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Switching Lanes

Chapter 13: The Hero Could Never Let Us Down

Nathan stood behind his father with a satisfied smirk on his face. "Wow, you don't know how long I've been waiting to do that."

Our hero stood tall with the now bloody shovel in his hand. He dropped it to the ground, and began untying Jake, who grinned.

"What'd I tell you, Brooke?"

Suddenly it all made sense. Jake had seen Nathan. Jake knew that Nathan would come to his rescue, and we'd all simply assumed he'd actually wanted to die.

I couldn't help but smile as I watched Nathan move over to Peyton's tree, and untie her. My smile fell from my face almost instantly after. "What about Keith?"

"I swear that guy is deaf. I hit him a while before, when he went to take a piss."

Lucas winced. "Is he dead?"

"Luke, don't feel sorry for that asshole." Jake shook his head, helping untie Lucas.

They finally reached Haley and me, and we all began our way towards the main road.

"I can't believe you saved us, Nathan," Haley held his hand as we walked, "Where were you?"

"In the trunk of my dad's car. I was there when you guys were in the car, and I was pounding on the trunk. I guess you guys couldn't hear me."

"I knew I heard something." I shook my head, remembering the banging sound I'd heard.

"It doesn't matter anymore. All that matters is that we're all okay." Jake wrapped his arm around Peyton.

"But what about Mouth, Tim, and Theresa? They won't be okay."

I bit my lip to fight back tears. It was true. Theresa, Tim, and Mouth wouldn't be okay. "Oh God, this is just so horrible." I managed through my tears, and I could feel Lucas kiss my head comfortingly.

"Everything's going to be okay." He soothed.

"Not really," Haley mused, "I mean, Dan isn't dead, and we're not sure about Keith. They probably have the car keys, and to make matters worse, we're in the middle of no where."

"Good point." Jake sighed.

I sucked in my breath. "No, we have to stay positive, and together. Everything bad that's happened has happened when we were all separated. We all have to watch each other's back, and we all have to make sure that no matter what, everyone stays safe."

"I agree with Brooke." Peyton spoke up.

Haley nodded. "Me too."

Jake, Nathan, and Lucas all agreed as well. So, maybe things were looking up.

In what seemed to be a panicked hurry, we all looked around, stopping ever few minutes to make sure everyone was still there.

When I thought about it, I really had a lot to lose. All my friends, and of course Lucas. My Lucas. It sounded so great to finally say those words. As I thought of this, I made sure my hand gripped Lucas's a little tighter. He squeezed in response, and I smiled up at him.

We had been walking, searching for road somewhere, anywhere, for hours. We were stuck, and honestly, so hungry. We felt as if we were near death, each of us. It was apparent.

Soon, our footsteps became more forced, and our breathing was more heavy. We'd just about given up when we heard a car.

Somewhere, there was a car. Once again, we all stood up straighter, looking for the sound, hoping it was someone that could help us, and not Dan or Keith.

The car stopped, and we all gasped. It had to be Dan and Keith! No one else knew we were there, did they?

But there was something different about these footsteps, though. They sounded feminine, and there was definitely only one pair.

"Nathan!" A panicked voice yelled, and Nathan's eyes widened. It was his mother.

"Mom!" He yelled back, "We're over here!"

I'd never seen a short, thin blonde woman look more like a savior then Deb Scott did right then. She wrapped her arms around Nathan's neck, and then looked around to everyone there.

"I found out about Dan's plan against everyone, and I drove here as soon as I could. Are you all okay?"

"We're fine, Mom. I think, we just all need to go home."

"Right. Well, come on everyone. My car is over here."

I don't think any of us had every been so relieved, walking with Deb towards her car. We all piled in to her mini-van. Nathan was in the front seat, Lucas, Peyton, and I were in the back, and Jake, Peyton, and Haley were in the very back.

We began driving down the road, away from the hell that had been our camp. Away from Dan and Keith, and away from any bed memories.

I leaned my head on Lucas's shoulder, while looking forward, watching Deb as she drove. I inhaled sharply as she smirked in what looked like an evil way, lifting a cell phone to her ear, and dialing a number.

"Honey? Yes, Darling. I got them."