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Author's Note: So, here we are again... I hope I'll do this ok… Anyway, just to state a few things:

Uzumaki Naruto no longer has the Kyuubi inside of him, but he has his power, his speed, his chakra… his everything. Hyuga Neji is the only Hyuga who is able to withstand the secret hand seal that will activate the Curse Seal on his forehead. Uchiha Sasuke is growing stronger without the use of the Curse Seal. Orochimaru and Itachi are still alive… Gaara returned to Sand Village… I'll describe how that went in the next chapter probably…

Err.. well, and all other things you'll find out by reading, which I hope you'll do. Oh, and another thing. This fic will NOT have YAOI in it, no Yaoi. I don't dislike it, really, I just don't read or write it.

I'll focus a bit more on Leaf Village, but Sand Village will also be in the picture, Leaf Village just a little bit more. I won't tell what the pairings are going to be, but you'll find out soon enough, not in this chapter, though, heh…

Anyway, the main plot for this book is about how Naruto, Sasuke, Neji and Gaara grow in their own Villages. It's my first try at humor so please don't yell… please? I tried romance before with Evangelion Fanfiction and it went pretty, just a little, little bit, well. Maybe worse, though, since I never finished that Evangelion fanfic.


The Akatsuki War had mostly left Leaf Village in shambles. Months had passed and still it was very apparent the Village lived through a war. Of course there wasn't any smoke or fires, but debris was everywhere and few buildings were standing. The Hokage Tower had already been rebuild, this time a lot more massive than the previous one. Of course the first thing that had to be arranged was that everyone had a place to sleep. Genins and Chuunins were working together to repair the entire Village. The Konoha Gates were also one of the first things that had to be repaired.

Tsunade, the Fifth Hokage, had been travelling in these last months, to secure to have Allies in every Country. The Sand was a sure ally. The Stone was in the same predicament as Leaf Village and was also still on 'repair state.' Not to mention that two of Leaf's Shinobis were a little responsible for that. Indeed, Hyuga Neji and Uzumaki Naruto were the ones, accompanied with Gaara, who had actually brought down the Stone Village, said to be the Village with the strongest defense. But no one ever mentioned that again… Still, the Stone is also an ally of the Leaf. The only Village that was probably an enemy was Sound, but the Village was small compared to the Leaf. On top of that, no one knew where the Kage of the Sound was. Perhaps Orochimaru had returned to the Sound, perhaps not.

Tsunade left Jiraiya to try and arrange things in Leaf while she was gone. She didn't really expect the old hermit to do anything besides collecting his so called data for his own 'Books.' It was a surprise really, when he even forced Jounins to help on the repairs. It seems Jiraiya still felt something towards the Leaf. Besides that the Village possessed many beautiful women.

Jiraiya smiled as he stood on top of the new Hokage Tower. Not because he was proud of all the working Shinobi he could see all around or because he could see the willpower of his old Village, but because he could see many things with his new self-built binoculars. It had a larger range than all of the previous ones. He snickered madly as he watched the bathhouses. Until someone ruthlessly grabbed him from behind and threw him backwards, almost off of the Hokage Tower.

Jiraiya smiled in embarrassment as he noticed who it was. "Heh, so you're back already, Tsunade? I'm surprised I didn't notice it." Jiraiya said as he looked at his new binoculars. 'Someone like Tsunade I should have noticed with this thing… The bathhouses are pretty close to the Konoha Gates too…'

There Where When is Now, Book 3

Chapter 1: Prologue

It wasn't really something anyone would enjoy. You'd think for saving the Village you'd get a more entertaining mission. He wasn't enjoying repairing the Village at all. Looking sideways he saw Sasuke and Neji have the same scowl on their faces as he had. Naruto sighed as he carelessly punched another wooden board in place. He groaned as he watched how the part of the house they were working on fell to the ground. He had been working on his part for about two hours now and now it was all down again.

