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"...And then I said to Palin, 'Did you hear what he called me? A thief!'"
The Heroes of the Lance, at least a few of them who had decided to take a stroll, were enjoying each other's company. Around them were gently rolling hills, trees that cast a cooling shade, flower fragrant breezes, and occasionally a drifting spirit, enjoying the peace.
Tanis smiled at Tas as the kender continued to rattle his story. Once, long ago, he might have felt impatient with the endearing kender. Now that they had all been able to live, if you could term it thus, in a world where there was only calmness and peace, he had come to understand Tasslehoff just a little better. Flint was shaking his head, muttering about what Tas should have done in the situation, although it was all in good humor. Although he would cut his beard before he admitted it, Flint enjoyed listening to Tasslehoff's crazy, exaggerated tales. They provided amusement and, depending on the story, loving and wistful memories (for Tas knew better than to talk of depressing things by now). Caramon, talking softly with Tika, the big man's arm wrapped snuggly around his wife. The two had a habit of breaking off from the topic of the group to reflect on personal things. None seemed to be offended by this and so it continued now and then. Tika had her head held high, a paragon of herself in her living youth. Caramon stared fondly at her before he sighed suddenly. The sigh was not one of love and admiration but rather, listlessness.
"What's the matter?" asked Tika, eyeing Caramon's expression. She had come to think that everyone in the afterlife was content and happy, as they should be. Instead, he sighed again.
"I guess I'm just bored," he mumbled. For a moment, he seemed conflicted with the words in his head before adding, "who would have thought the afterlife would be so dull?" Tanis regarded his companion with an amused and sympathetic expression.
"I know what you mean," he replied. And, indeed, he did. While every one of his friends had expressed utmost joy and happiness felt in this new realm, there was something missing. When he once expressed this with another friendly spirit, the other regarded him with curiosity. Never before had anyone expressed any discontent that was known in the afterlife. After much reflection, Tanis had reached a conclusion. Perhaps there was the possibility that some warriors came to miss the rush of youthful adventure. Despite the horrors and hardships of life, and the calm and serenity of afterlife, he couldn't help feel that there was more to be done. He said none of this, however, and merely laughed with a jest. "Though I would have thought Tas would be the first of us to become bored." Tas paused his storytelling and fidgeted.
"Well I am beginning to run out of stories," he confessed, although this was only a minor reason for his uncomfortable feeling. "But usually when that happens something interesting comes along!" Tas had always reasoned with optimism. In his philosophy, the world is only as bad as you choose to see it. His argument was quite deep and profound, involving complicated theories of perception. As this wasn't exactly how his way of thinking ran, he simply settled for cheerful sayings. As to something exciting always coming along... Well... Something did.
"Tas!" A shrill, happy voice split the air, seemingly reverberating from all angles. The companions looked around, wondering where it came from. Tanis had the disturbing feeling that it didn't come from around them, but from within, and this disconcerted him slightly. However, the second squeal of glee had definitely come from a direction. Up. Flint was the first to see her.
"By Reorx's beard," he whispered as a kendermaid daintily landed, folding her wings upon her back. Slightly smaller than Tas, the winged kender was dressed in average kender apparel for a female. Her shirt, made of cotton and died a pale blue, hung loosely on her frame and came tighter at the wrists. She wore a skirt that seemed cut of material died all colors imaginable, long enough to swish slightly below her calves. Her hair was hung in a ponytail (acceptable in replacement of a topknot, though not as regal appearing) streaming with ribbons of gold and silver. Her blue eyes sparkled lovingly at Tas. With an expression of fondness, the kendermaid rushed up and threw her arms around Tas's neck, squeezing tightly.
"Oh, Tas dear, I was worried I'd never find you in time," she murmured, leaving a barrage of kisses in her wake. At first too surprised to react; Tas eventually gathered his wits enough to hold the excited kendermaid and arm's length away from him. She was not deterred or offended, however, and flapped her wings happily a couple times. "I just got back from visiting the kids. I figured one of them would have seen you." Tanis blinked and looked slowly at Tas.
"What did you do in Kendermore that you didn't tell us about?" he asked, puzzled over Tas's bewildered expression.
"Nothing!" Tas squeaked. "I mean, nothing like this. I'm sure there are little things I didn't mention, like what I had for breakfast and the such."
"Who is she?" Fling asked suspiciously, peering at the kendermaid. "And why does the blasted kender have wings?" Tas stared intently at the squirming excited kender, his body still warm from her passionate kisses.
