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Chapter 5: Mind Games

A young brunette of 23 stepped out of the airplane and stepped into the Domino Airport, holding onto her two bags of luggage. She gave a small, sad smile as she looked out through the window, the sun shining brightly through it, signifying a beautiful summer day, but just like that, the smile was gone, replaced with an expressionless face.

/It's nice to be back/

She went outside, about to get a taxi, only to find tons of people waiting for a taxi just like her. /talk about a lucky day/ She gave a slight frown, thinking of how this delay was going to affect her schedule, but smirked when she saw the view to her left. There seemed to be a few men arguing over who would take the next taxi as it seemed that they all claimed to have been waiting there first. The young woman smiled as a plan came to her head, began walking towards the quarreling men.

"Excuse me, but I do think this is a waste of our time, why don't I just go first, and we just go from there," said a man with black, spiky hair.

Again the men broke out in anger at the man's statement.

"How dare he!" said one man.

"We'll show him!" said another.

But the man only smirked. "Come now, I really doubt you could take me on, so why don't we just leave it at that," he said, causing more sparks of anger.

"Why you arrogant bas-"

"Excuse me…"

All of a sudden the fighting stopped at the sound of a soft, feminine voice. They turned around to look at a young brunette. Silence quickly replaced the previous anger as the men took in her beauty.

Tea Gardner smirked at the men's glares, knowing all too well how she affected them, now all she had to do was speak. If she told them to jump, they would jump, she was just that confident in herself.

Tea put on her best sweet, innocent expression as she spoke.

"Excuse me, are…are all of you waiting for a taxi?"

The men merely nodded at the obvious question, not a word had come out of any of them yet.

/She looks so familiar/ thought the man with the black hair, his emerald eyes examining her flushed face and her gorgeous body.

"Oh…well, I've never been to Domino before…and I came to visit a long time friend…and I was going to meet her at a restaurant, but I'm afraid this taxi delay will prevent me from seeing her. Her lunch hour ends in 20 minutes and she's leaving tomorrow to go on some business trip and and I was hoping to catch her before she left...but I guess not... " She than gave a small laugh. "I'm so pathetic…it's not like you guys would care…"

The men watched her laugh bitterly as she looked up, her eyes full of unspoken sadness. As if on cue, a taxi came up.

The men looked at each other, than back at the sad, young

woman whose head at the moment was bowed down, not even looking at the taxi or asking any of them if she could go first. Surely a poor, innocent, beautiful woman should have all rights to go first.

"Miss…" a man in a blue suit called out softly, "Miss…" he stopped abruptly when she looked up, her beautiful face looking at him, "Miss…you can go ahead of us…it's alright, and I do hope you see your friend in time," he said as he opened the door for her. His heart gave a leap when she gave him a dazzling smile and her face shone with happiness. She started to go get her luggage when he stopped her. "No, Miss."

"Miss, I'll be happy to get the luggage for you."

"Many thanks," She said as she climbed inside the taxi.

While the men ran about trying to help her, the man with the black hair only stood there and smirked.

/She's got skills, I'll give her that, but not enough to trick this Duke Devlin./

/ Check and mate/

Tea smirked inwardly, climbing into the taxi. She was about to close the door, when a body stood in the way. She looked up into amused, emerald eyes.


Duke smirked as he saw a hint of irritation in her eyes.

"Well, Miss, since you're new in town, I'd thought I'd ride with you so I could show you where the restaurant that you're meeting your friend is at."

"But I-"

"Well, enough said, I'll go with you and that's that."

/The nerve of him/

Before she could say anything else, Duke had somehow pushed her over, climbed into the taxi with her, and closed the door, leaving a bunch of disagreeing men behind.

"Where to?" the taxi driver asked.

Tea told him her destination and Duke did the same.

There was a moment of awkward silence before Tea heard claps coming from the man.

She turned to look at him.

"Well done Miss, you played those men like the incompetent fools that they were," he said before he gave a small laugh."

"What…what are you talking about?" Tea said.

/Does…does he know/

He gave an arrogant smirk. "You know perfectly well what I'm talking about. That lame excuse of meeting your friend and that sadness act that you put out really did wonders in changing their minds."

Tea could only open her slightly in shock.

He continued smirking, "What? You didn't think you could trick this Duke Devlin did you? That is my name by the way. Duke Devlin's the name, deception's my game. Nice to meet you, and you are?"

/He hasn't changed one bit, and he doesn't even remember me! This is great/

Tea burst out laughing, causing Duke to give her a curious look.

"May I ask what it is that you find so amusing?" Duke asked.

Tea only continued laughing. "You really don't know who I am?" Tea said softly, amusement twinkling in her bright blue eyes."

"Am I supposed to?" Duke said, one eyebrow rising in curiosity.

The young woman laughed again. "Duke Devlin, you really haven't changed these past four years have you?"

Duke stared at the woman longer…brown hair, blue eyes, in his lifetime he had only known one person with that description…


"The one and only," Tea said, as she winked playfully.