Sasuke couldn't help but laugh, but he did it very shortly as he watched Naruto glare at him. Neji simply chuckled at the scene. "Naruto, that's the third time already…"

Naruto huffed and turned his back to Neji, before starting all over again. "Hmph! I don't care! This all is stupid anyway! I hate still being Chuunin!"

Neji frowned at Naruto. "It doesn't really matter whether you're a Chuunin or not. Even Jounins are helping in repairing everything. Besides, the Village is almost back to its original state."

Sasuke sighed as he was easily and quickly repairing than what Naruto had done in three hours. "I do think the blockhead has a point." Sasuke continued, ignoring Naruto's "Hey!" yell. "We're stronger than most Jounins and the ANBU would never be able to beat us. I don't see why we're still Chuunins."

Neji shook his head. "Rank needs to be deserved. It's as easy as that. I guess we'll have to do a lot of missions. Taking the Jounin Exam is another possibility."

Naruto looked around him and saw other Chuunins and Genins repairing other buildings. 'Hm, everyone's so busy.' His stomach started rumbling. 'And I'm hungry…' Naruto grinned as he performed a few hand seals. "Taiyuu Bunshin no Jutsu!!"

The result was a lot of groaning. Neji's and Sasuke's groaning to be more specific, as the entire area was filled with Advanced Naruto Clones. Naruto embarrassedly scratched the back of his head. "Uh, I only wanted to create one…"

Neji frowned at Naruto. "You need to work on your Chakra Control all over again! You totally ruined my, Sasuke's and your own work. Even though you managed to do nothing in five hours…"

Naruto grinned as let most of his Clones disappear and let three remain. He let two of them transform into Sasuke and Neji. "They'll do the work for us."

"What?!" The three clones yelled.

Naruto narrowed his eyes. "Shut up or I'll make you disappear!"

Sasuke and Neji shook their heads but smiled nonetheless. Naruto faced them again. "I'm hungry; I suggest we take a break." He faced his three clones again. "You three better have this house done when we're back!"

The three Clones all gave Naruto the finger, before starting on the house anyway. The real Naruto, Neji and Sasuke walked away.


Somewhere else, Hinata was giggling.

Sakura and Ino exchanged a confused look. "What's so funny, Hinata-chan?"

Hinata turned around from her own work which was also repairing a building and shrugged. She did forget to deactivate her Byakugan, though, making Ino and Sakura smile. "Ne, Hinata-chan? What did you see with your Byakugan?" Ino asked with a mischievous look on her face.

Kiba and Chouji both were a distance away, but Kiba could hear everything anyway, with his advanced hearing.

"I… I was watching Neji-nii-san, Sasuke-kun and Naruto-kun…" She let out. "They… Uh, Naruto-kun found an easy way to take a break."

Sakura and Ino looked intrigued and Kiba as well, as he turned to watch the three women. "So, what easy way has he figured out then?" Kiba asked, stepping up to the women, leaving Chouji to his own devices.

Hinata couldn't help but frown at all the curiosity. "W-Well… Naruto-kun created a few Advanced Clones, to do the job for him, Neji-nii-san and Sasuke-kun."

Sakura groaned. "Yeah, well he has the stamina to pull that off… And besides… I don't even know how to make an Advanced Clone… And neither does any of you for that matter."

Hinata and Ino nodded their heads sadly. Kiba just groaned. "That's so unfair! So we have to work real hard, while Naruto just creates Advanced Clones like that! I'm going to tell this to the Hokage-sama!"

Hinata's eyes widened. "N-No! D-don't be a snitch, Kiba-kun."

Kiba frowned at her. "Hmph! Fine, but only because it's you, Hinata-chan…"


Neji heaved a sigh of relief as he finished his bowl of Ramen. "Perhaps we should just do this all the time… It's a lot easier and it's not like we're learning anything from repairing houses. And it's not really hard for Naruto to keep making Advanced Clones."

Sasuke nodded as he was busy with second bowl of Ramen.

Naruto chuckled. "Yeah! I told you this was a great idea!"

