Clipped Wings Heal

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Chapter One

When they arrived on the island no one had any idea what the extent of the damage would be. None of the officers knew what had happened, who had been involved and just what they would find washed up on the shore. As it was it appeared a battle had occurred between either two pirate ships and a Navel vessel had been caught in the cross fire or a pirate ship had been caught between another pirate ship and a Navel vessel.

Commodore James Norrington, from Port Royal, had been sent out along with two other ships governed by the British Navy. It had been a disastrous discovery. There were pirates and merchant sailors alike strewn on the beach, bloody and dying or bloody and dead. It wasn't something any of the men had prepared themselves for.

"Men, be on guard, find any survivors. See who we can help."

"SIR! SIR!" There was a call from a man in a Navel issued uniform limping his way towards Commodore Norrington. "Thank the Heavens you got here. The ones who are able bodied are over there. We are in desperate need of your help." Norrington did a scan of the beach and noticed that all the live men were pirates, any Navel officers were dead. Paying silent respect to the fallen Norrington followed the man, his officers trailing behind.

"Sir, may I enquire to your name?" The slightly dishevelled man turned.

"Oh, pardon my rudeness, it's just the shock of it all. I'm Captain Roger Anderson, based in London, this was my first voyage to the Caribbean to be honest, rather daunting as it were." Norrington nodded.

"Can you tell me just what happened here?" The man nodded slowly and started once more further into the island.

"Of course, well, we were heading into Port Jameson's sir, my ship, the Deliverance was well stocked with supplies to last the inhabitants. We were intercepted by a pirate vessel, The Mermaids Song. She over powered us in every aspect. Her firepower, her speed, we were a sinking target for sure. Watch your feet there sir." Norrington minded the uprooted tree branch and there was a murmur of warning behind him. "So the men were praying for a miracle and low and behold another ship comes along. She was magnificent, all demonic and depraved, cutting the water like a queen. She literally saved our skin. I haven't got round to asking her Captain why, he's in a bad way. Took a lot of damage that ship did. She's grounded on the shoals just round from where the survivors are camped out." The humidity on the island was getting worse the further in they headed, but Norrington paid it little heed, interested fully in this mans tale.

"What happened after this ship appeared?"

"Well, we immediately sailed for cover. There was no way we'd make any waves with the Deliverance in the way she was. But there was too much damage done to her and my men and I had to abandon ship. The Mermaids Song took quite a toll, she soon started going down, her men jumping side and swimming for this island. We took a while to row out. The other pirates seemed relentless, turned out that one of their crew had been kidnapped and were being held aboard the Mermaid. That poor lass. Anyway, the ship was caught in the shoals due to the sudden storm, never even stood a chance that close. When we made it here most of the pirates were dead; I haven't found out about that either. I'm telling you sir, they saved our lives. If they hadn't showed up we'd bewell as the woman said we'd be shark bait by now." Norrington nodded, finally noticing the small camp that had been made up where the surviving sailors were. There was a huddle of what looked like pirates, seemingly their men hadn't come out of this unscathed.

"Sir, I have to ask. Just what is too happen to the men and woman who helped us? Pirate or not." Norrington regarded the matter.

"Well, if like you say they are the reason you and your men are alive then I will be sure to guarantee their safety for just now." Anderson nodded. Apparently happy with the commodore decision. Pirates or not James Norrington had learned not too long ago that even pirates could be good men.

"What are you doing here mate?" A dark skinned woman stood in front of James, hands on hips, clearly intent on defending herself and the rest of the crew she was with.

"I am Commodore Norrington from Port Royal." But she held up a hand, cutting him off.

"I know who you are. I asked what you were doing here?"

"My men and myself will ensure that no harm come to any of you due to your help in the rescue of the HMS Deliverance. We will be offering escort to Port Royal for all who need medical attention and then you shall be released to carry on with your lives." Norrington said to the group of pirates who had gathered beside the woman. They were dirty, covered with mud, sand and blood. Most had some sort of make shift cloth covering a wound, arms bandaged, slings made from shirts, a few had their heads bandaged with blood still staining their skin.

"And how are we to be sure you won't just hang us when we get to your lovely little fort? What's not to say you change yer mind?" Norrington looked straight at this woman; she was rather protective and closed off.

"Ma'am I can assure you. I have no intent of hanging any one." She snorted and shook her head.

"Really? Well, you take a look over there and you tell me that again, looking me straight in the eye." She pointed her finger in a direction behind most of the pirates, all of them moving out of Norrington's way as he slowly moved towards where the female had indicated. As he neared he felt a fear creep into his stomach, just what was he about to find? A butchered Navel man? A most feared pirate? It caused an anxiousness to arise that James was not at all comfortable with.

When he saw what it was his blood ran cold and his face paled. Lying on a blanket, blooded, battered and unconscious was Jack Sparrow, wait, Captain Jack Sparrow. His shirt had been removed and his torso had been wrapped in white fabric, what once was a shirt. The material was stained with blood where the man was injured.

