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Timmy Turner woke up to a crisp cool October morning. He looked next to his bed to find two goldfish sleeping peaceful. He got dressed and headed down stairs. When Timmy entered the kitchen he found his mother dressed as a belly dancer and his father dressed as a moose. It was Halloween morning and he had forgotten.

"Good morning, honey," Mrs. Turner said brightly.

"Timmy! Look! I'm a Majestic Canadian Moose!" Mr. Turner shouted.

"Uh..." Timmy was speechless. He then turned around and ran up stairs. He threw the door open and ran to his fish bowl. He shook the bowl and two fish poofed out of it. His fairy godparents Cosmo and Wanda appeared dressed in Halloween costumes.

"What's the matter Sport?" asked the fairy princess Wanda.

"I need a Hallo-"

"HEEEY! TIMMY! Can you guess what I'm dressed as?" Cosmo said.

"Uh...bacon?" Timmy responded.

"No! As tasty, crispy bacon!" Cosmo said happily.

"Uhhhh, great. I wish I had a really cool Halloween costume!" Timmy yelled not aware that he left his bedroom door open.

"Timmy, dear what did you say?" his mother asked as she hurried up the stairs. Timmy looked at his godparents. They were already in the fish bowl, faking to be asleep.

"Dear, what were you yelling?" she asked.

"I-uh, I was yelling, uh...'I found my costume! It's the greatest!" Timmy told her.

"Oh, well then you better hurry before you miss the bus." Mrs. Turner said. Timmy kissed his mom goodbye and ran down stairs and out the front door. As the super side-kick Cleft the Boy Chin Wonder ran to his bus, but he was stopped by no other than...Super Cheese Man? No, it was the Bone Crushing Boxer a.k.a Francis the bully. He grabbed Timmy by his cape, and dragged him for his daily punching. He tried to resist but it was futile, Francis beat him until he was bored. Timmy then was flung to the ground, as Francis walked away two flowers appeared next to him.

"Sweetie, we better get you to school before you're late again," Wanda said.

"Uhggrrr..." was all Timmy could respond.