She laughed when she saw his mouth form a small "o" of surprise.

/Tea? The peppy, friendship Tea? Could it really be/

Duke couldn't believe it. She had definitely grown into a woman these past two years. Her hair had grown a bit longer and her body had curves that were never there before, her skirt did nothing to hide her long, milky legs. Her eyes had definitely changed though, and they stood out the most now that he was observing her up close. They no longer held that sense of sweetness and innocence, but now held maturity and a hint of seductive playfulness. It was as if she was a totally new person.

Tea looked at the man before her as she noticed how much he had grown. His black, spiky hair was pulled back into a high ponytail like she had always seen him with. He had grown taller and since he was wearing a business suit, she could not tell how his muscles were, but she was pretty sure they were there. She almost gave a laugh as she noticed a pair of emerald orbs check her out.

"Like what you see?" Tea asked smirking.

Duke was snapped out of his trance when he heard her spoke, and instant shock went through his head when he heard what she said.

/No way…is…is she flirting with me? Is the goody-two-shoes, naïve Tea flirting? She had DEFINITELY changed./

Duke swallowed down the lump in his throat and could only stare at her in disbelief.

Tea stifled another laugh as she watched Duke's reaction. This was just too much for her.

/The next 10 minutes are going to be so much fun/

He continued staring at her as her eyes turned a dark sapphire. He watched her as she inched closer to him.

/What is she doing/ He thought nervously.

She watched him as she got closer and "accidentally" brushed her shoulders against his.

"Hmm…it's getting awfully hot these days don't you think?" She asked him in her most casual tone, as she took off her business jacket, revealing a sleeveless white top inside. She watched in amusement as she thought she saw him sweat and quickly glance away.

She then crossed her legs and stretched saying something about how long that plane trip had been and how it had cramped up her body muscles.

In truth, Duke Devlin had the tables turned on him. Never did he have to be in this situation with women. He was always the womanizer, leaving them all flustered and wanting more of his attention whether it be just verbal words or physical…aspects. Never in a million years had he expected to come back to Domino from a recent, successful business trip in America, expecting to see a woman making him sweat and Tea Gardner of all people, acting nothing like the Tea Gardner he knew four years ago before she went off to New York to pursue her dream of being in the top dance university.

"S-So…" Duke stuttered out as he tried to find ways to distract himself from the young woman before him, choosing to turn the other way and look especially when she took off her business jacket.

He thought he saw her grimace, but it was gone as fast as it had come.

She smiled at him. "Let's talk about you for now Mr. Devlin, how have you been?"

"Me? Well after I got my Masters in business, I opened up my own dugeon dice corporation, and I just travel around making business contracts with other major game corporations. I-"

He froze when he felt fingers brushing through his ponytail.

"Umm…what are you doing?" It wasn't as if no one had ever touched his hair before. It was just who was touching it right now that bothered him. He just couldn't get over the fact of how much she had changed over four years.

"Your hair…it's soft," she whispered, her being so close to him now that she could feel her warm breath caressing his neck, making him stiffen in return.

/Hmm, who knew hair could be spiky and soft.../ Tea mused quietly.

It was weird, besides his hair and the shoulder "incident" she had made no further physical contact, no kiss, no hug, nothing like that, and yet he felt all worked up and…excited.

/What the hell is going on/

"Tea.." he moaned softly, about to reach out to her, when the taxi came to an abrupt stop, snapping both out of the world that they had been in.

She watched him as his emerald eyes turn a deep lust-filled green, which she found to be even more beautiful, when suddenly she felt the taxi stop.

He watched her, wondering what she would do next.

She grabbed her jacket and leaned over to him, their faces mere inches away from each other, one feeling the heat radiating from the other.

"Well Mr. Devlin, it's been great seeing you again, if you ever want to…catch up, just look me up in the phone book, my number's still in there. Good-bye for now," She whispered tauntingly, and with that she was out the door.

He watched her as she paid the taxi driver, say something to him, before she smiled sweetly and walked towards her house as the driver carried her luggage.

Yes, Tea Gardner had definitely changed. She had gone from Miss Friendship to someone totally different…someone sexy, independent, and could wrap men around her elegant finger.

He shifted uncomfortably and cursed mentally as he looked down to find a certain…problem that Miss Gardner had left behind. Yes…she had changed, and he was all for it…

Tea Gardner smirked as she walked away from the taxi with the driver carrying her luggage behind her. Yes, she had talked him into helping her with her luggage along with paying him extra, but it didn't matter. The important thing was that she got what she wanted.

It was nice to be back home. She thought about what had happened earlier in the taxi and laughed. She had never expected Duke Devlin of all people to fall for her charms, but then again, she was pretty determined in getting what she wanted. She loved the way she could do these things to people…make them do what she wanted them to do…what did her friend call it?

Mind games…yes, that's what it was.

Tea had changed and she was loving it.

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