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Just beyond the borders of the Fire Country, five figures ran through the desert-like area, seemingly headed somewhere in a hurry. All of them seemed a bit stressed out. The five of them wore long dark-brown cloaks and were all hooded.

"What does he think he's doing! He's breaking the highest rule!" The one in the lead yelled. It was very apparent that he was enraged. His hands were both balled into fists. "He's opening himself completely up! He isn't allowed to do so!"

"Calm down! There's got to be a reason! He's the youngest of us! And he's more obedient than all of us combined!" The one at the tail yelled back.

"Also… I sense he's in a fight… He's facing someone powerful…" One of the nins in the middle replied, calmer than the two before. "Let's hurry, I also sense… that he's losing…"

"I hope he isn't hurt… We're not easily beaten when completely open… but it's not impossible for us to die…" The one at the back said. The five of them all closed their eyes and reopened them… To see a completely different world… One where they could move faster and more secure in…


There Where When is Now, Book 3
Chapter 16: Evil Returns…


"Amazing… I sensed that you were a pretty powerful Shinobi… But I never expected you to be this strong…" A light brown-haired man spoke as he stood in front of a man in a brown cloak.

"I didn't expect to encounter someone powerful enough to force me out of my charade… But don't worry… you'll die here!" A man in a dark brown cloak replied.

An evil chuckle was the other one's comeback. "Don't expect me to instantly believe you now, stranger… Why not tell me your name first?"

The other frowned, before he snarled. "It's a secret, but you may know, because you will die anyway… I am Seishou Soichi. And you, who are you?"

"Seishou, huh? Well… I am a Shinobi from the Leaf… You can call me Orochimaru…" The man answered, before he chuckled. "Now, let me break your spirit down!"

Soichi narrowed his eyes as he stared at Orochimaru. "Spirits of the Seishou Clan… can not be broken!" He roared.

Orochimaru smirked. "I figured as much… Seishou Clan…" He said. 'Amazing… The Seishou are mere wanderers… This one's really powerful for a common wanderer… I only planned on killing this one quickly, but he's a pretty big nuisance.'

Soichi closed his eyes and reopened them to send a withering glare towards Orochimaru…

And then, Orochimaru's eyes widened and he immediately closed his eyes! "Wha… What are you doing!" He screamed. 'Those eyes!'

"Experience the full power of a Seishounin!" Soichi yelled as he ran towards Orochimaru and punched him hard in the face, sending him about twenty feet backwards, before Orochimaru landed on his feet again.

"Ughh… Get out of my head!" Orochimaru screeched, not even attempting to attack Soichi back.

Soichi smirked. "I know you've heard of the Seishou Clan, Orochimaru… Everyone has! But, all of you consider us to be nothing but wanderers… We travel across the lands… And we do! But we are a lot more powerful than you think!"

Orochimaru gritted his teeth as he was completely blind to the world, but saw everything of his own imagination… "So… you're saying that those old rumours are true after all?" Orochimaru screamed. "Are you the only one who has awakened this skill!"

Soichi shook his head, as Orochimaru fell on his knees. "No… We have power… But if we showed it, nothing good came out of it. Look at the Villages, the Countries… Most are at war with each other, because they envy the other's power! How pathetic is that! We hide our powers to live a peaceful life… we all do!"

Orochimaru suddenly chuckled evilly. "You know what, Soichi-kun? A power like this shouldn't be hidden…"

Soichi's eyes widened as Orochimaru rose to his feet.. "You… You shouldn't able to stand up!"

"It's all about mental stress and self-control… I am a genius Shinobi… I can easily figure out a weakness in an attack… Though I must admit… If you had been a bit older, you probably would have made me insane…. But now, your skill won't be able to kill me… and I stand a chance of beating you!" Orochimaru screamed, before he disappeared from Soichi's view!

