Chapter 1

"Lily! Hurry or we'll be bloody late for the train!"

"Don't worry James! We'll be fine. We have ten minuets!"

"Well Lils, it would help if your watch was right! We have three minuets!"

Lily looked up at the clock. Now she remembered, she turned her watch seven minuets back instead of forward. "That was stupid. Hold on James!"

Lily Evans, and James Potter are in their seventh, and last, year of Hogwarts. School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. James made it to platform nine and ¾. Lily hurriedly caught up with James, and they both went through the platform. They set their luggage racks by the luggage man, and went onto the train. There they searched for the compartment with the other Marauders. Finally finding it, they sat down before the train began to move. (A/N: The Marauder's are Remus Lupin/Moony, James Potter/Prongs, Peter Pettigrew/Wormtail, and my favorite Sirius Black/Padfoot, more about names later!)

"What took you so long, Prongs?" Sirius asked.

"Well Sirius, if little miss perfect Lily hadn't switched her watch eight minuets back..."

"Seven." Lily corrected him after correcting her watch.

"Point taken. How was your summer?" Sirius asked.

"Same old, Same old. Lily came over for the last week, so she could get supplies. Oh and I'm head boy, and Lily is head girl." James stated pulling out his badge.

"I didn't know that Lily was head girl. Why didn't you owl us?" Remus asked.

"Sorry I couldn't. You know my father, he won't let me owl anyone, and I was too busy at James's to owl you. Sorry." She said.

Everyone's eyebrows went up. Except James, and Lily.

"Busy eh? Never knew you had it in you James, and Lily! We should nickname you Miss Naughty Naughty!" Sirius said.

Lily blushed and James punched Sirius in the arm. Everyone laughed which turned into coughing fits. James looked around.

"Hey Moony, where's Wormtail?" He asked.

"With his new girlfriend, Betty-sue or something..." He said. Sirius sniggered.

"What's so funny, Padfoot?" James asked.

"She is butt-ugly!" He said.

Lily looked at him.

"That's mean!" She said.

"You should see her!" Sirius argued. Just on cue, the door opened. Peter Pettigrew and his girlfriend Betty-sue Kingsling came in. James and Lily held their breath. She had so many pimples and hair on her chin. She was twice as big as Peter.... Almost tripled! She had braces, and thick glasses, tripled the thickness than James's glasses! James felt so sick; Lily had to turn away.

"Hello everyone! James, and Lily meet Betty-sue Kingsling!" He said.

"Hullo, everyone." You could have mistaken her for a man! Her voice was so low! Remus looked at how many seats were left. Thanking God there was only two left, but Betty-sue need a lot of room.

"Um...Peter? Not to be mean but there is only one seat left, Sorry." He said as polity as he could. Peter shook his head and smiled.

"Don't worry! I already have a compartment saved for us." He said winking. Lily was lucky she turned her head, but the face Sirius made, made her feel disgusted. He left leaving everyone feeling sick in some way. There was an odd silence, and Sirius broke it.

"I told you." That's all he said before everyone cracked up. James was rolling on the ground laughing with tears in his eyes. Remus was holding his sides, laughing. Lily was giggling. And Sirius put his legs on the seat, where James was sitting. He smiled and faked slept. James stood up and pushed his legs down, but he put them back up. James then pulled out his wand. Sirius couldn't see him because he was "Sleeping".

"Patrificus Totalus!" He said. Sirius opened his eyes, and couldn't move. James then easily pushed him off, not reversing the spell. Lily then took Sirius's seat, and Remus took hers. James then pushed Sirius toward the door, and left him taking Remus's seat. Seat order from the window.




And Sirius paralyzed by the door.

Sirius could hardly speak but he did say this.


Sirius lay there until lunch, which wasn't a very quiet time. The lunch/cart lady came by. Remus reversed the spell. And Sirius got up stretched his arms and legs. He Cracked his neck, and slowly approached James. Lily bought their candy, and turned to see Sirius slowly walking toward James. She quickly went back to her original seat and waited.

"Hello Padfoot! Have a nice nap?" James asked nervously. Sirius smiled.

"It was quite enjoyable, since you put me on me side, but I didn't enjoy the fact that you hexed me." He said all too calmly. Remus moved to the other side with Lily. Each grabbing a box of Bertie Botts every flavored bean's and watched Sirius slowly bring out his wand.

"Maybe I should try my new spell. I created... It's very...Mind boggling." He said. James was scared. He knew he was playing, but Mind-boggling spells? It scared him. He grabbed for his wand, but it wasn't there. He looked at Lily; she guiltily pulled out his wand. James gave her a look that said Death when we get off the train, because he didn't know what could happen to him. Lily gave it to Remus, and smiled making him turn his head back to Sirius. He was too close for comfort...

"Kukuclocklikings!" He said.

James looked around. Nothing happened. But he still didn't like the sound of it. Lily giggled at the spell name, but Remus looked at her and told her to be quiet. The serious look on his face made Lily stop. Sirius looked satisfied and turned and grabbed a chocolate frog. James smiled and tried to talk, but it didn't come out the way it planed.

Kukuclocklikings is very funny find out what it does in the next chapter.... I'm so evil!