"What happened to him?" Norrington asked, knowing full well that the woman was there. She walked around and knelt, placing Sparrow's head in her lap. She stroked his hair while just watching him. Anderson was once more at Norrington's side.

"He crossed ships to get to me. Took one hell of a beating from the crew of the Mermaid before getting to the Captain. Their crew started jumping deck when the ship started going down. Red-Eyes and Jack came to blows. He went under with the ship, both of them did." The woman had calmed, her voice low and monotone. Her head hadn't lifted from the still form of the pirate Captain on the ground.

"We found him washed up." Anderson said. "Don't think he'll be making it." Norrington didn't understand the pang of sorrow at those words.

"Gillette, fetch the stretcher from the Dauntless." Gillette nodded and took two other officers with him to get the stretcher from the ship. "What are his ailments exactly?" Norrington asked, whoever treated him could inform him.

"Well sir, he's got lacerations to his back and chest, a bullet wound in his chest and a large gash to the head. No one knows about his lungs but there might just be water in them." Norrington looked at the man.

"You seem familiar, what's your name?"
"Joshamee Gibbs. I was a merchant sailor not to long ago, but I was forced into retirement." Norrington remembered the man. He had been there when they pulled Turner out of the water almost nine years ago.

"Mr Anderson, start your men heading towards the ships. Leave anything that isn't needed." Norrington turned to the woman. "I can firmly assure you Miss, I have no intention what so ever to hang anyone upon our return to Port Royal. Once Sparrow is fully healed he will also be free to leave Port Royal." She slowly stood; she looked James over, then turned to Mr Gibbs.

"Some men need to stay. We can't leave the Pearl on those shoals." He nodded.

"Aye Ana, I'll stay with Cotton, Crimp and Tweak. We'll make sure the ship gets to Port Royal." The dark woman shook her head.

"Everyone who isn't in dire need of medical attention stays. I'm not risking losing anyone in a storm. The more people on the Pearl the better. I would stay to man the helm but" She trailed off and James saw her eyes drift to Sparrow's prone form.

"Don't worry Ana, we'll manage. You stay with him." She nodded and smiled at the elder man.

"Sir, commodore Norrington. The stretcher." Norrington moved out of the way and looked at the woman.

"Would you rather his own men moved him?" She looked at him, her eyes telling him she still didn't trust him or his word.

"Cotton, Tweak. Help Gibbs and I move the Captain." The four men and the woman carefully moved their Captain to the stretcher. Then the woman turned back to him. "I can't spare the men to carry him back to your ship. You little red coats can take him but I swear, I'm not as fond of the British as Jack wasis." Once more a flash of something flew past the woman's eyes and James had the fleeting feeling that the woman and Sparrow's relationship was a little more complicated than that of a Captain and his crewmember.

On the walk back to the ship James walked behind the woman, who walked closely beside the stretcher carrying her fallen Captain.

"May I enquire as to your name Miss?" James asked, trying to be a gentleman, even if the woman was more hostile than Old Spanish waters.

"AnaMaria." Was the crisp snipped reply.

"And your position aboard the Black Pearl?" Norrington ventured.

"As far as we hear she's rather adaptable. Supposed to be flexible too." It wasn't her who replied. It was Sparrow. His voice hoarse and raspy, and laced in pain.

"Jack!" The woman moved to stand right beside the pirate. "How do you feel?"

"Like I've been shot and stabbed, how about you luv?" She took his bandaged hand in hers and smiled at him.

"I'm fine Jack. No more than a few cuts and bruises. We're taking you to Port Royal. They're gonna have us all fixed up. The able bodied are staying behind withWhat?" James cast his eyes to Sparrow at the desperation in the woman's voice.

"Halt!" The men carrying the stretcher stopped, looking at their patient. The pirate's face was screwed in pain, his hand resting over his chest, arm hugging his ribs. James felt another pang, one of sympathy for the pirate. Jack Sparrow was a pirate, a thief, a scoundrel and down right despicable, but he was a good man. And he was in this state, this suffering because of his good nature. In saving the lives of the men from the HMS Deliverance and in risking his own health to retrieve his lost crewmember Jack Sparrow had suffered more pain than James could know.

"Lower him, rest for a moment." The woman seemed slightly grateful in her glance towards him, Sparrow still evidently in agony. AnaMaria gently stroked his face, whispering something to the pirate and just holding his hand. James decided to let them share some sort of moment, no matter what their relationship be. He was sure she knew it may well be the last time she saw Jack Sparrow alive.

The thought of Sparrow dying held a strange sadness in the Commodores heart. Even if James didn't see Sparrow hung the idea that the pirate would die from helping to save the lives of British Navy officers left guilt eating at Norrington. It just wasn't right of the pirate to prove Norrington so wrong. Wasn't right for his views to be changed, his beliefs to be doubted all because of this one pirate.

"Jack, it'll be alright soon. And once we get you all mended up we can go and see Bootstraps boy and the lass. I'm sure they'll be excited at that." Sparrow's face went slack and James knew he had slipped into unconsciousness once more. The woman tucked a strand of his hair behind the mans ear, leaning down close.

