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Chapter 1

Hyatt Ayasugi stared out the train window as the outside world passed
by quickly. She smiled at the thought of their destination. It was the
school's gigantic field trip. All juniors and seniors were going to head
to the countryside in the mountains and stay at a rental hotel. It was
the trip she had been waiting for forever.

Hyatt smiled as she turned to her fellow junior classmate and best
friend, Excel Excel. They were both girl students of the private school
of Tantemoko High. This school had separated classes from girls and
boys. (Basically, this was the first time the guys or girls were allowed
to hang with each other in public view.)

Hyatt rubbed her glasses with the white undershirt of the rose-colored
school uniform and glanced back at Excel. She was messing around with a
Popsicle stick but had suddenly frozen while glancing at someone up near
front. He was chatting with some friends. His hair was long and
gorgeous silver. His piercing yellow eyes were striking behind small
oval glasses. His custom blue uniform all neat and crisp with gloves.
He gave one glance at the blonde headed girl and flashed a grin. Excel
blushed and broke eye contact. Hyatt gave a confused look and turned
away to gaze out the window once more.

Elsewhere on the train was Watanabe Toru. He was just returning from
the food cart when a hand grabbed him and pulled him into a cabin on the

"What the-"he protested. But a hand closed over his mouth. He
glanced over to the owner of the hand and immediately bit it.

"Agh!!!" Iwata Norikuni cried out in pain as he shook his bitten hand.
Watanabe glared at him till he stifled his cries.

"Iwata! What do you want?" Watanabe asked his odd friend.

Iwata quickly silenced his painful whimpers and rubbed his forefinger
under his nose with a grin. He picked up a small paper bag and pulled
out a bottle of...

"I've got booze!!!" he cried in a loud voice.

Watanabe's eyes almost popped out of his head.

"What are you doing? If you get caught you'll get expelled!!!"

"Aw, relax, Watanabe..."

Suddenly the door of the cabin slid open and in the doorway was the
teacher...Mr. Sumiyoshi Daiworu.

(A/N: I cannot type out how he talks so forgive me!)

"What are you doing?" he asked.

Watanabe's face was priceless. As Iwata turned to him...booze in hand.

"Crap!" Iwata cried.

"Mr. Iwata? Give me it."

Iwata handed over the precious liquid over to the cruel teacher.

"Booze, eh?" He turned and stuck the bottle in his jacket. It seemed
as though he was going to walk away and Iwata let out a huge sigh when a
familiar voice filled his ears.

"Mr.Sumiyoshi, what's the matter?'

"Oh, no!" Iwata prepared for the worse. Principal Kapabu was in the
doorway in mere seconds.

"So 2 students drinking illegal substances on my field trip. I'm not
going to expel you...but now...you must face punishment. Latrine duty!"

Watanabe went blank for a second.

"Sir, it's not..." Watnabe tried to convince him of his innocence, to no

"Come, Mr. Watanabe, before punishment is raised to a worsened level."

Kapabu grabbed Iwata and Watanabe by the ear and headed off. While
walking, Iwata spotted the most beautiful girl in his life. The girl
glanced up at him. She smiled and he winked.

"What's your name?" he called to her as he was dragged past her. A faint
voice reached his ears.

"Miskai Matsuya."

- - - - - -- - - - -
Doctor Iwata and his assistant Nurse Fukuyoa were not the best team of
school medical faculty. The only reason they both wished to come was a
promise of an extra raise in their paychecks.

Dr. Iwata let out a breath of smoke as he watched a girl in her school
uniform pass by. He turned his head ever so slightly...


"Aw! God!" He held his head. The nurse put down the golf club and began
to reapply her makeup in her mirror.

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