The evil half turned around coming face to face with is archrival. The ghost boy had a huge smile on his face, as he threw an ectoplasmic energy ball. Vlad dodge the attack and only smiled. Just as he was about to say a witty remark, bright colors of green and pink flew past him. The other ghost were knocked back by the unexpected attack. The gave their appointed leader a confused look when then bright white lights engulfed them.

Suddenly there was small black hole that appeared around the other ghost but is grew quickly, revealing a ghost portal. The rest of the ghost were pulled back in to the ghost zone. With plan working almost all the ghost were either captured or sucked back into the ghost zone.

"Sam! Tucker! You guys ready!" Danny shouted to his friends.

"Ready Danny!" Sam answered

"Ready Dude!" Tucker responded.

"Dani! Get behind me." her cousin told her. Danny looked below at this two friends aim their bazookas behind the rest of the evil group of ghosts.

"Nowwww!" Danny wailed while at the same time unleashing his ghostly wail. The other ghost couldn't block the attack including Vlad who was having a hard time, moving out of the line of fire. Before he got sucked in to the portal Plasmius dropped one of his spying bugs.

"It worked? IT WORKED!" Danny said in disbelief. All the evil ghost were now gone. Not a one remained, and his friends looked around in the same disbelief.

"We did it." Tucker said amazed that one of their plans actually worked with out a sudden back fire. Danny flew down and looked down at his new friends.

"Well, I guess you guys did it! You are really the best ghost hunters!" Timmy said smiling. Sam, Tucker, Danny and Dani smiled.

"Yep!" the all said in unison.

"Timmy! We gotta go! It's dark out!" Chester said realizing what time it was.

"He's right! We gotta go get dress and trick or treat!" AJ yelled.

"Wow! You guys are right! Um...I'll catch up with you guys in a sec..just let me thank them." Timmy responded.

"Okay Timmy! But hurry!" his two best friends said, as they ran out of the gym.

"Well, Thank you guys."

"No problem, glad we could help. But I think it's time we got back to our home. Now that some of the ghost are back in the ghost zone, we have to make sure they stay there. It's Halloween after all." Danny explained.

"Okay, I really "wish Danny and his friends could go back home,"" Timmy wished.

"Why would he-" Poof they were gone.

"DANNY! SAM! TUCKER!" Jazz yelled around the house.

"Jazz! Why are you yelling?" Danny said as he walked toward his big sister.

"Danny! Wh-where were you guys?" she asked.

"We don't really know, but were glad to be back." the half smiled.

"So what happened?" she asked them.


"We fought ghosts!" Tucker said excitedly.

"Yep, and met new friends," Sam interjected.

"It was really cool! We kicked lot's of butt!" the ghost girl said.

"Danny! Who is she?" his sister yelled.

"This is Danielle, she our third cousin twice removed." the ghost boy explained. Jazz only stared, she wasn't sure that Dani was her cousin, yet she couldn't help but notice how she looked like Danny.

"Uh...Jazz, you okay?" her brother said.

"'s just she looks like you that's all..."

"Oh...hehe, that's a long story." Danny said rubbing the back of his head. Just then his ghost sense went off.

"You guys up to catching another ghost?" He asked them. Sam and Tucker nodded while they held up their new ghost weapons. "Jazz, you in?"

"Yep," she smiled, holding the Fenton Peeler. The four teens ran out Fenton Works, prepared for whatever ghost was out there.

Three months later...

"Location found, Sweetums." the holographic Maddie Fenton said.

"Hm...That was awfully quick. Where is the boy located?

"Subjected is in Dimmsdale, California. Muffin Cakes."

"California? many miles is that from here?"

"From Amity Park, Ohio to Dimmsdale, California it would be 2,360 miles. Oh wonderful leader."

"That's interesting, so Dimmsdale is in the same universe we are in. Bring up the surveillance."

"Subject surveillance has just been terminated, dear heart."

"WHAT?! Play last a transmission."

"Yes, dear." The surveillance bug showed Cosmo and Wanda flying above Timmy who was reading a comic. Suddenly Wanda noticed the bug and a giant boot appeared in the air and head toward the spying bug. The transmission ended, but Vlad smiled, he now new the location of the boy and his fairies.

"Mayor Masters! There's incoming call for you," his secretary's voice rang in his secret lab. The evil halfa flew out of his lab and in to his office, the smile still on his face.