Disclaimer: I don't own the regeneration people or my friends and I bever will. I do own the proffessors Collins and Smith.


When I was just a year old I lived on a boat with my parents, well they aren't really my parents their just the people who created me but they treated me like their own child. I said they were my creators because I'm not any ordinary teenager I was an experiment just like my sisters/friends but I'll get to them later.

A long time ago before I was around my creators proffessors Collins and Smith were working on a boat doing experiments.(well they are scientists) I was created by mixing some anonomis donners DNA with some Chemicals and when the mixture was done it was put into an incubator for 9mths until it looked like a normal baby girl(me). 3 years after doing the same thing I had 5 sisters/friends. There was me Ally, Dena, Riley and Tara all with special and unique powers of our own.

Ally's powers are fire(very different from her personality) and she was a phycic. She is also a girlie girl but very nice. She has straight long blonde hair and blue eyes. She loves horses and is a little short for her age.(16)

Tara's 17 and her powers are ice and super sight. Shes kinda nice and very annoying but a good friend. She has long wavy red hair and brown eyes. She is also quite tall(the tallest of us all).

Dena's also 17 and her powers are super speed and super hearing. She is kinda like me because she acts evil but isn't mean and you don't want to get her mad, but she is a good friend. She has short brownish/red hair and green eyes. She is a medium height.

Riley's 16 just like Ally. Her powers are invisibility and she can turn into anything she sees or touches. She is funny and a little hyperactive sometimes but she is very smart. She has short red hair and green eyes. She is about the same height as Ally.

Now for me. My name is Christina and my powers are super strength, telepathy, and telekaneses. I am a nice person but you don't want to get on my bad side although I am a good friend. I have short layered light brown hair with blonde streaks and black eyes. I am a little taller then Dena and almost the same height as Tara.


I know that was kinda short but I promise the next chapter will be at least a little longer.