"Hmm, perhaps we should all create Clones and do all the repairing of the Village just using our Clones… I know the Advanced Clone technique and so do you, right, Sasuke?"

Sasuke looked up from his bowl at Neji. After swallowing some Ramen, he answered. "Of course."

Neji thought about it again. "But then, the Hokage would find out we're cheating through all the repairing missions and… we wouldn't want her to know that… would we now?"

Naruto and Sasuke both shook their heads. After Naruto ordered his seventh bowl.

"So we just keep repeating the way we're doing it right now. It's a lot easier. We just have to make sure we don't get caught, imagine if someone spots us in a Ramen Bar while we're supposed to be doing missions." Neji explained.

"Heh, it would sure piss Baa-chan off!" Naruto yelled. "Perhaps we ourselves should transform in normal Villagers too!"

Neji nodded. "Excellent."

Sasuke smiled. "Heh, let's consider this to be our free time until the entire Village has been repaired."


"Nara-sensei! Am I doing it right?"


"B-but! You didn't even open your eyes!!"

"It's too troublesome to open them. I just know you're doing it right, ok?" Shikamaru replied keeping his eyes closed. 'Jeez, I'm glad I am a Jounin Instructor now… Now I can just lie down and let Konohamaru, Moegi and Aoba Ruin do all the working.'


'I just wish they'd shut up for a while…' Shikamaru thought. "What?"

"Uhmm, if I were you, I wouldn't stand up now…" Moegi warned.

Shikamaru frowned, still having his eyes closed. "Why not?" Shikamaru then groaned. "Ah, don't tell me Konohamaru did something again?"

Konohamaru chuckled wildly. "If you stand up now a lot of paint will fall on you!!" He yelled while chuckling and pointing at Shikamaru lying on the ground.

Shikamaru snarled and opened his eyes to see, thin branches all around him and they were intertwined above him. On top of the branched were jars of paint and narrowing his eyes, indeed the jars were all open. 'Damn that Konohamaru…' Shikamaru tried to scan around while not moving his body. With his eyes he could see that there were branches really all around him and he had nowhere to run. Even if he was a Jounin, he now couldn't avoid getting hit by paint…

"Konohamaru, I'm warning you, remove all of this or I'll use the Shadow Bind on you and Ruin to make you hug each other for a long time…" Shikamaru warned. 'This all is just too troublesome…'

Konohamaru looked frightened for a moment. "Na-ah! I'll remove the paint only if you promise you'll help us with all these sucky missions!"

Shikamaru narrowed his eyes. 'So this is why he did this… Let's see… the lengths of his arms are a lot shorter than mine and the same is with his legs.' Shikamaru tried to see how much he could move his own arms and legs and smiled. 'I can move enough to make this happen…' He carefully performed the one hand seal. "Kage Mane no Jutsu!"

Konohamaru then found himself unable to move and then Shikamaru started moving really awkwardly lying under a lot of branches under the ground. But in fact he was making Konohamaru's body move towards him. He then made Konohamaru grab all the jars of paint, walk away again and forced Konohamaru to let all the jars of paint fall on himself. Shikamaru couldn't help but chuckle as he easily rose to his feet and watched the now paint-drenched Konohamaru.

Aoba Ruin was laughing and Moegi tried to hold back a giggle, but failed miserably. Konohamaru was glaring at Shikamaru while paint was dripping from his face. "Next time I will succeed, Nara-sensei!"


Ten-Ten was bored out of her mind as she kept throwing nails to secure wooden boards in place. Her students, Udon, Kensu and Enola Mohe, were goofing around, failing at repairing any buildings. Ten-Ten sighed. 'Udon is just too clumsy, except when it comes to explosions. Kensu is a great TaiJutsu Genin, but also clumsy. And Enola is too afraid she's going to damage her nails…'

Udon suddenly ran away from a building. Ten-Ten's eyes widened as she guessed what was going to happen. Indeed, a building blew to pieces.

