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Was it real?

Sitting on her comfortable bed, looking out at the stars Mulan stretched. It had been a long day of chores; a long day that she now cherished. She never knew how much she loved her family until she left them for the war. In the last month since she had returned she had rarely left them. The war changed her. She held her head high, not because she was a spoilt only child but because she was a heroine of China. She had grown accustomed to the idea that she would live with her family forever. The matchmaker made it clear "No man wants to marry a girl that could fight along side him. You are now more of a man then the boys here." Mulan didn't care anymore anyway, she loved her family and will always be with them.

In the month since her return she had not heard anything from any of her comrades in arms. The gang of three wrote a few weeks back but nothing since then, and Shang's visit was the last one, He promised to write and stay close, but she hasn't heard anything from him. He probably found a loving loyal wife. Mulan thought with sigh. So many thoughts were going through her head; this is routine for the young lady. She would toss and turn in bed for a few hours thinking over everything before drifting into a small dreamless sleep.

Mulan laid her head down and shut her eyes. She tried her hardest to clear her mind but the last thing she thought of was Shang.. Does he still think of me?

In her dream.

It was a bright sunny day. She was out in the pasture, which was filled with millions of different wild flowers. She felt the warm sun beat down on her. She smiled. She noticed something farther out in the pasture. She couldn't quite see what it was. She ran through the flowers to get closer. It was Shang. She called to him and he smiled at her. Mulan began to run to him. But nothing happened. She didn't get any closer to him. She soon became frantic and called to him, but he couldn't quite seem to hear her. Then out of nowhere another figure appeared. It was a lovely demure lady. She calmly walked up to Shang and wrapped her arm around his arm. Mulan finally began to get closer. Shang looked at her and smiled sympathetically. I couldn't wait forever, Mulan. I had to move on. The area suddenly turned black and rain began to fell.

Mulan woke with a start. beads of sweat were on her forehead and she had the chills. She suddenly felt sick. Did Shang go with another? She shook again, that was not an ordinary dream. She felt the sun on her face. She looked outside and it was still dark. What was that about?

Shang had finally entered his own room he shut the door with emphasis. Ever since he returned from the war he had gone from student in military to general. and that was only the emperor he was thinking about. In his household he became father to his little brother, head of the house to his grandparents and mother. and personal lawyer in charge of his fathers old business.He had not had any time. He knew it was only getting harder. Once his father's debts were fixed and the family was finally back to normal, he would be told that he would have to be matched with a girl. He had considered Mulan but she seemed so content with her family. and he had written her about her visiting him for a week or so and she had never replied nor shown up. Shang felt his eyes grow heavy. He had a long day tomorrow. He NEEDED sleep. He slowly got dressed (or undressed) for bed.

In his dreams

Shang was instantly taken to a dark room. There was no warm feeling and his heart felt heavy. He noticed that he was being held back by men, whose idenity was concealed. And before him were a few men, two were holding another person. Shang knew who it was before he even saw the hair. It was Mulan. The men dragged her into a small pool of light and she looked badly beaten. There was blood seeping from her head. and her body looked battered, clothes, ripped. Her body was shaking. Why were they doing this to her? He struggled trying to break free. He had to help her somehow.

"You're too late captain." The man holding Mulan laughed and hit her, and she fell to the ground with a sickening thwap. Shang knew in that instant that she was dead. he felt his heart break, and body grow sick.

Shang awoke with a start. It took him a few seconds to register where he was. Mulan was probably at her house asleep. Not being held and beaten. Shang felt his body tremble. The dream was so real. Was it a vision? He knew something was up. He needed to see Mulan, Now