Dark Princess
Chapter 1

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The black eyes stared at her through the window as she moved around in her small apartment complex. He had been watching her for a few weeks now. He had seen her at clubs laughing, dancing with each man that came up to her. This had become an obsession to him; he needed to stop this because he knew it was getting out of hand. His hunger had gotten the best of him earlier before he came to her. The small woman whom he had fed on struggled for her life ...it satisfied him more than anything to know that he had the charms on the female victims before he killed them...he smiled to himself with a dazed look spread across his face. This particular blue haired beauty seemed to be the best chase he had in a long while.

It was funny how humans were. They were so unaware of things going on around them like the unexplained deaths or the disappearances. Humans were useless and stupid creatures. The way the vampire charm worked was truly a charm. He chuckled darkly to himself as he thought about it. He was pretty good at the game of attracting and feasting on the fresh blood of a woman or maybe a man if he needed a quick bite. His dark eyes flashed with interest as they fell on the women he had been stalking for quite some time. His fang burst through the gums as he salivated.

Soon he would find her alone and take what he desired; blood. Her blood was like an addict's fix, the mere smell of the blood that drove him wild. His tongue ran over his lower lip as he visualized his mouth filling with the irony taste of the rich blood. Her vulgar pulsed and his need to sink his teeth into the soft skin of that vein was making him restless. This would be a great chance now to just go in there and take what he wanted so badly... No that wouldn't be right...she might end up dying because of this need. His control was lost in the blood lust at times, he knew this. He shook his head as the human emotions rose within him. What was wrong with him? He was not a soft individual. He killed without mercy and he played with the scum known as the human race. Yes that would be better, just meet her tomorrow night... somewhere ... yes that was it; he would meet her then. He would start this little relationship, make her love him, need him, and then he would take what he desired. His body shuddered with need.

"Till tomorrow... My dark Princess..." He whispered into the night as he jumped to the ground and in a slight blur his form disappeared into the darkness surrounding the apartment complex.

She looked around the room and felt a cold breeze flowing through the open window as she took off her reading glasses and put them back in her case. She stretched her back and sighed dramatically.

"Oh for the love of God... I have been up too long." She was exhausted from the night before. A royal hangover had really kicked her rear-end. She felt like she had been hit by a train. But I guess that is what she deserved after getting her fill of long island ice teas, lemon drop shots, and lord only knows what else she friends were sending her way. She guessed it was nice to be shown that kind of attention even though it did hurt the next day and she was paying homage to the porcelain god all night long.

She had been out drinking and dancing with her friends and it showed in her face. Bulma picked up her phone and took note that it was only 10 pm. She set down the phone on the night stand and let her head fall back on the pillow. She wiggled to get comfortable.

It was her 21st birthday weekend and her friends had wanted to take her out to bars to celebrate her coming of age, the age on which she was finally able to legally drink. She just loved her best friends Chichi and Eighteen, they were great to her. They really like to make the date special for her. She would gladly do it for them. They were like sisters.

Bulma smiled softly and looked around the room as she tried to relax. The lights flickered and her eyebrows furrowed some. She pushed her body up with her hands and looked out her window. A gust of cool air burst through, blowing her blue strands of hair over her face. She pushed her hair from her eyes. There was no storm, but there could be one coming in. The lights normally didn't flicker. Bulma shook her head and chuckled softly knowing she was just freaking herself out. Her mind started to wander and she stood up to shut off the hall way light leading to the living room and kitchen area of her apartment. She couldn't help but remember the eerie feeling of eyes on her as her friends walked her home. She couldn't find where those eyes were coming from, but she knew she was being watched. She shook her head and walked back to the bedroom and hopped onto her bed and snuggled under the covers.

She let out a blood curdling shriek as she felt sharp needles cling to her arm. She winced and looked down at the golden eyes of her cat as it mewled happily and then snuggled close to his owner "Snickers, you stupid cat. You really need to quit doing that or I am going to give you to those dogs down the street!" She scolded the cat. Suddenly, the cat's fur spiked straight up and he started hissing loudly at the open window. Her blue eyes lifted some and looked to the window. A cold chill ran down her spine and she sighed softly thinking about her paranoia the other night when walking home.

"What is Snick?" her brow scrunched as she looked at the window. She brushed off her fear instantly and quickly or she would most definitely be up all night because of this obnoxious fear the other night.

"Well, whatever it was I think we need to get to bed... what do you think?" Bulma asked the cat as it still hissed. She pushed the covers off her legs and stood quickly making her way to the open windows.