"Udon! You are supposed to repair buildings, not destroy them more! You…" Ten-Ten stopped herself, before she could curse. "Why the… Why did you use an explosion of all things?!"

Udon sniffed his nose once and looked at his sensei. "Well… there was this plate that was out of place and I couldn't get it loose… So I tried it with an explosion… But I never expected the explosion to be that big…"

Ten-Ten sighed. "You… are an idiot. Go repair what you destroyed WITHOUT any explosions, got it?"

Udon bowed in respect in front of Ten-Ten. "Roger, Sensei!"

Ten-Ten shook her head, threw a few nails at the exact right places and looked at Kensu, who was punching wooden boards in place, wrecking them more, since they were ALREADY in place. 'Is he training with those things or repairing?' Ten-Ten shook her head again. 'Hopeless…'

A little distance away, she spotted the girl of the team, Enola. 'Oh, she actually has something in her hands!' Ten-Ten narrowed her eyes to see it was nail-vile… 'Oh my god…'


Hyuga Hanabi had her arms folded as she looked at her sensei. "This is stupid."

Lee pouted as he looked at the little Hyuga heir. He turned to look at his other two students, Gekkou Toji and Morino Ujin, who were agreeing with Hanabi as they nodded their heads.

Lee sighed. "I'm not fully recovered yet and that's why I can't join in. You'll have to help others with repairing the Village."

Hyuga Hanabi huffed. "Why can't we get any interesting missions? Aren't there Shinobis out there who can teach us anything? You're too crippled to be able to teach us anything, sensei." She said, adding sarcasm in the word 'sensei.'

Lee pouted even more. "Uhm! Uhm! Well, maybe you can find your… uhmm… brother? Hyuga Neji! He'll teach you something!"

Hanabi frowned. "Neji?" Her annoyed expression suddenly turned into a happy one. "Oh right! Neji-nii-san is back in the Village! Yes, at least he CAN teach me something, unlike SOMEONE I know…"

Lee glared at Hanabi's back as she was already walking away. "Heh, like he'll make time for someone like her, ey, Toji, Ujin?"

Toji and Ujin shrugged. "So, what are we supposed to do, then, Lee-sensei?" Toji asked, annoyance also flickering on his face.

Lee smiled nervously. "Well… Just find someone in town to work with for now."

Toji and Ujin yelled "Ok, sensei!" and walked away. Lee, on his crutches, limped away… 'Kids these days… Youth Power…'


Naruto, Neji and Sasuke were walking back to where Naruto's Clones were doing their jobs. As they approached them, Neji and Sasuke started frowning and Naruto narrowed his eyes.

"Heey!! You damn idiots!! I thought I told you guys to finish it! It looks more awful than when we left!" Naruto yelled at his clones, pointing at all of them, while looking at the mess that was the building. Wooden boards were spread all over the ground.

"As could be expected, Naruto… They are YOUR clones, so it's only logical they also have YOUR treats. In your case and in this situation, that's clumsiness." Neji dryly pointed out. "I suggest you let us create the Advanced Clones next time."

Naruto pouted. "I'm not clumsy…"

Sasuke took a look at Naruto's Clones handiwork and shook his head. "How stupid. But the time we received for the mission has already expired. It seems we're on repairing this same building tomorrow again."

One of Naruto's Clones suddenly spoke up. "Oy, oy! Some Chuunin passed by telling us we sucked! So we kicked his ass!" The clone who looked like Naruto finished.

Another clone joined in, who looked like Sasuke. "Yeah! It's because of that Chuunin that we couldn't finish the job!" It was really weird seeing Sasuke say that, even Sasuke frowned.

The real Naruto nodded his head. "Yeah! I can understand that! They're not clumsy! I'm not clumsy!"

Sasuke shook his head. "Don't kid yourself, dead-last."

Naruto immediately glared at Sasuke. "Shut up, you bastard!"

