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Prologue: Raindrops

Soft raindrops fell onto her face, mixed with tears of her own. She didn't know which one was more, the endless tears, or the endless pain. The rainstorm was getting bigger, the raindrops falling harder, but she didn't care.
::Let it wash away my pain.::
But no matter how much rain fell on her, she kept on crying, silent tears dripping down one by one, and her heart kept on aching.

::Why did you leave? What went wrong? I gave you my heart, but you ripped it in half, walking away, with only pain to console me.::

She didn't think it was fair, and it wasn't. Life was simply just unfair, and painful when it came to love. She spread out her arms, welcoming the rain, her head lifted up towards the sky, as if seeking the remedy for her pain, for her broken heart, for her broken spirit, but there was none. The only remedy was him, but he was gone. He had walked out of her life forever. She gave a bitter laugh. He had wanted them to remain friends. But she couldn't bare it. She tried to, but she just couldn't. They were always together, him and his new girlfriend, kissing and hugging, lost in their own little world, like lovers. She was the witness of it all, and she couldn't bare it , for Yami and her were once like that. She gave another laugh. What was worse then him breaking her heart was him going behind her back, and falling in love with another woman. She smiled , a smile of tears. Tears of pain. Tears of anger. Tears of betrayal. The memory of when she found out still played in her head.

######Flashback ######

She drove home, feeling excited. Today was her 19th birthday, and Yami had called her and told her that he needed to talk to her and that he would meet at her house. She wondered what surprise he would give her this time. Last year for her 18th birthday, Yami had done the same thing he did today. He had called her and told her to come home. When she did, she was shocked and touched that there was a party waiting for her. He had planned the surprise party all for her. He also gave her a bouquet of red roses and a silver necklace with a sparkling diamond heart. She gasped at the beauty of the necklace. "Yami, how did you aff-"but was cut off with a loving kiss from her boyfriend. "Shhh.." Yami said, as he took the necklace and put it around her neck. "A beautiful gift for you, my princess." She felt warm and tingly all over. She loved the way he called her his princess. The way his stunning eyes sparkled with love when he looked at her, the way his voice sounded, gentle and soothing. Most important of all, she loved him. "Thank you Yami, it's a wonderful gift," she said and gave him an intimate hug. It was the best birthday she'd ever had. With these thoughts in mind, she drove home quickly.

However, when she got home, all was peaceful and quiet, and Yami was standing on her porch with a grim look on his face. "Yami, is something wrong?" she asked with a look a concern on her face. Yami looked up. "Tea, let's go inside and talk about this okay?" She nodded and opened the door, and the two of them went in.

He gave out a long sigh as he sat down on a couch, and his handsome face gave a frown as she joined him and sat beside him. "What is it Yami?" Tea asked. She didn't like the way Yami was acting. "We've been a couple... for 3 wonderful years," he said, looking straight ahead of her, instead of looking at her. "And...I love you, I really do, but lately..." he gave another sigh, "lately...I've felt...different about you and I think we should see other people," he said flatly. He said the last few sentences fast as if it would hurt her less. But it didn't. She turned and looked at him, her eyes showing hurt and anger. "So...you don't love me anymore?" she said in a low whisper, eyes brimming with tears that were dangerously close to spilling. He looked up into her eyes, and said, "Tea, you have it all wrong. I do love you. I care about you very much...but I'm not in love with you." "I see..." she said, her words betraying what she really thought.

::How could you not love me after all this time? I love you...I'm in love with you...How could you do this to me? Why did you wait til my birthday to tell me this? How cruel are you? Maybe...Maybe this is just some stupid, cruel joke.::

But she had only lied to herself, for when she looked into his beautiful, violet eyes, she saw only the truth. "What's her name?" she asked calmly. Yami was startled at the question. "Tea...please, this is hard enou-..." "WHAT'S her name?" she asked again in a louder voice, but amazingly was still calm. He gave a wary sigh and answered. "Khana. Her name is Khana." "Why did you wait until now to tell me this? Why not before? Did you...did you know her while we were still together? " She asked with a hint of anger in her voice. "...I didn't mean to keep it that long from you. Things just...got out of hand. I hope...that we can still be friends." And with those last few words, he walked out of her house. He walked out of her life, taking her heart with him. She sat there, saying and doing nothing, hearing him get in his car and leave, as silent tears dripped down her face. Then, suddenly, she gave an angry shout and tore the necklace from her neck. The necklace that he had given her. All of a sudden she felt such hate and anger and pain. All the feelings that she had bottled up inside her when he was there were all pouring out. She had turned over a table and knocked down stuff, and sat in the middle of all her destruction, crying and spilling the tears that had refused to reveal itself when he was there.

####End of flashback#######

It was now a month later, but Tea could still feel it all...the love...the betrayal...the pain. The brunette only stood there now, reminiscing of the love that she once had...the first and only love that she had. They were all gone now. Another woman had captured his heart, and in return hers was broken. There were no more tears to spill now, so she let the rain comfort her. For now, it was her only escape from pain.


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