You're Still the One

After the collapse of the factory, Amon disappeared and I went to stay with Nagira.

I didn't know anything about where Amon was or even if he was okay, but I knew that I loved him. Using that fact as my crutch I moved on with my life, but every day I would pray that he would walk through those doors and sweep me off my feet. This, of course, is not Amon's style.

One evening when I was having my usual talk with Michael he mentioned that he had found a way to track Amon's movements.

At first I didn't realize what that meant, but after it sank in I was ecstatic.

I could see Amon again!

I tried not to show my enthusiasm, but Michael knew me better. He then asked the unthinkable.

"You really love him don't you?"

At this point I wasn't ready to answer so I remained silent.

"Robin, are you still there?" I nodded my head but then realized that he couldn't see me, so I uttered a soft yes.

Michael went on to describe the patterns of his movements while I listened intently.

Before I left he whispered, "Please, Robin, be careful. Everyone has been worried sick about you."

I said my thanks and left quietly, not noticing Michael's disappointed sigh.

I walked down the alleyway that Michael had described. He had to be here!

I was then more desperate than ever to find him, and yet scared at the same time. I turned a sharp corner without looking up and ran into a tall, dark figure.

"I'm so sorry!" I quickly apologized when suddenly, I realized who it was.

Amon stood towering above me, his face unreadable, but a slight trace, almost unreadable to many, of anger, mixed with relief.

We stood in an apparent silence until he finally spoke.

"What are you doing here?" his eyes softened at my disappointed glance at the floor. A tear slid down my cheek as I replied.

"I.... I wanted to see.... you." I blushed at his questioning gaze.

Amon was stunned; nobody has ever actually hunted him down just to see him. He really didn't know how to reply.

Instead of saying anything, he pulled her into a loving embrace. He held me close for a few more moments before he released me and replied, " I missed you too."

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