Chapter 1: Family Ties

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Natalie Jones looked out the window at the boring life she led. She was a goody-two shoes, a straight 'A' student, and was the class factotum. She wished that she could be like her parents, Katie and Freddie Jones, were said to be. Although she loved the electric guitar and was quite good at it she just couldn't get into it as passionately as her parents wanted her to. Her sister, Ally, on the other hand was a wild class clown, and an awesome drummer who got very into everything she played, like her father told them he was when he was younger.

Natalie was a 13 year old, who had brown eyes and shoulder length dark brown hair. Where as Ally had blonde haired that flipped out and blue eye that shone. Natalie was in the middle of an excellent book when her mom called Ally and her downstairs. "Natalie! Ally! Your father and I want to tell you something." Natalie and Ally raced down the stairs of their Albany home. "What is it?" Ally asked.

"Horace Greene, the school your dad and I went to as kids is having a reunion, and we wanted you guys to come with us." Katie said "Why do we have to go?" Ally protested "Because I said so." Freddie demanded Natalie hated when her dad said that but being the goody-two-shoes she was she just went along with everything. "Fine, whatever!" Ally screamed "Then its official we're gonna fly to Horace Greene on tomorrow." Said Katie The next thing Natalie knew, she was on her way to a school she had never seen before.

Summer Mooneyham looked through her mail with great excitement. She had just heard that there was going to be a Horace Greene reunion! Finally she came across the letter and called her husband, Zack,(of course) downstairs. "Zack, honey, there's gonna be a Horace Greene reunion! Aren't you excited?" Summer exclaimed "Yeah! I can't wait to see the rest of the gang, but what about Greg?" Zack said "We can take him with us, can't we?" Summer was very sure of herself, as she always was

Greg, Zack and Summer's son, had black hair and brown eyes and had just turned 14 years old. For his birthday he received a Flying 'V' guitar which he played everyday. He just happened to be playing "Smoke on the Water" when dad called him into the kitchen. "Greg! Come to the kitchen, now! Zack called. Greg ran to the kitchen of their house in Connecticut and sat down at the table where he saw the mail in a neat stack, just how his mom liked it. "Greg, your father and I are taking you to the reunion of our....rock band." Summer said "You two were in a rock band? Get out of here! That's awesome!" "So your okay with going?" Zack asked "Yeah! That's awesome! My parents were in a rock band." Greg said enthusiastically. The next day the Mooneyham family was on their way to the reunion of The School of Rock.

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