Me:OK guys this is the first time i've ever wrote a fanfiction, and of course it had to be about my favorite book sisterhood! so here goes, i dont know if i have to do a disclaimer or not but im gonna do one anyways.

DISCLAIMER: i do not have any affiliation at all with the book or the author i just love it so i wanted to write some for myself...

I didnt feel like writing their names out every time they spoke so B= Bridget, C= Carmen, L= Lena, and T= Tibby

Chapter 1. Summer Begins

B- "Lena will you pass me the green t-shirt on top of the dresser?"

L- "Sure. You guys i can't believe here another summer and we're gonna be apart AGAIN!"

C- "I know, and again us two the unfortunate ones are stuck here while bee goes to camp...and Tibby goes to Tennesse with Brian for half the summer."

L- "But at least Paul is coming down to spend the summer here with us."

C- "Of course thats good for you but whats in it for me."

T- "Carmen you are such a drama queen."

And with that the girls started laughing. Soon after Bridget was done packing they all went to Gilda's to do the ceromony of the pants. They decided Tibby would take them to Tennesee first, then they were off to Bridget, and then to Carmen who would then give them to Lena, and all over again. They said their goodbyes and called it a night. Both Tibby and Bridget had an early flight the following morning.

L- "Bye you guys we're gonna miss you!!

C- "Call and write!! Love you!!"

B T- "Love you guys"

Tibby ran to Brian so they could get on the plane. Brian had invited her to come to Tennesse with him and stay with his aunt. He didn't want to go alone, and plus, after last summer he was left with desire for more to happen between them. Bridget was going to Baja, California...again....because they invited her back. She knew that at the camp would be the one person she had been trying to get out of her head since that summer. The one person that could break her down again, the one person that could make it all better, Eric.

To Be Continued...

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