Bulma turned on the overhead ceiling fan and walked quietly over to her French windows and closed them, not remembering to lock the doors. She walked to her adjoining bathroom and washed her face clean of the perspiration that had built up during the day. Her mind wandered to the upcoming project that was due for her human biology course. This was the biggest project of the semester and she absolutely could not bomb it. She hands lathered the soap on her face and she ran her fingers over her skin gently to remove the make-up. She grabbed around for a towel but stopped when she thought she heard something coming from the bed room. She listened closely but the noise cut as she finally grabbed the towel and was able to see once again. She peered into the bedroom. Bulma turned back to the sink. She lifted her eyes to the mirror before her.

Bulma leaned in and touched the skin of her face and looked in the mirror. As she stared at her reflection, she noticed that her window was now open again. Her eyes widen in surprise and she quickly turned to face the doorway. She slowly made her way into the bedroom. The cat was now calm and laying on her pillow purring happily. She moved to the window quickly and slammed it closed. She flinched at the loud noise and quickly locked it this time. She took a few steps back from the window and looks over her shoulder. Her eyes made a quick scan of the room once again and she made her way to the bed. Her legs disappeared beneath the sheets. Bulma pulled the covers up to her chin and she relaxed. She reached over and clicked the lamp off and closed her eyes.

In the closet, a pair of black eyes watched her soft movements as she slept. When Vegeta knew she was asleep, he pushed the closet door open slowly revealing himself. A soft evil grin was on his lips as he moved silently to her side. He tilted his head to the side and looked upon the soft features of her face. Reaching down, Vegeta placed a hand on her forehead and chanted a few words, willing her to stay asleep. He knew he shouldn't be here in her room as before he had to force himself away from this very apartment. He placed his hands on either side of her body and bent down to take in her scent. She smelled wonderful... of all the women and vampires alike; he had never smelled anything so fresh. She turned her head to the side as he moved his hand over her face just close enough to feel the heat coming from her skin. Vegeta licked his lips and ever so lightly touched her jaw moving her head to the side giving him a beautiful view of the creamy complexion of her neck.

He bent down and shot his tongue out to caress her jugular vein that was pulsing with each beat of her heart. His fangs slowly burst through the flesh of his gums. His eyes burned red feeling the blood lust come to the surface. Leaning in and kissing the soft flesh of her neck, Vegeta opened his mouth and none too lightly bit down on her vulgar taking gulps of rich blood into him mouth. He lets his concentration from Bulma fade as his body shuddered with pleasure. Her body moved some under him as his vampire charm wore off.

Bulma's eyes snapped open in shock as she grabbed the creature that was biting her. She shrieked loudly and clutched at the creature that was feasting at her neck. The pain was surprising and painful. She felt the blood drain from her face and her body growing weak. His body pressed her into the bed holding her down as he continued to greedily feed. Her hands could no long fight even though it was a feeble attempt. Her breathing slowed as well as her heartbeat. She felt his body left up on her and his teeth pull from her neck. Vegeta felt blood trickle from his lower lip as he pulled up to get a better look at her face.

She couldn't make out a face her vision was blurred, so she spoke instead. "Who are you?" her voice was very shaky because of her blood loss, but it wasn't enough to kill her.

"Sleep my dark Princess." Her grinned as he said to her. He leaned in and kissed her lips. She could taste her own blood in her mouth as she kissed him back. His tongue dipped into her mouth. He pulled back and whispered once again, "Sleep…"

Bulma passed out on command. Her body felt like it was floating even in sleep only to wake wondering if this living nightmare was real.

Bulma woke to the sound of her alarm going off. She moaned softly and felt her heavily eyelids open to be blinded by the sun. She slammed a hand on her alarm clock, quieting the blasted thing. Bulma rolled to her belly and buried her face into the pillow. Her hands moved under the pillow to support her face as she basked in the cool sheets. She felt even worse than the other day and she didn't even drink this time.

Her head snapped up and she gasped. Her body scurried up to the head board and she felt her neck. She felt absolutely nothing on her neck. She sighed softly and felt relieved to know it was just a dream, "That was so real…" she whispered softly. She closed her eyes and breathed in and out slowly as her hand rested on her neck.

Bulma finally pushed herself off her body and moved to the bathroom to get ready for class, completely missing the blood droplets on her pillow.

She got into her car and drove to class making sure to find a good spot designated to her parking pass. As she pushed open the door with her foot and paused to reach into her purse and pulled out her compact mirror looked over her face, taking note of her bloodshot eyes and the broken blood vessels around her eyes. She frowned deeply as she knew that was very odd wondering what kind of nightmare broke blood vessels. Bulma reached into her backseat and snatched up her bag and stepped out of her car shutting the door carefully. She walked to class looking around her nervously still shaken up about her dream.

