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The sun had just touched the Western horizon, bleeding scarlet light into the waters of the sea. Streaks of wispy cloud were stained vermilion and saffron, a startling contrast to the dark sky above.

Far below the night's first stars, a boat made its solitary way towards a vast chain of islands. The dull crimson sail seemed to melt into the surrounding water that the setting sun had coloured red, but camouflage could not hide any watercraft in this particular stretch of sea.

The man within the boat shaded his keen eyes with a hand. Above the nearest island movement could be seen. Scattered chips of gold were tumbling through the air, catching invisible eddies in the wind's current. On more careful inspection a definite pattern could be seen the waltzing movement. The gold specks flew in ever-widening spirals, in and out, higher and higher, a fountain of beauty and grace. The man's breath caught in his throat as he watched, and his hands trembled on the yew staff that he clutched more for comfort than support. As an eastern breeze gently filled the red sail, the boat and its lone passenger drifted closer and closer to the islands, until finally the man could clearly make out flashing scales, membranous wings, and even clouds of yellow steam that spurted from gaping mouths and nostrils.

A slitted green eye glanced at the tiny red sail far below, and one of the dragons broke from the dance. Beating massive vaned wings, she alighted on an enormous arch of rock that jutted from the side of the first island of the Dragon's Run.

Ooh, Ged's in troubleā€¦ read on to discover our favourite mage's fate.