'Damn… His mind is more powerful than mine, it seems… It takes a lot to overpower a mind of one of the Seishou Clan… This Orochimaru is no normal Shinobi…' Soichi thought, before he scanned his surroundings. 'And now he's also figuring out another weakness of our skill… I have to sense or see him to be able to penetrate his mind… To make him see his own memories, or his own worst nightmares…' Soichi looked all around himself. 'Also, he should be BLIND for at least an hour! How come he can see so fast after facing my eye technique?'

Time stopped when two gigantic snakes rammed themselves through the ground in front of Soichi. 'Wh-what!'

Orochimaru's voice came to his ears. "Let's see how you take on animals!"

Soichi grinned. "Easy! An animal's mind is primitive; they think less than us humans and actually have a higher success of survival in life because of their instincts… But that also means… that they think a lot less, which means, they haven't developed much of a defense against my attacks!"

Orochimaru watched from a distance as both his snakes screamed out in what seemed pain and fell to the ground, both still twitching and wrapping themselves up. Orochimaru shook his head. 'Summonings are useless against him! What a powerful skill he has…'

Soichi's eyes widened a great deal when a humongous shower of electricity came down on him from the sky. 'I… need to run!'

Orochimaru smirked when Soichi jumped backwards to avoid getting hit by a dozen lightning bolts. But when he did, Orochimaru quickly appeared behind him and kicked him hard in the spine. As Soichi fell to the ground, Orochimaru grinned. "You're good… But once your weakness is discovered you're nothing but a disappointment… You should die now…"

"Soichi!" A voice echoed throughout the clearing.

Orochimaru immediately turned towards the one who yelled his opponent's name. He saw that the five newcomers wore the same clothing as Soichi. 'Other members of the Seishou Clan! They're… more powerful, too…' Orochimaru glanced at his fallen adversary. 'This one gave me a very interesting fight… I wonder how much stronger you can get if you develop the skills of this… Seishou Clan…' Orochimaru thought as he watched the other five approach him and Soichi.

"It's been really interesting so far… I expect to be entertained more in the future…" Orochimaru said before he disappeared into the ground.

Naruto narrowed his eyes at the next two participants of the Jounin Exam facing each other. "Oy, Sasuke!" He yelled, although Sasuke was standing right beside him and Gaara.

Sasuke groaned. "Don't yell, you idiot. I'm standing right next to you. What do you want?"

Naruto just shot his gaze downwards, to the centre of the stadium they were in. "Sakura-chan. How good is she, really?"

Sasuke shrugged. "To us, she's still rather weak, but to others… She can be dangerous."

Naruto immediately frowned. "Wow, what an answer…" Naruto's eyes suddenly turned a little red, but no one noticed, as everyone was looking down at the next two contestants. 'Sakura has light blue Chakra and has perfect control over it… Interesting, she has her Chakra covering her critical areas on her body, but… it's automatic, it doesn't take as much Chakra away as usual…'

Naruto turned his gaze towards Sakura's opponent. 'Her opponent isn't as interesting. He's nowhere near Sakura's level of Chakra Control… But the Chakra of that Akisa… It's flowing through his entire body…'

Naruto's eyes turned blue again, before he turned to Neji. "Neji, can you activate your Byakugan and observe Sakura's opponent? I can't see it as well as you can."

Neji nodded and easily activated his Byakugan. Naruto watched his friend narrow his eyes. "It seems his Chakra isn't flowing through his Chakra Points… I think, in his case, it means he has the natural ability to change his body into whatever he likes. He's a rain Shinobi, so…"

"Water." Naruto finished.

As Kakashi announced the beginning of the match, Sakura and her opponent immediately started performing handseals. Sakura's opponent suddenly noticed that his vision blurred, but it was only for a second. He finished his handseals and glared at Sakura. "Suiton, Amamizu Atemi!"

