Sam arrived home well after the Chinese food had gotten cold and staggered into bed without even going into the kitchen long enough to see his surprise.

It took a lot of willpower not to shake her and demand that she go look, but she was pretty much already asleep the second her head settled against his chest and, after much deliberation, he decided that would be mean.

He actually forgot about it completely until he was already out of the shower the next morning and being lured to the kitchen by the smell of his automatic-timer coffee maker. It had been a retirement-turned-promotion gift from Daniel, and definitely made up for at least half of the annoying things that man had done while Jack had been in command of SG-1.

Sam stood frozen in front of the counter, cold pop-tarts balanced precariously in her fingers, making confused faces at the newest addition to his kitchen.

She turned to him. "You stole my toaster?" Her lips quirked slightly towards amused. That was a good sign.

"Relocated," he corrected. The stainless steel appliance that fit in so well with her shiny, modern kitchen didn't exactly go with his collection of functional, mostly plastic counter accessories, but it looked all right. "It's still yours. It's just... here."

Definitely amused. "What about when I go home?"

Jack was hoping that, sooner rather than later, she wouldn't be going back to her place all that often anymore. That would definitely be a lot to spring on her first thing in the morning, though, especially after burglarizing her home under the guise of watering her poor, neglected plants. He should probably convince her to import a few of those, too, because a good handful of them looked pretty close to death. "You can take it back and forth with you," he told her seriously. "I've still got the other one."

She didn't say anything. Her smile was shy and beautiful, definitely one of his favorites.

He took her pop-tarts and stuck them in the newly stolen toaster. "See?" he said, pushing down the lever with a flourish. "No more toaster issues."

Nothing happened.

"You have to plug it in," she suggested helpfully.

He did, and before he was properly on-balance again, she had him backed against the counter with her tongue in his mouth.

Oh, wow. Had he known that one borrowed kitchen appliance would result in this, he thought absently as she did something incredible with her lips and suction that fogged all actual reason from his brain, he would have turned to a life of crime years ago. How had he survived all those years without a Sam Carter in his house every morning?

They were usually better at not actually mauling each other before work -- a few embarrassing mornings early in their relationship when they were both conspicuously late to the same meeting let them know that it was borderline impossible for them to have sex for breakfast and then make it to the base on time -- but if she kept doing that, he might really have to re-think their current policy. Maybe he could start scheduling briefings for later in the day. Shouldn't he have that sort of power now?

He tugged her hips closer and kissed her back, shamelessly pleased when her balance faltered, and she had just started doing that thing with her tongue when the toaster popped up.

She broke away, eyes pleasantly dazed, and frowned.

Damn, her toaster really was faster than his.

She made a face. "Sorry about that," she said, disentangling her limbs from his and looking thoroughly contrite for having all but jumped him in the kitchen when they only had ten minutes to get out of the house and on the road. "Tonight?"

"We could call in sick."

"We can not call in sick." She offered him one of the pop-tarts as a consolation prize. She chewed thoughtfully for a moment, holding a hand under the pastry to catch crumbs as she studied the new layout of his counter. "I think it looks good there."

"Not mad at me for stealing it?"

"Relocating, and no." She reached out to wipe an errant bit of icing from his chin, her thumbnail delicately scratching the sensitive, just-shaved skin as she lingered a bit longer than necessary. "Although I can sort of see the appeal of having to wait longer for toast. If... appropriately distracted." She was doing her absolute best to look serious and seductive at the same time, and ended up looking a bit like she had something in her eye.

Still hot, though, but it was hard for her to get out of that one. Three weeks ago she'd shown up in the 'gate-room covered in eighteen kinds of alien mud and he'd still had thoughts about getting her alone on the briefing room table.

Definitely had it bad.

He finished his coffee and breakfast and headed for the door. She handed him his keys.

"You coming back here tonight?" If she wasn't going to follow through on attacking his lips in the kitchen, he was going to have to start preparing himself for the disappointment immediately. Given the way his week was going, he wouldn't be surprised.

"I pretty much have to, don't I?" She was grinning. "I don't have a toaster at home anymore."

When he kissed her, she was still smiling, and tasted sweet.

Oh, yeah.

It was already a good day.