"Please hold on Jack. Just hold on." James felt as if he was intruding upon some moment that was not to be impurified by the presence of others. He cleared his throat carefully.

"We must get him to the Dauntless now." She looked at him, stepping back slightly before releasing Sparrow's hand and allowing the officers to carry him to the ship as fast as possible. "I can assure you Miss AnaMaria, we will attempt everything within our power to keep him alive. I give you my word." And he meant it. He didn't really want to see Sparrow dead. Had it not been for him Miss Swann would likely be dead, Mr Turner would likely be dead, possibly even himself be dead. And both Turner and Miss Swann had been correct, Sparrow was a good man, despite his choice in profession, he was a good man indeed.

Her blood was boiling, out of rage and fear. Rage that this had all happened, rage at Jack for being so stupid. Rage at Gibbs for not stopping Jack. Rage at the goddamned Navy for being the heroes of the day. And fear; fear that the Navy were playing them. Fear that she would be hung in Fort William at Port Royal the following morn. Fear that Jack wouldn't even see Port Royal.

AnaMaria was no simpleton, she knew fine well the extensiveness of Jack's injuries, she knew fine well what the blood loss could do to him, she also knew what his chances were, the chances of him ever regaining consciousness if this fever and blood loss continued. Slim to none.

Jack had played with his life so many times before, never fearing death, for Jack death was just another adventure, just something else waiting for him to explore. But for Ana, his death could mean so much, the end of so much. It was a gut clenching fear to think of never hearing his voice again, of never hearing those teasing remarks or his stupid comments, never carrying out his orders. A fear that she would never see that crazy swagger, see that heart turning smile, see those beautiful eyes.

It wasn't unknown to her, she knew. She had for a very long time. She loved Jack Sparrow. Not the way that Jack loved his ship, the Black Pearl, oh no. AnaMaria was in love with Jack Sparrow. Had been for a very long time and would be for a very long time. It was something she just couldn't escape, and something she had been too cowardly to admit, especially to him. His ego was already big enough, why fan the fire?

When they arrived on the Dauntless Ana noticed the number of Navel officers, there were two other ships along with the Dauntless but she didn't bother trying to see what their names were. She didn't care much.

"Once everyone is on board I want use making haste back to Port Royal. If possible I want a ship on ahead, send the Majestic ahead of us. I want the best surgeons at the fort, we have several wounded that need immediate attention. And send for the Navy's personal surgeon and have everything set up in the forts infirmary." Norrington ordered to one of the officers and Ana felt a little more gratitude towards him, he was seriously trying to help, not just the Navel men who were injured but the pirates as well, he was helping Jack too.

"Miss AnaMaria, am I to assume you wish to remain with SparCaptain Sparrow?" Ana noticed that he caught himself and she nodded once.

"Lieutenant Groves, prepare a room for Captain Sparrow and a comfortable place for Miss AnaMaria." The red coat nodded and went about it while Jack was taken along behind. Ana followed and waited while the room was prepared.

Jack was laid on the bed carefully, a chair placed beside it for Ana. Once the navel men left Ana sat on the stool, pulling it closer to Jack's bedside. She took his hand in hers, running her smooth fingers over the rough skin on the back of his hand. She traced the fine scar there before turning his hand over and tracing the exact same scar on his palm. She had always wondered about that scar. How he got it, how he had coped while it healed, how he re-trained himself with a sword. It must've been difficult, a pirate who couldn't use his right hand, and Jack was right handed. Difficult indeed.

"Miss? Commodore Norrington wishes me to inform you that if there is anything you require then that you are just to say. Would you like for anything to be brought up? Food, water?" Ana thought about playing the tough girl routine but before she could say a word a shiver racked her body, making her tremble. The officer seemed to notice and walked silently to the far side of the room. He pulled a blanket from the cupboard that stood there. Without a word the man, Groves wasn't itwrapped the material around Ana's shoulders and the woman pulled it closer.

"Thank you." She said softly. He remained behind her, watching Jack.

"Some of us were cheering that day you know. When he fell off the fort, the Black Pearl sailing in. We couldn't do it openly, but we were cheering." Ana looked up at him. "Not every Navy man wants to see all pirates hanged Miss. Captain Sparrow is by far the most amazing pirate I have ever seen." He paused, seemingly nervous. "Do youwould it be at all improper of me to request to hear the telling of this event?" Ana looked at Jack. "Of course I do not wish to hear it until you feel capable of retelling the event. It is clear that you were close to Captain Sparrow and I will not bring unnecessary grief upon you by requesting something in which" Ana held up a hand to stop him.
"Come by tomorrow night. Once we reach Port Royal and I will tell you." Groves smiled at her.

"Thank you Miss. I am most fascinated by Captain Sparrow's adventures. I will see to bringing you some food Miss." Ana nodded gratefully and the man left. She looked back to Jack. They were cheering when he got away, the were cheering that he escaped the noose and lived to pilfer another day. She was more than surprised at the eager Lieutenant Groves' admiration of Jack.

Hopefully when Ana retold what happened here Jack would be able to add his own little notes, making the young navy officer admire him even more. Maybe, hopefully.

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