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Here's a character guide:

Romeo – Bakura (Yami B)

Lord Montague – Shadi (owner of famous artifacts museum)

Lady Montague – Mai

Abraham – Yugi (employee at the museum)

Balthasar – Duke (employee at the museum)

Benvolio – Ryou (Bakura's cousin)

Mercutio – Yami (Bakura's best friend) ((how ironic, eh?))

Prince – Pegasus (head police officer)

Count Paris – Malik (a relative of Pegasus)

Count Paris's Psychotic Brother ((who wasn't really in the original play)) – Marik (Yami M)

Juliet – Tea

Lord Capulet – Seto (CEO of Kaiba Corp.)

Lady Capulet – Isis

Tybalt – Joey (Tea's cousin)

Nurse – Serenity (Joey's little sister)

Servant who Delivers Invitations – Tristan

Sampson – Espa Roba (employee at KC)

Gregory – Weevil (employee at KC)

Friar Laurence – Odeon

Friar John – Roland ((that guy with the shades who announces all of the battle city duels))

Chorus – Rebecca

Rosaline – Miho

Romeo and Juliet: YuGiOh! Style

By: Chi Yagami

Act II, Scene I – Just Outside the Garden

Bakura lingered outside the Kaiba Mansion; he wasn't ready to leave just yet. He walked down the street adjacent to the large rectangular garden. A sudden desire to be close to her again drove him into what Ryou would call madness. Bakura leapt over the stone wall.

'How could I have even thought of leaving when my heart is here?'

Yami and Ryou stepped around the corner, walking onto the street where Bakura had stood only moments before.

"Bakura!" Ryou called out. "Bakura, where are you?"

"He's smart," Yami muttered, "running off like that before we could start teasing him."

"I saw him run this way," Ryou said, looking around for his cousin. "Maybe he jumped over this wall…"

"Back towards the mansion?" Yami asked mockingly. "Only an idiot would return to the scene of the crime!"

"What crime?"

Yami slapped his forehead.


Several people turned and stared at the two; they shook their heads and continued talking, though.

"Loud enough?" Ryou asked angrily. "Will you call out for Bakura?"

"Heh, sure, and I'll bring him out, too, with a little blackmail… BAKURA!!! Humorous! Madman! Passionate lover!!! You only need to speak one word and girls will swoon before you!" Yami cried out in a high-pitched voice. "You're so romantic! Cupid shot with an arrow and you're a babe magnet! Come out, lover-boy, for your beloved Miho is here!!!"

"Duuuuuuuuuude," Ryou said, "he is going to be soooo angry if he hears you!"

"How could it anger him? It's the truth," Yami said shrugging.

"Yeah, all except the part about cupid and Miho."

"I bet Bakura's get laid somewhere," Yami said rather loudly.

"Come on, let's go," Ryou urged, "before Bakura climbs down from the trees and slits our throats!"

Yami and Ryou continued walking down the street, the spiky tri-haired one singing rude songs about Bakura.

Yeah, that was a short chapter, but it was also a short act. The next chappie will be the balcony scene!!!!!!!!