Akisa grinned as his right arm changed to water, yet it also remained an arm… And then he shot his right arm towards Sakura. His eyes widened as he also saw his own arm head towards himself. 'What!' He grinned and closed his eyes as his entire body was preparing to absorb his own attack, but the attack never hits. He opened his eyes to see his attack, his arm, slam against the wall behind Sakura, who barely avoided his arm. 'She used Genjutsu to scare me off? Heh, pity, because my own attacks don't work on me…'

Sakura glared at her opponent and performed handseals. 'He isn't afraid of his own attacks, so creating an illusion of him being attacked by his own attacks won't work… How about this!' She thought. "Gihou Uzu!"

Akisa looked amused as Sakura created about five Taiyuu Bunshins and each Clone was performing handseals. "Katon, Goukakyuu no Jutsu!" One announced. "Hyouton, Hyouketsu no Jutsu!" A second yelled. "Suiton, Sensatsu Suishou!" A third continued, while the remaining Clones and Sakura herself launched themselves towards Akisa.

Akisa looked amazed to see all of the clones perform such powerful attacks… The fireball approached him from the left, The Ice Beam from the front and the Water Needles from his right. He jumped backwards as all of the attacks landed before him on the ground, but combined together to form a huge wave of mud, ready to swallow Akisa.

Akisa gritted his teeth to jump further backwards, spotted a clone to his right. He easily made it disappear by throwing a Kunai at it. As he landed, he saw the wave of mud die down and splatter on the ground around him. 'I know what she's planning, it won't work!' Akisa thought as he jumped up, dodging the sudden sphere of mud, which was trying to entrap him.

In mid-air, he got rid of another clone, but he was grabbed from behind by the real Sakura and he punched her once in the face. Seeing that she didn't let go, he formed his entire body into water, trying to drown Sakura in his own body of water…

And then, they landed and another sphere of mud was formed exactly where they had landed and entrapped both of them…

Sakura was grinning as she was holding her breath. Akisa was just waiting for Sakura to give up. "Give up, girl. Once you're in this state of my body, you're history. This Genjutsu of a Mud Sphere you created I can easily deal with…"

'Gihou Uzu, RaitonKuchibi!' Sakura thought.

Akisa's eyes widened as the electricity soared through his entire body. 'No! She couldn't have done the handseals… She's unable to move while in the state I am in now… How!'

Akisa immediately let go and saw the last sparks of electricity die down from Sakura's body. Sakura grinned as the Mud Sphere Illusion fell and Akisa felt a Kunai against his throat. Slightly glancing behind him, he saw another Sakura…

'Heh…' Akisa sighed as he watched the other Sakura move in front of him. "Threatening me with a Kunai is useless… In case you didn't notice, I don't really have 'skin', I can change my body to water whenever I want to…"

Up in the stands, Naruto smiled. 'Odd… I have that same ability. The only difference is, there has to be a water attack against me or I have to be performing one…'

Sakura let the Advanced Clone behind Akisa disappear as soon as Akisa turned himself a bit into Water. She observed her opponent more thoroughly. 'His entire body is water… He's clearly afraid of electricity, since he immediately let go of me when I created that illusion of Electricity around my body… But how do I fight something that's too slippery to touch?'

Akisa chuckled. "It's difficult fighting me, huh? My Clan is the most powerful Clan of the Rain Country. You won't be able to beat me with Genjutsu alone…"

Sakura suddenly appeared in front of Akisa and quickly clobbered him, sending him straight into the wall… "Heh, I may not be as outstanding as you are… but at least I don't waste my time talking…" Sakura said as she watched Akisa sluggishly rising to his feet. 'I may not have the same strength as Tsunade, but I have found another way… by gathering Chakra into my fists and adding strength, instead of control. But it takes a lot of Chakra. It's worth it, though.' Sakura thought as she observed the bleeding mess that was Akisa's face.

"Damn you…" Akisa whispered. "How much strength do you possess!" He yelled as he changed both his hands into water and splashed it into his face. 'If my body wasn't already mostly water, that blow would've been even more painful…'

Sakura smirked. 'He needs time to change his body into water… Not much, but still a little; enough to catch him off guard.'