A little while after getting to her morning class and getting comfortable in her desk as well as getting out her books and assignments, Chichi entered the class.

"Hey Bulma!" She said as she excitedly moved to sit next to her friend. Chi set her bag down and leaned back into the chair.

"Oh, hey Chi what are you up to?" She said, still going through all her papers as well as skimming the chapter that was supposed to be read for today.

"Nothing much, I am just waiting for Goku to text me... he hasn't texted me since last night." She said while resting her head against her hand. Bulma glanced over looking at her friend noticed the apparent distress. She smiled and closed her book turning to face her friend giving her that look.

"Chi, you know Goku… he has the memory of a damn fish. I honestly don't know what you see in the man. I mean is guess he is a nice guy. He will call…stop worrying" She leaned over to place a hand on her friends to show her support.

"Yea I guess. I really think he is the one, Bulma." She looked love struck and at a ridiculous look on her face. Bulma couldn't help but laugh at her friend's obsession with this guy, "I am serious!" Chichi swatted at her and then crossed her arms over her chest, looking away from her friend as she laughed softly at her.

Bulma grew serious and turned to face the front of the class her professor walked in with his brief case and started to write frantically on the board. This man never took his time, obviously a professor here to publish. She took out her notebook and began to write down what was being said concentrating on the man as he taught his lesson.

Class was a long hour and fifteen minutes. She had to keep her sleep deprived body from dozing off on the desk a couple times. She quickly packed up her books and notes and walked to the exit with Chi on her arm. She smiled and then finally spoke up, "I had the weirdest dream last night, Chi." She glanced her friend's way and gripped onto her friends arm tighter as they exited the hall.

"Oh? What was this dream about, hm?" She pried with a deep grin on her rosy lips. Chichi felt her own cheeks blush, "Don't tell me it was a beautifully built model with dark eyes…" Chichi was cut off by an elbow to the gut.

"No Chichi I am serious ... last night I had a crazy vampire like dream. This guy was in my room. It was my room Chi. It felt so real, I could feel….I could feel my body dying as he drained my blood from my body" Bulma lifted her hand to her neck remembering the fangs very well as they had actually bit through that sensitive area.

"It was only a dream, Bulma," She placed a hand on her friends shoulder, "Don't worry so much. It will be alright. I have had plenty of dreams what made me feel as if I was actually there." She gave Bulma a tight hug and chuckled seeing how scared the dream made Bulma.

"I am sorry I brought it up, I know I sound absoulutly silly. I just needed to talk to someone about it. You were the first person I saw, and I know eighteen would just make fun of me." Bulma chuckles softly and places a hand on her forhead.

"Bulma hun, all you need is a little rest...all right?" She said and softly patted her friend's back, "Remind me to never allow you to drink that much in one weekend again." Bulma grinned playfully at her friend and they continued to walk to their next class of the day.

When the golden sun set in the west as the creatures of the night grew restless in the cemetery. This dark and decaying place was the resting place for vampires in West City. These certain tunnels were the tombs of those forgotten in overtime and hundreds of years old. This was a place which no mortal knew about and or survived if stumbled upon.

The coffin's stone lid lifted in midair and slowly dropped to the ground. Inside the tomb were Vegeta and his two Vampire brides. His dark eyes snapped open as he was instantly awake. He looked to either side of him and whispered to the beauties. Their eyes opened slowly and each caresses their hands up his bare chest. He puffed his chest and sighed deeply. These two women have been around for quite a long time. He did not love them, but they provided companionship. He had another long ago, but he hadn't brought himself to find another to replace that void.

"Get up...we need to feed." He smiled at Nora and ran his tongue over her full lips as his hand caressed down her body to grip the curve of her backside. He just wanted to lay there and feel their hands on him, but as quickly as he had awakened he could sense the women he fed from the night before. Her blood traveled through his strong body as if he had just fed from her. His body started to awaken more at the thought of her blood on his tongue.

"Nora stop, Rosalie stop…we must get up, now." He told them giving them each a hard smack on the backside.

Rosalie leaned in and bite his lower lip lapping at the blood, "Do we have to?" she purred softly again his mouth, dragging her tongue over the droplets of blood.

"No I am hungry, and if you want to see the surprise I am going to bring you later tonight, then I suggest you get up.

"Yes my love" They both answered him and in the blink of an eye they blurred and were standing naked before him out of the coffin.

Vegeta chuckled seeing their playfulness. He stood normally and stepped out of the coffin. He stretched his long, well-formed legs and opened his arms to the girls. The mewled and scurried to his open arms.

'Tonight my little princess...tonight...' He thought to himself as he held his brides close to his bare chest. His eye burned red with desire for this blue haired woman.

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