Wolfram and Hart's New Guest

By jessebelle

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the things you recognize of the Harry Potter, Angel, or Buffy the Vampire Slayer universes.

Author's Note: I just got this idea and started to run with it. It'll mainly be a hp/angel crossover, but it'll include some buffy characters and elements. I have chappies 1-6 written, and if I get enough positive feedback, I'll write more. Sorry for the short chapters, but I promise they'll get longer as the story goes on. I hope to receive your thoughts on what you think and if you like this, you might want to check out my other hp/buffy crossover, Dreams of Something Different. That story is on a bit of a hold, but if I get reviews, I'll continue same as this. Hope you like the story, jessebelle


Chapter One

"Something bad is happening, isn't it?" Hermione was in Dumbledore's office after having been called there by Professor McGonagall before the opening feast. Ron and Harry were both there with looks of extreme sadness on their faces and looking at her like someone died.

Professor Dumbledore gave her a smile and shook his head. "Nothing is wrong Miss Granger."

"Then why am I here? Harry, Ron, what's the matter?" Both boys didn't say anything, they simply walked over to her and gave her a hug. Hermione was even more confused. "Headmaster, what?"

"Children, why don't you take a seat and I'll explain everything to Miss Granger."

They all sat down, Ron and Harry on each side of Hermione. Both boys had one of her hands securely in theirs. Hermione had a feeling of dread in her stomach.

"Miss Granger, I called you here to inform you of the recent news on Voldemort and what we plan to do to protect you."

"Protect me, why?"

Dumbledore picked up a tin on his desk and held it out. "Lemon drop?"

Both Ron and Harry shook their heads. Hermione didn't even bother to do that. "Professor, with all do respect, please get on with it. What's happening that's making my best friends act like someone's died?" She thought of what she just said and panic arose in her entire body. "No one's died, have they?"

"No, Miss Granger, no one's died, yet. As you so eloquently put it, I'll get on with it. Voldemort has begun recruiting students and others. We knew this would happen and we've tried to ensure the appropriate measures. Not only that though, but he's begun to target muggleborns. Yesterday Voldemort had a meeting. Professor Snape had informed me that you, my dear, are on the top of Voldemort's of students to recruit."

"But Professor, I'm a muggleborn, isn't it against the rules for a muggleborn to become a Death Eater?"

Dumbledore gave her a sad smile. "Miss Granger, as I'm sure you know, Voldemort himself is a half blood and grew up in the muggle world. Your top marks and your capacity to learn has made Voldemort uncaring of your lineage. However, shall you refuse to become a Death Eater, he has already made plans to have you and your family killed."

Hermione paled and her face dropped. It felt like she'd just been submerged in a bucket of ice water. Both Harry and Ron kept hold of her hands and leaned in closer to her. They were her warmth, her bright spot, with them she could get through anything.

Dumbledore surveyed her closeness and attachment for her friends and felt bad for what he was about to do. Taking a deep breath, he prepared to give her the bad new. "Miss Granger, Hermione, while I know this is a lot to take in, it's only part of the reason I called you here. Hogwarts is no longer safe for you. There are spies everywhere and quite a few students ready to carry out Voldemort's orders. Your parents have already been put up in a safe house and I myself am their secret keeper. I have arranged for you to go stay with some distant family members in America, California to be exact. Unfortunately, you leave tonight."

And the bad news just kept on coming. "But what about Harry and Ron?"

She turned to look at both the boys. Immediately they pulled her into a three-way hug. Dumbledore shook his head. "I'm afraid they're going to have to stay here. Hogwarts is the only place that Harry is safe now and Mrs. Weasley wants Ron to continue his education. I know this is hard for you my dear, but think of it as a learning experience. And don't fret, you won't be completely alone. I have a few order members that will be accompanying you to America. I trust them with your safety and I know they'll protect you. Now, I'll give you some time to say goodbye." He stood up and gave her a nod, then left the office. When he was gone; Hermione turned to her two best friends and finally let the tears fall.