Akisa's eyes widened as Sakura appeared to his left, quickly grabbed his left leg and threw him into the wall again. Sakura inwardly groaned as she saw Akisa quickly forming himself into water again, making the impact on the wall insignificant to him.

Sakura put both her hands together and closed her eyes. 'I still have my Gihou Uzu activated… So…'

Akisa's eyes widened as he saw Sakura do a few handseals and yell. "Gihou Uzu, Rakurai no Jutsu!" He saw lightning bolts being shot out of Sakura's palms, towards him. He quickly ran to the left and right, avoiding them at all costs.

And then, Sakura gathered a lot of Chakra into her right fist and punched Akisa in the stomach with all her might. Akisa looked very surprised as the lightning orbs actually hit Sakura, but… also saw them pass through her. 'G-genjutsu…'

That was his last thought as Akisa again was slammed into the wall, courtesy of Sakura's fist. Sakura smirked at her victory. 'He believed the illusion again, since I was doing handseals this time… But he was too afraid of the electric technique, so he forgot to pay attention to me. He was also too afraid to form his body into water, because then the attack would hurt him even more. And so, I could hit him fully…'

Naruto yelled at the top of his lungs as Sakura was walking up the stairs towards the waiting room. "Hell Yeah, Sakura-chan!"

Sasuke looked mildly impressed at the hole in the wall, where the medics were pulling Akisa out of. 'Her strength is pretty high…'

"Nice job, Sakura! Though you did take your time… were you afraid?" Ino asked as Sakura stepped into the waiting room.

"Ha! Afraid of some guy who can change into water? That was so easy!" Sakura boasted as she stepped past Naruto, Neji, Gaara and Sasuke with her chin held up high.

Shikamaru grinned and shook his head at how easy Chouji had defeated his opponent in the next battle. He remembered how easily some Sound-nin had defeated Chouji in the very first Chuunin Exam they had taken. But now, Chouji just beat the record of fastest victory…

Chouji did his Partial Multi-size from the start and shot his arm forward, grabbed his opponent's head and rammed him through one of the walls of the arena… His opponent was instantly out cold. It was strange, since everyone expected a Kawarimi or something of the sort, but when nothing happened and Chouji released his opponent, he just fell unconscious. Chouji won the match.

Naruto grinned at the young man who stood next to him. "Heh, it's your turn now, Uchiha. Your opponent is Kiba. I heard he has improved a lot in past few years, too…"

Sasuke shrugged. "I can predict everything. I'll defeat the Inuzuka easily."

"Don't get cocky, you arrogant bastard!" Kiba suddenly screamed as he was already standing in the centre of the arena. His hearing was better than the average hearing. "Just get down here and get embarrassed already!"

Naruto chuckled as Sasuke snorted and jumped towards Kiba and Kakashi, the referee.

"I want to do this quick." Sasuke said as he stared Kiba down, Sharingan not activated yet.

Kiba grinned and folded his arms. "Don't worry; I'll defeat you fast then!"

Kakashi stared at the two Chuunins, before he announced the start of the match. "Then… Begin!"

Kiba immediately jumped backwards, performing a few handseals and addressed his dog. "Akamaru! Juujin Bunshin!" Kiba grinned at Sasuke as he finished his handseals. "Shikakyuu no Jutsu!"

Sasuke activated his Sharingan and observed the Chakra around Kiba. 'He's using Chakra to make himself more powerful and faster… His dog…' He thought as he saw that Akamaru had changed into a perfect replica of Kiba. 'is quite the same…'

Sasuke's eyes narrowed as Akamaru and Kiba both did handseals. 'Impressive, the dog knows how to do handseals in that form…'

"Gekido, Kyouran Kougeki!" Kiba yelled, for both him and Akamaru.

Sasuke prepared himself as the amount of Chakra around Kiba and Akamaru increased even further. 'What will he do with so much Chakra?'

