A/N: Wow so sorry it's been years and years. I really love this story and felt the need to continue. I hope I keep it going. enjoy :)

Coach Rivera ran her team like a drill sergeant. She wanted to be the best because she was extremely competitive, especially when that meant competing against her attractive male co-coaches. To be specific, Coach Eric Richman had caught her eye from the day he marched his soccer stud attitude over to her to formally introduce himself. Everything seemed to make sense for them to fit quite nicely as a couple, everything except one concern: Bridget.

"So nice of you to join us this morning ladies." Melissa Rivera said as Bridget and Lexy joined the rest of the team. Bridget in particular looked tired and as though she had a million thoughts rummaging through her head.

As the girls were darting back and forth doing soccer drills another coach walked towards the field. It was Steven.

"Hey how ya feeling this morning. I haven't been this hung over since school ended." Steven rubbed his eyes. His hair was disheveled and sat messily atop his head. The bags under his eyes also indicated his current state of mind.

"I'm fine. I was D.D. remember? I got to enjoy all of the action, sober." Melissa sounded less than enthused about the night's turnout. Though she had feigned a smile most of the night, she had hoped her and Eric would have danced more, flirted more, or at the very least talked more at some point. Instead, he had spent the better half of the night pounding down beer after beer, glaring at the dance floor trying to not-so-obviously stare at Bridget and Steven dancing.

Bridget caught a glance of Steven and Melissaa talking and tried to hide amongst the other girls, attempting to not stand out. Steven, oblivious to her attempts, shot her a wave and barred a big smile. Bridget couldn't help but find his openness to see her endearing and offered him a smile back.

"Have you seen Eric? I went to his cabin to talk earlier and he was gone and no one knows were he's at."

Melissa's face quickly changed from complete disinterest to slightly concerned. Anything that had to do with Eric mattered to her, especially if he was missing.

"Last time I saw him was when we got back last night around 3. Does he have his phone on him?" Steven looked as though he'd just experienced an epiphany and shook his head, snickering.

"Didn't even think of calling the guy. Clearly, I'm a mess this morning. Do you have his number?"

"Yeah of course. I'll call him now and find out what's going on. Will you stay here with the girls?" Stevens face lit up like a kid who just opened his Christmas gifts. "You better behave." Melissa smiled and started towards her cabin.

Bridget quickly noticed Coach Rivera leaving and wondered if soccer practice had been cancelled, that is until she saw Steven standing by the sidelines flagging her over. She wasn't sure it was a good idea that she respond to his call but considering he was her stand-in coach, it seemed appropriate.

"Ms. Vreeland."

"Mr. Welshman."

"Impressive soccer kicking skills out there. Solid B+ effort." Steven teased.

"Ouch. Are you sure you're not still drunk?" Bridget joked, instantly wondering whether she had crossed a line. Eric would have never tolerated her openly discussing their forbidden late night rendezvous.

"If I recall correctly I wasn't the phone who had 5 shots of tequila and danced to La Macarena on stage….wearing a sombrero might I add." Steven retaliated, uninterested in who may overhear their conversation.

"Touché. Well played sir. I stand down." The two giggled and stood next to one another, observing the rest of her teammates running drills. "Where did Coach Rivera run off to?"

"Oh. It's nothing. We're just not really sure where Eric is right now. He's not in his cabin and no one has seen him since last night so… I'm sure he's fine just needed a day off or something." Bridget had stopped listening the minute he'd said Eric's name. How couldn't they know where he was? Was this her fault? She could feel her stomach turn into a giant knot. How the hangover was slowly making its way up her throat. Quickly, she swallowed forcing anything back down in attempt to spare Steven the gory sight.

"I'll be right back." Bridget said scurrying off to her cabin, "nature calls."

Melissa had imagined several times what her first phone call with Eric would be like. She figured it would happen after camp was over and they were all back at home. They would talk about how fun camp had been and how happy they were to have met each other. This, she thought to herself, was the complete opposite of what she'd wanted. His phone ran once, twice, thee times, voicemail. She tried once more for good measure but arrived at the same result. A slight tinge of panic swept across her as she wondered where in the world he could be.

As Bridget approached her cabin she took a sharp left instead and headed toward the running trail, up the hill and into a secluded area where, as she'd expected, Eric sat, alone with a water bottle and his headphones. His back was towards her and he faced the lake beneath them. A wave of relief swept over her in knowing that he was safe. She laid her hand softly on his shoulder to make her presence known. He didn't flinch; as though he knew whose touch it was, as though he'd been waiting for her.