.


Lieutenant Shane stepped off the ship, his squadron of eleven men and one woman behind him. They were here to relive another squadron of Marines. He watched them file onto the ship as he led his men, and woman, into the ship. They met up with Major Clarkson.

Shane saluted, "Lieutenant Shane Whiteford reporting for duty, sir!"

The rest of his Marines saluted behind him.

"At ease," said the Major. He turned to a small woman beside him, "Show them their rooms and tell them the rules."

"Yes sir," she said, and turned to the Marines. "Follow me."

They turned and walked down many corridors, the woman explaining where the mess hall was, the infirmary, the bridge and scientist's dorms.

They got into an elevator and the woman pointed to a grid beside the control panel, "One level down is the soldier's dorms. These two levels are technician labs, these are biological labs. These two are containment labs, but level E is off-limits to all unauthorized personnel. Levels G through I are also off-limits to unauthorized personnel."

They stepped out of the elevator with Shane deep in thought. Why was so much off limits? What was in the bowels of this ship?


They had left a while ago, taking the light with them. But she could see in the dark. She stared at her fingers and concentrated. She could see in the dark one second, then her heat-signatures the next, and then she had x-ray vision. The fist time she had changed her vision, it had stung and her eyes had watered, but as she practiced, the sting reduced each time. Soon it was nothing at all. Now she was watching her fingernails extend slowly, one by one, until they were about two centimeters long, then allowed them to sink back into her fingers.

She lowered her hands into her lap. They had brought clothes. It was all black and hugged her body tightly.

She let her head drop back on the wall.

"My name is Hope," she whispered. "My name is Hope."

She surged to her feet and, in an explosive movement, slammed her fists against the wall, causing a slight dent in the metal. "My name is Hope, you bastards!" she screamed. "Let me out! What the fuck have you done to me?"

She fell to her knees and sobbed, her fist bumping slightly on the wall.

She turned and leaned her back and thought of her friends. The shy and timid Kate who looked like she was ten years younger than her age of eighteen. The bold and opinionated Naomi, who stuck up for her friends no matter what. The humorous Billy, who could bring a smile to the sourest of people. The smart and serious David, who was the stalwart of the group. And her, Hope, the leader, the one who kept them together.

They were all alive. They shouldn't be. She knew this. They had all died, she had watched them die. She had been the last to go.

She rolled over onto the floor. Where was she? What had happened? And what was this king she was to meet tomorrow? She had overheard the good doctor speaking to a female doctor.

"She's a stubborn one, that she is. As are all of Genesis Zero. The evolutions should happen soon, but let's see if a meeting with His Majesty the King won't loosen her tongue."

Further in the ship, deeper in a darker place, several creatures stirred in large water-filled chambers, and evil danced through darkened hearts.



So, no much action yet. Yeah, yeah, a bit short, I know. It's just setting up the scene. But I promise, in the next one, it'll be better. Romance later on, trust me. And the differences of the five teens, or Genesis Zero, will become more apparent. The real action will start in chapter II, The Escape!

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