Sasuke's eyes widened as both Kiba and Akamaru suddenly disappeared. 'They're both very fast, too…' Sasuke suddenly ducked and watched one of the Kibas flail passed him. 'But I can easily keep up with this speed…'

Sasuke jumped over a spinning Kiba who was yelling "Gatsuuga!", but in mid-air, he noticed that the other Kiba was doing the same thing, only this time Sasuke wouldn't be able to dodge… So instead, he quickly did a few handseals and fired off "Katon, Ryuuka no Jutsu!"

Sasuke's eyes widened as the Kiba simply continued through the fire and slashed across Sasuke's right arm and shoulder. As Sasuke fell down, the second Kiba hit him again with another "Gatsuuga!"

Both Kibas were standing still again when Sasuke got up. "Those hits were luck from your part… I will not let you hit me again…"

The real Kiba chuckled and beckoned for the Uchiha to come and attack him. "We'll see about that!"

Sasuke disappeared and watched, or rather, predicted one of the Kiba's movements and acted by interfering and knocking the Kiba into the wall. The real Kiba snarled. "Akamaru, you okay!" Kiba glared Sasuke down. "I don't want to play too much with you, Sasuke… Let's finish this fast."

Sasuke nodded his head and slipped into a Taijutsu stance, similar to Lee and Gai's. "I couldn't agree more…"

Kiba jumped towards Akamaru and threw a smoke ball at his own feet as he landed. "Let's do it, Akamaru!"

Sasuke saw a huge amount of Chakra being gathered through the smoke with his Sharingan.

"Tourou!" And an instant later… "Ni, Garouga Sankontessou!"

Sasuke's eyes widened as he saw two huge white wolves spinning wildly through the air towards him, but another strange thing was that there were yellow clouds of Chakra, in the shape of claws, shooting out from the two spinning forms as well… And all of them were headed towards him… 'Destructive power… This Jutsu is very useful, but I can't copy it.' The young Uchiha thought as he leaped backwards, avoiding being hit by dozens of Chakra blasts coming from Kiba and Akamaru.

Sasuke jumped to the wall and launched himself to the other side of the arena, aiming to lose the approaching Kiba and Akamaru… 'Damn… even when spinning like that, it seems they know where I'm going!'

Kiba, while spinning, was barely able to grin as he pursued the Uchiha… 'Heh, the pee marking isn't needed anymore, since our noses have developed perfectly now… But the Uchiha, he can predict our movements with that Sharingan of his… That's really difficult to deal with…' Kiba stopped spinning and landed on the ground. Akamaru shortly followed afterwards and landed next to his master, both were still two huge white wolves. "We won't do Soutourou until we are sure we'll hit him… For now… do the Extreme Dynamic Air Marking, Akamaru!"

The duo jumped high and started spinning again. Akamaru was going in a different reaction than Kiba, as Kiba was simply heading for Sasuke. "This time we'll hit you, Sasuke!"

Sasuke snorted and performed a few handseals. "Hyouton, Hyouketsu no Jutsu!"

The Ice Beam coming out of Sasuke's mouth didn't miss its target. Kiba was breaking through the Ice Beam with his attack, but he slowing down and after a few seconds, he came to a stop and fell to the ground, only to fall with his huge head on Sasuke's right foot. Kiba failed to notice that Sasuke was doing another set of handseals. "Katon, Housenka no Jutsu!"

Kiba growled in pain as Sasuke hit him with five Fireballs. Sasuke narrowed his eyes as Akamaru was spinning above him, and then, his eyes widened as it started… raining? Sasuke looked very disgusted as he found out it was Akamaru's pee… Looking around him, he saw that the entire area was covered in it…

Inwardly groaning, Sasuke planned to jump away, but felt something pull at his legs, denying him to jump. Looking down he saw he was plastered to the ground… 'Damn, that pee has this purpose?' Sasuke thought, while behind him, a massive spinning Akamaru was approaching him. Turning his head, he was just in time to realise he was going to get hit…

Falling on his back, Sasuke gritted his teeth as he tried to stand up again. 'Damn this… Sticky… I need to get up!'