Another clone interrupted, this one was supposed to be Neji. "Oy! The Chuunin that made us fail this mission of yours was named Kiba, according to your memory and by the way, he said he would make us disappear or something like that."

Neji pondered it over. "Hmm, I think Kiba knew you three were Clones. Surprising that he didn't manage to defeat the three of you."

A clone, the Naruto clone, spoke up again. "Well, of course not!" He bragged. "We are invincible!"

A third clone, 'Neji', interjected. "Heh, says the one who got smashed in the building!"

The other clone, 'Sasuke', faced the real Neji, Naruto and Sasuke. "Anyway, another Chuunin interrupted the fight, you don't know him according to your memory." He said. "But Kiba just left taking that weird dog with him, while the Chuunin addressed… him." The 'Sasuke' Clone said as he pointed towards the 'Naruto' Clone.

The real Naruto looked confused.

Neji sighed. "It means that the Chuunin had a message for you, Naruto."

"Idiot." Sasuke added.

Naruto glared at Sasuke again. The 'Sasuke' Clone continued. "Uhmm, he told you to report to the Hokage tomorrow morning."

Naruto's eyes widened. "Ah, she's back from her visit to the Sand already?!" He yelled before he made his Clones disappear.

Sasuke sighed at the day he had. Another day he wasted doing nothing. "Let's go home already. Tonight I'm going to train so I'll be home late."

Naruto and Neji nodded as they began their trek home. Naruto, Neji and Sasuke lived together in Naruto's old apartment. Neji really didn't want to live at the Hyuga estate anymore and the Uchiha estate had been demolished long ago, so Sasuke also was looking for a place to stay. Reluctantly, he lived with Naruto and Neji in the apartment. There were enough rooms for everyone.

Only the nights and mornings were a real issue. The bathroom always seemed to be occupied and Naruto always made a lot of noise at night. Everyone had their own room, of course. Another surprise really was that all of them could snore real loudly… Not only Naruto…


The next day, Naruto was running up against the Hokage Tower, not bothering to go inside to use the stairs. The guards knew the blonde Shinobi and simply let him do what he wanted.

Tsunade didn't expect Naruto to just come through the window, so she was a bit shocked. She did expect a knock on the door instead of some crazy idiot just jumping in the room like that. At least the knock would've waken her up a little gentler. Now she was just glaring daggers at the blonde.

"Ehehehe, Good morning, Baa-chan!" He said scratching the back of his head. "Uh, sorry I woke you up…"

Tsunade snorted and sighed in relief as she noticed the pile of paper on her desk was a lot smaller now. So she DID do something the night before. Tsunade glared one last time at Naruto. "Just sit down, Naruto."

Naruto looked around, trying to spot where he could sit. And obviously, in front of Tsunade's desk was a small stool. "So uh, what did you want me here for, Baa-chan?"

Tsunade shook her head. "One of these days I'll smack you so hard the only thing you'll be able to say is Hokage-sama." With that said, Naruto just chuckled. Tsunade sighed. 'Yeah, I would chuckle like that too if I were as strong as him…'

"Anyway." She started. "Tell Sasuke and Neji you three are officially in the same team as of now."

Naruto frowned. "Well, we were already, kinda, right?"

Tsunade slightly shook her head. "Kinda, indeed. But not officially. I have a mission for…" She stopped and suddenly narrowed her eyes at Naruto. "You… You're not Naruto, are you?!" She yelled, a vein almost popping on her forehead. She rose to her feet and towered above the blonde Shinobi.

Naruto's eyes widened. "He!? What do you mean?!" He grew scared a bit and nervously laughed, looking at Tsunade innocently as her shadow was all over him. "Eh?"

Tsunade grabbed Naruto by the collar and nodded, now knowing for sure. "You're a Clone! An Advanced one! Where's the real Naruto?!" She growled dangerously…

The Naruto who was held by the collar by Tsunade pouted. "He… overslept…"

Tsunade growled in anger, swinging the Naruto Clone around. "What?!"