"I don't know," Tas answered. "I've never met her before." But even as he said this, he felt an odd twinge in the pit of his stomach. Noting her find laugh marks, smooth long hair, and fascinating wings, this was definitely a kendermaid he would like to get to know. She slowly stopped smiling; the look was replaced with one of confusion and hurt. Her sparkling golden eyes dulled as she stared back at Tas.
"It's me, Tas dear," she whimpered. "Dreamflight... You know? Your wife, mother to your children?" Tas's earlier warmth drained swiftly with a cold that chilled his blood.
"What? No!" he exclaimed. "You must be mistaken." Caramon stifled a chuckle at Tas's misery. Even Tanis found the situation highly amusing. Fling was, however, not as happy.
"Look here, lass," he growled sternly. "Tas has no wife or child. Quit your silly game before you say something you regret." Tas smiled and gave Flint a grateful look... Until Dreamflight burst into tears.
"Flint you made her cry!" Tika scolded, looking at the sobbing kender with pity and compassion. Tas, startled again, found himself putting his arms around her, trying to comfort her. He vaguely wondered why as he stroked her ponytail comfortingly.
"There, there," he said, fishing through his new pouches for a handkerchief. "Don't cry, we didn't mean to upset you." She nestled comfortingly against him, trying to contain her hiccups.
"It's not that," she sniffed. "I just realized I got my times mixed up. This is the beginning again. I was supposed to bring you to the stat of the adventure." Dreamflight was interrupted by a few hiccups. "Now I have to go through all the troubles of making you forget."
"I don't think we'll be likely to forget this," Caramon chuckled. Tanis had ceased to be amused after Dreamflight's ramblings.
"What are you talking about?" he demanded. "What adventure?" Dreamflight sniffed again and flattened her wings. She was amusing herself with Tas's topknot.
"Oh it's a long story," she sighed. There was a pause after this and her eyes seemed quite troubled, as though holding the world's sorrows. Quick to notice, Tanis assumed that it would have had to been long. "I'll sum it up by saying I'm a goddess who's found a life companion. Unfortunately, I took a wrong turn at the last time jump and have to start all over again." She bit her lower lip and scuffed a toe, a notorious marking of a kender who has told a large lie. All the companions stared at her in uncomfortable silence from her blasphemy.
"A goddess?" Flint repeated. Dreamflight nodded solemnly.
"Goddess of dreams, music, and creation," she quipped. "Twin sister of Chaos, Lord of everything and nothing. I am Dreams, Lady of everything and anything." Then as an afterthought, added, "that is, my brother can control everything and the void of nothingness. I share in the ability to control everything, but I also can control creation of things yet to be, or, anything that could be." All continued to stare.
"But you're a kender," Caramon ventured. She bristled, wings ruffling.
"Because I choose to be," she replied with dignity. "Something wrong with that?" When no one spoke, she continued. "Anyways, Tas should recognize me regardless. We're soul mates, after all, and since I'm not all zombified like I usually am when I'm in a time without Tas, something must have went right. When it doesn't, it's an awful mess. I suppose it has to do with my leaving my soul behind. Then one of my nieces or nephews has to come take me back to where I came from. Last time it was Takhisis, and boy was she mad!" Tas blinked, his curiosity rousing.
"You're Takhisis's aunt?" he asked. Dreamflight grinned and nodded. Tas thought this through from all angles. "Well if I'm you soul mate and we are married, that would make Paladine my nephew in law! Wait until I tell Fizban!" While he wasn't too ready to accept any notions of marriage and soulmates, he was quite eager to hold this over his old friend's head, if for nothing else, than a good laugh.
"What do you mean by soul mate?" Tika inquired, trying to understand the situation.
"I mean his soul and my soul are intertwined," Dreamflight explained. "I did it myself, actually. It really was necessary at the time. I just didn't know that it would be permanent through all times. I heard that it felt really nice, but I couldn't say. Mortals can't really move their souls around like a god can." Tas stared thoughtfully at her, feeling the twinge again. He began to sense a feeling of recognition and compassion for the odd kendermaid, wondering if what she said was true. While the others tried to comprehend the situation, Dreamflight snuggled against Tas, sighing contently. Experimentally, ignoring the feeling of ill manners in his conduct, he pecked her cheek. Beaming with love, she kissed him back. Warmth flooded him along with some other pleasurable feelings that made his heart swell a little and he held her tighter.
"Leave it to that doorknob to get a goddess to fall in love with him," Tas heard Flint remark under his breath. Reluctantly, Dreamflight pulled away from Tas and stepped back from the group.
"That doesn't matter now," she replied mournfully. We're going back to the beginning. Hold on tight!" Suddenly ablaze with immortal radiance, the chanting kender, casting an eerie shadow of a much larger figure in the shadow of her vivacity, was the last thing they saw before it all went dark.