Spongebob And Pringels (Spongebob Is Slepping) (Alarm Rings) Spongebob:Its Morning (Spongebob Goes to Patricks House) Patrick:Hi SB Spongebob;LetsGo To The Krusty Krab Patrick:ok Spongebob:Wait I Dont Have A Drivers Lisence Patrick:Then Go Get Your Driveres License (At Mrs.Puffs Boating School) Mrs.Puff:Spongebob You Are Getting Better Spongebob:Yep To Get That Drivers License (At The Finsh Line) Mrs.Puff:You Have Earned Your Drivers License Spongebob:Now To Drive Back To Patrick (At Patrick) Patrick:Congrats Now Lets Go To The Krusty Krab Spongebob:Hop In This Baby (At The Krusty Krab) Mr.Krabs;Hello Boys Since You Got Your Drivers License You Get A Krabby Patty For You And Your Best Friend Spongebob:Thanks Patrick:Lets Go Eat (They Eat At An Emty Table) Spongebob:Acordingg To My Watch Me And Patrick Have To Get To The Bargn Mart Mr.Krabs:Bye Spongebob Spongebob:Bye Mr.Krabs Patrick:Lets Get Into The Car Spongebob:Ok (At The Bargn Mart) Spongebob:Hmm Need More Snail Poo For Gary Spongebob:Look At That Pringels Chips So Dilsods Patrick:Dileisos Lets Buy It Spongebob:We Got Snail Po And Pringels Now Lets Go Home (At Home) Patrick:Lets Eat All Of It Spongebbo:Umm...Ok (They Eat All Of It) Spongebob In Sick Voice:Patrick Patrick In Sick Voice;Yes Spongebob In Sick Voice:Im Sick Sandy:Hi Boys What The What Is Wrong With You Spongebob In Sick Voice:We Are Sick Sandy:Don'tWorry I Will Take Care Of You. Chapter 2:Sandy Takes Care Sandy:Ill Take You To The Doctors Doctor:What Did You Eat Spongebob;Pringels Doctor:I Think I Have a cure Sandy:What Is It? Doctor:Go Get A Krabby Patty And This Medicen Spongebob:Ok Sandy Lets Go to the Krusty Krab (At The Krusty Krab) Mr.Krabs:A Krabby Patty Will Be $23 Sandy:We NEED IT SPONGEBOB IS SICK! Mr.Krabs:Ut Oh Here You Go 1 Kraby Patty Then Sandy:Hurry Before Your Sickness Get Infeticed Spongebob:Ok (He Eats It) Sandy:Hmm Now We Need That Medcin Mr.Krabs:Medicen? I Have It You pay 15$ Sandy:ok Spongebob:Then Lets Go To The Bank (at The Bank) Sandy:ill Get The Money (Back At The Krusty Krab) Sandy:Ok Here Is $15 Mr.Krabs:Ok Now This Is Your Medcen Sandy :Ok Lets Go Back To The House (At The Pinapple) Sandy:Drink It now You Guys Patrick&Spongebob:Ok (The Drink It) Spongebob:We Are Better Sandy:Now Lets Go To My Place For Fun THE END