And then suddenly, something changed and Tsunade noticed it immediately, as she was still holding Naruto in her right hand. "You… You're the real one…now?"

The Naruto in her hands now grinned. "Hehe, yeah. I didn't expect you to find out so easy…"

Tsunade looked dumbfounded. "How..? I was holding your clone before and now… I'm holding the real you?"

Naruto smiled. "It's a new technique of mine! I can switch my real self with my Advanced Clones anywhere! It isn't really hard but it sure as hell drains Chakra! But I got a lot of that, so…." Naruto stopped talking and noted the serious and not to forget, angry look on Tsunade's face. "Eh…" He tried to explain himself. "I trained with Sasuke last night till very late, so… that's why I overslept… I switched with my Clone here as soon as I was done taking a shower… and eating Ramen… " He ended with a soft whisper. "I also switched with my Clone here because Konohamaru was knocking at the door… and now my Clone, Neji and Sasuke have to deal with him." He said chuckling, but stopped as Tsunade looked even angrier… "Hmm… Sorry?"

"So if that little grandkid of the Third didn't show up, you probably wouldn't have even switched bodies with your Clone and showed up here!?" Tsunade roared.

Naruto's expression was frozen, literally, until he tried to respond. "Uhmm, well… I think I would have…" He said, putting his right hand under his chin.

Tsunade gritted her teeth and threw Naruto against a wall. Tsunade groaned as Naruto fell THROUGH the wall. "Naruto, get your ass back in here, damn it!!"

Naruto hopped in, unharmed, a second later. Tsunade shook her head.

"You're now a team with Hyuga Neji and Uchiha Sasuke. The leader will be"

"Me, right?" Naruto nodded, knocking himself two times on his chest.

"No. Hyuga Neji will be the leader." She corrected.

Naruto's eyes widened. "What?! Why not me?!"

Tsunade smiled. "Because Sasuke would never listen to you and you would never listen to Sasuke. So Neji will be the Leader of your little team." Tsunade finished with a smile as she watched Naruto seethe in anger. 'Not that it matters… With a team like that… they are simply invincible…'

Naruto was growling in anger. 'Damn it! I wanted to be the leader! I would be so great as a leader!'

"I have a mission for you, but first…" She pointed at the newly formed hole in her wall. "You're going to fix THAT with you new team."

Naruto's eyes widened. "What?! But you created it!"

"I am the Hokage!"


Kakashi smiled as he sat on a roof, watching the man who sat next to him. As a Shinobi, Kakashi usually had missions outside of the Village. Now, when the Village needed to be prepaired, he had stated to be off-duty and ill. But in fact, during a time where a Village needs to be prepaired, it is said that the bathhouses were more often visited by women. He had read so in one of Jiraiya's Books. Said man was sitting next to him, staring through his binocular and collecting Data.

Kakashi was happy about the latest news in Konoha. He was glad Naruto and Sasuke opted to stay in Leaf Village. Now all three of his ex-students were in Leaf Village again. It would be great hanging out with each other. If they were given time.

"Kakashi, you have to see this one!! Her body…!! There are no words for it!" He yelled as he threw his binoculars at Kakashi.

Kakashi grinned under his mask and nodded his agreement. "Indeed…"

Kakashi continued to stare through the binoculars. Jiraiya frowned. "Ey, Kakashi! That's enough already! Come on give it back!"

Kakashi ignored Jiraiya and continued to stare.

"Hey!! You want to fight!?" Jiraiya yelled angrily. "How dare you not give me back my binoculars!?"

Kakashi shook his head and looked at Jiraiya. "You're willing to fight for this? Well then." He paused. "I accept! But it will take a lot of time and by the time we're finished those women might already be gone!"

Jiraiya narrowed his eyes. "Ha! I have the perfect solution for this!"

Kakashi watched as Jiraiya… pulled out another set of binoculars out of his vest. Kakashi sweat dropped.



Author's Note: Well, I hope it didn't suck too much…