Author's Note: This is the third story in a series beginning with "One Missing Artefact" in the Tomb Raider section. You don't have to have read it, I guess, but things might make a bit more sense it you have! I hope you enjoy it. Cheeky.

One Missing Tok'ra

Jacob Carter looked up in defiance at the Goa'uld standing in front of him. Despite being on his knees and being held by two guards, Jacob was still a fearsome sight. He had a strength and unsuppressible defiance that came from fighting for the freedom of his people. It was something that the Goa'uld didn't understand. Couldn't understand, because it was undeniably human.

"You dare think you can fool a God!" the Goa'uld roared. "You seek to corrupt those who rightfully worship me!"

"I seek only to take power away from a snake who only pretends to be a God!" Jacob snapped.

The Goa'uld hit him across the face, splitting Jacob's lip and causing the blood to drip down his chin. "I am a God!" he yelled, his eyes flashing white.

"No you're not." Jacob muttered.

:Careful love: Selmac said in his mind. :Do not anger him too much:

But fortunately the Goa'uld had not heard. "You are nothing but Tok'ra scum!" he continued. "Do you deny it?"

Jacob could see no use in denying the claim. "It is true. I am Tok'ra." He growled at the Goa'uld in front of him. "But I am also Tau'ri."

"Tau'ri!" The Goa'uld's eyes blazed again. "And Tok'ra. You should pay doubly then."

"Jaffa!" he snapped. "Take him out of my sight! He will pay for this later, until he wishes he had never been born!"

Sam was working in her lab when the klaxons went off. The past week had been peaceful, since Jack was on a vacation. The rest of the team had been enjoying some down time. Sam had spent all that time in her lab, running all the experiments she had been wanting to for ages. She knew Daniel had been overjoyed with time to do some translating – and accompanying one of the archaeological teams' off-world. Teal'c had spent his time with the free Jaffa.

As the alarms rang out, Sam got up and rushed towards the control room. "Unauthorised off-world activation." Sergeant Davis said as she entered.

Then he paused and looked up at the General. "It's the Tok'ra, sir."

"Open the iris." General Hammond ordered.

The iris opened and a serious looking Anise walked through, accompanied by another Tok'ra. General Hammond left to meet Anise in the gateroom, just as Daniel rushed up. "What's happening?" he asked.

"Anise decided to visit." Sam replied, following the General.

A while later they all sat in the debriefing room. "What brings you to Earth, Anise?" General Hammond asked.

Anise looked at him seriously. "Jacob Carter has been captured." She said in her disembodied voice. "The Tok'ra cannot spare anyone, so we came to you for help."

"Captured?" Sam repeated.

"He tried to infiltrate the System Lord Svarog's ranks, but was discovered." Anise explained.

"You said you didn't have enough personnel," General Hammond said. "But I take it you have a plan?"

"Yes." Anise nodded. "The reason we have no Tok'ra to spare is because recently we managed to capture Bastet. We are trying to keep her hidden so the other System Lords do not realise she has been captured, but it is taking all our resources."

The General raised his eyebrows in surprise. "You've captured Bastet?"

"Yes. Jacob Carter was supposed to tell you after he had completed his mission." Anise said.

"And when was that supposed to be?"

"Two days ago."

Hammond nodded. "What is your plan?"

"We believe the best course of action," Anise began, "is that someone should impersonate Bastet and propose a trade."

"What do we have to trade that Svarog would want?" Sam asked.

"Colonel Jack O'Neill."

"Are you crazy?" Daniel asked. "We can't just give Jack to a System Lord!"

Anise looked at him. "We weren't planning to. It is possible to obtain the trade and retain Colonel O'Neill's freedom."

Hammond looked at Sam. "Do you think you could do this?" he asked her.

Anise looked up sharply. "I'm sorry, General." She said. "But Major Carter cannot impersonate Bastet."

"Why not?"

"She does not have the correct physical colouring." Anise explained. "Svarog has dealt with Bastet in her current host. He will recognise the difference."

"What does Bastet look like?" Daniel asked.

Anise placed a small disk on the table and pressed a small button. A small holographic head popped up. "I am your goddess Bastet!" the hologram snarled in a disembodied voice.

General Hammond stared at the holographic head. She looked very familiar. "Do you know anyone who looks like this?" Anise asked.

"No, I..." the General trailed off. "Yes. Yes, we do."

"General?" Sam asked.

Hammond looked at Anise. "I suggest we continue this later." He said. "When Teal'c and the Colonel are present."

Anise nodded. "Of course."

"Major Carter, will you show Anise to the guest quarters?" Hammond asked.

"Yes, sir." There was a puzzled frown between her eyes.

She shot a puzzled look at Daniel, but he just shrugged. He didn't know what the General meant either. Hammond watched them leave before retreating to his office. He smiled as he did so. This was working out better that he had first thought. She would be perfect. He was still grinning when he dialled the number.