Sasuke forced himself to look up and was able to lift his neck… to see a one Two-headed wolf instead of two white wolves. 'They merged?'

"You can't get loose from Akamaru's special pee easily! We'll hit you full force now!" The Two-headed Wolf jumped and descended towards an unmoving Sasuke, as he was stuck to the ground… "Garouga!"

Everyone present felt the tremble in the ground as Kiba's and Akamaru's attack hit their target and rammed him through the ground…

There was a complete silence as everyone was waiting for the smoke to diminish… And then, through the smoke, the crowd witnessed as the huge Two-Headed Wolf was flung against the wall. Naruto shook his head as he saw that Sasuke had activated his Curse Seal to level one. 'Heh, without that Curse Seal, he would have seriously been injured…'

"Ni, Raikiri!" Sasuke yelled as he hovered above the confused Wolf and threw both his small orbs of Lightning towards it…

The Wolf howled in pain and suddenly erupted into smoke. As Sasuke landed, he saw both Kiba and Akamaru again, both in their normal form… 'Ah, it puts stress on them when they're in that state… So being hit means more pain than usual to them… Still…' Sasuke thought as he slightly panted. 'They managed to hurt me pretty badly…' Sasuke turned back to his normal form as he deactivated his Curse Seal again… "They've used a lot of Chakra already… Kakashi, they're out…"

As Sasuke appeared next to him, Naruto shook his head. "Heh, Dog Boy has become pretty strong, huh? Forcing you to use your Curse Seal, even if it's just level One…" Naruto said with a grin.

Sasuke stared Naruto for one full second and snorted. "I won and that's all that matters for now…" He let out as he walked passed the blonde Shinobi. 'Hmm, ever since I left Orochimaru, using the Curse Seal hurts me even more…'

Naruto and Sasuke both noticed the two next Shinobis hopping down to the arena, preparing for the next match. "Ino's next!" Naruto half-yelled as he walked up to Sakura, who was leaning over the railing overlooking the arena. "She'll do fine!"

Sakura nodded. "Yes… Ino's as skilled as I am!"

Naruto grinned and observed Ino's opponent. 'She's a Sand Shinobi, as her headband indicates… but… Her Chakra seems to be affecting the stones she's standing on…'

Naruto glanced to his right to see Neji standing next to him. "The black-haired girl is Keiko Akeru, a Sand nin, but she's originally from the Stone Village. I did a mission with her; her entire body is made out of stone…"

Naruto nodded. "I see… There are pretty interesting people here."

Neji shook his head. "The girl is rather… weak. She has little Chakra and her techniques are kind of… obvious."

Naruto sighed. "Well, already being stronger than Shinobis like Jiraiya, who can expect real challenges in a Jounin Exam?"

Neji shrugged. "The only matches I'll have to worry about are with you, Gaara and possibly Uchiha Sasuke…"

Naruto chuckled. "Better be careful, he might pull a Curse Seal on you…"

Neji grinned and shrugged again. "I have some new techniques too…"

Ino's battle with Keiko was really short… The Kusanagi Sword was powerful enough to cut through any Stone Keiko threw at her and when Keiko wanted to physically attack Ino instead, Ino activated her Shintenshin Shield and effectively got control of Keiko's body, making the black-haired girl give up.

Naruto shook his head as Ino took the stairs back to the waiting room. "Damn, what a boring match…"

"Still, Ino has some effective Jutsus… I don't think Lee can defeat her, as she has a perfect defense for physical attacks." Neji commented as Ino returned. "Distance attacks are the only way you can defeat her…"

Naruto shrugged. "There are always more ways than one, I say… Anyway, it's your turn, Neji! Have fun out there!"

Neji smiled and jumped down…

Naruto and Gaara looked at each other and then back at the arena as both of them were smiling. They did a few sparring matches when they arrived in Sand, but all of them hadn't gone all out. So now they were very interested in the upcoming match.

