Switching Lanes Chapter 1

I could easily tell any person on this earth that I was over him.

I could say that it was just a fling. Honest to god it meant nothing.

But if that were the case, which it often was, I would be lying.

Because if someone made me count the amount of times I had glanced at him in the last hour, I would honestly have to say about 50.

Okay, so I was stilly totally in love with him. But who wouldn't be? Those perfect blonde locks, and the big blue eyes? I mean, hello!

So maybe I wasn't exactly his type. I was the Party Girl, and he was the Good Guy. But you can't control love. My nana always told me that.

I don't know why he was picked to be in my group.

Because I sure as hell do not believe in Fate.

First of all, I didn't even want to come on this trip. I mean, camping is supposedly supposed to be 'fun'. Yeah, some fun.

I can give you a small list to why I hate camping.

I hate ghost stories, or 'campfire stories'. I am terrified of water, unless it's crystal clear swimming pool water. I hate the dark, stupid I know, but I can't help it. I really really truly hate being left alone. Like it's weird, but I hate being alone. I am completely and totally 100%-ly still in love with my hot, cheating ex- boyfriend.

Oh god, I am going to die.

Okay, maybe it isn't just me. (It probably is, but I'm trying to make myself feel better.) But I am almost positive, that he has checked me out more then once on this horrible bus ride.

We're almost there. I here excited students whispering about this amazing 'Camp Klein'. Give me a break; they could have come up with a better name then that.

Suddenly we're off the main road, and on some bumpy road that's sanding up the windows, so we're like, riding in dust. And Coach Whitey (What the hell is with that name?) stands up, holding onto his seat, so he can stand up.

He clears his throat and smiles. "Obviously, boys and girls get different tents and such,"

Boys groan.

Girls laugh.

"But I'm sure you've all been camping."

I slide down in my seat. Count me out. Except for that time Peyton and I camped out in my backyard when I was like 10. But that doesn't really count, because at midnight I swore I heard werewolves, and me and Peyton rushed back to the warm comfort of my bedroom.

"So, same as usual, yada yada yada, you'll hear more from your counselors. Just thought you should know before any of the male species think that they're bunkin' with the girls."

We all laugh.

The bus pulls up at its stop and we all step off. I am so glad I wore a tracksuit, what would have happened if I wore jeans?

We all gather around the main counselor, Helen, who tells us the rules, and everything.

Must be in bed (or sleeping bag) by 10:45.

Yeah, right.

It's gonna be a long trip.

10 minutes have passed and we supposedly should head back to our tents to change for our opening campfire. One problem, I can't find Peyton. Just so you know, I forgave Peyton a while ago. I am still overly depressed that she took the love of my life, but it's not like I have any other friends. Plus, it's ho's over bro's again. I hope. And she's been lookin' all googly- eyed over Jake lately.

I'm short, just under 5'5. So how am I supposed to get to Peyton? By stepping on whosever's bag it is I'm stepping on.

"Peyton!" I call.

She comes bounding out of nowhere, and scares the hell out of me, causing me to fall over, thank God, landing on my feet.

"Come on," She complains, tugging at my arm. "Let's go find a tent, before we have to build our own!"

"Good Idea." I mumble.

We scatter off towards the location of the tents, and find ourselves a tent directly across from a certain young daddy, and one ex-boyfriend.