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A/N: Just a very short little ficlet!

The Condom???

"Oh come on Ron! Just try it on!" said Hermione. It was pouring rain outside.

"No! Why can't we just use one of the spells we learnt at school? Besides, who wants to wear some tight rubbery thing like this?"

"This is the Muggle way of protection, and I though since I am Muggle-born, then you should try doing it." Hermione explained to Ron. "Even Harry wears them!"

"I don't care what Harry does! I don't want to wear it!" Ron said. He wasn't very happy about Hermione trying to make him wear that thing. "It looks too tight!"

"Well it's supposed to be tight, or else it won't get the job done! We don't want to have an accident, now do we?"

"Why can't we just get it over with without that thing?" Ron said.

"Because I want to try it the Muggle way!!!" Hermione argued.

"Will it feel the same?"

"No, but at least it will keep you dry!!!" Hermione said. "JUST PUT ON THE FUCKING RAINCOAT, RON!!!!"