Neji narrowed his eyes at his opponent. 'There is a strange Chakra surrounding her…' Neji closed his eyes and remembered the summary of Sand Shinobis Gaara had given him, Naruto and Sasuke when they had arrived in this Village. 'The Shinobi with the Stones has already fought and this one is a girl. The other male Sand Shinobi had control over Wind, so this is the girl with control over bacteria…'

"Begin." Kakashi said and slowly walked backwards to give the two Shinobis more space.

Neji already had his Byakugan activated and noticed that his opponent was already sending all kinds of bacteria at him. 'Heh, it seems she has never faced a Hyuga before…'

"Hakkeshou… Kaiten!" The young Hyuga said as he started spinning, knocking everything approaching him away.

Maya Robuki, Neji's opponent, was slightly surprised and made many bacteria surround Neji. 'His body is completely healthy… Nothing but the usual bacterias are wandering on his body…' She observed as Neji had stopped spinning. 'I'll have to get rid of those, because those certain bacteria actually protect his body…'

"Done observing?" Neji suddenly spoke up as he appeared behind Maya. "My Byakugan sees everything… So those germs surrounding me I had already noticed during my Heavenly Spin. This battle is over… You are within the field of my Hakke…"

Neji narrowed his eyes a little and realized his normal 64-points attack wouldn't work… 'I can easily hit all her Tenketsus… but her Chakra flows through the bacteria in and around her… It's best to use the Gentle Fist 64 Combo, then… It could mean death, but I don't think this woman is that weak…' Neji prepared to move, while his opponent stared him down and braced herself. 'The 64 Combo hits all of her organs several times and she won't be able to breathe unless a medic-nin comes in…'

Neji snorted as Maya jumped backwards. "You hesitate too much!"

Neji smirked as he moved to attack… 'No worries… Once my Field of Hakke is activated, everything moves in slow motion to me…'

Maya was silent as Neji attacked…

"Well damn… That was even more boring than Ino's match!" Naruto yelled at Neji, who was standing in the centre of the arena, towering above an unconscious Maya.

Neji shook his head and in a split second, appeared behind Naruto again. "Hm, it was easy… She was obviously underestimating my skill…"

Sasuke shrugged. "Odd that she doesn't know about the Byakugan. Still, she has a useful skill…"

Neji and Naruto nodded and watched Hinata jump down to face the remaining Sand Shinobi.

"Hyuga Hinata… She's facing one of a powerful Bloodline from the Sand… Dorei… They control the wind around them…" Gaara softly whispered, but everyone heard it. "Hyugas are mostly defensive… While Odei is all offensive, but his defense can be hard to penetrate for someone without any distance attacks…"

Naruto grinned. "Heh, Hinata-chan has plenty of distance attacks…" He said, while Neji added a nod.

Orochimaru was slowly moving towards a small cottage in the middle of the night. As he opened the door he found himself face to face with five other persons.

"You look tired, Orochimaru-sama…"

Orochimaru immediately glared at the one that had spoken. "I encountered someone interesting… Someone strong enough to harm me… We're moving out tomorrow… My five horsemen."

"Yes, Orochimaru-sama." All five answered.

Orochimaru grinned and looked at his creations. All of them were very interesting and close to rivalling his own power, maybe even surpassing it… Perfecting the Edo-Tensei sure had its advantages… The Leaf would be in for a big surprise…


All right! Everything is according to plan! I've got a huge major ass surprise in store for you readers! I told you guys/girls before, Itachi will not be playing a major role in this book, but he'll be in the next. Orochimaru however, will be powerful villain this time around…

Hope you keep reading and enjoyed this chapter! PS: I know this one was short, but hey! I am way more busy with 'A Motion Too Far' lately…

Sakura's techniques: Gihou Uzu: Technique Swirl… She's in a Genjutsu Fighting Style where she can cast several Genjutsus at once… Takes Chakra, but Sakura has established a perfect level of Chakra Control…