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Warnings: Shonen-ai, violence, child abuse, language, rape, incest, etc.

Pairings: SasuNaru, KakaIru, maybe even some SakuLee and InoShika in later chapters.

Summary: In the present time, Naruto has parents. Instead of loving him, like his soul always hoped they would, they despise him as much as everyone else. He is constantly beaten by both his father and his mother. What happens when those around him, like Sasuke and Sakura, find out that something's not quite right? AU, SasuNaru

Title: Smile, Empty Soul
Chapter 01: Bottom of a Bottle

The day was beautiful. It was late spring, just before the summer heat, with the temperatures almost perfect. The sun shone overhead with fluffy white clouds wafting to and fro. The only bad part for most people would be that it was a school day.

However, one child loved the fact that it was a school day. He didn't like school, but anything was better than what he had to deal with at home. Anything was better with what he had to go through whenever he was back home.

His name was Uzumaki Naruto. At sixteen, he had already reached five foot eleven and was still growing. His spiky blonde hair was shining in the bright sunlight. His eyes were wide and innocent and showed nothing of what he had to deal with. They were deep pools and the color of the sky. Many had found themselves lost in them. His skin was tanned from being in the sun so much, since he found excuses to run around the town all the time.

Someone bumped into his left shoulder, causing pain to flare. Naruto winced, biting his bottom lip. He closed his eyes, taking deep, even breaths

"Naruto-kun?" an feminine voice asked.

Naruto's eyes fluttered open. One of his classmates stood in front of him. She had short pink hair and the prettiest emerald green eyes that the boy had ever seen.

"Hello, Sakura-chan," he murmured softly.

"Are you okay, I'm sorry for bumping into you," the girl responded.

"Aa, its okay," Naruto replied with his trademark grin. Sakura nodded and then ran off to catch up with her friend, Ino.

Naruto scared after her, rubbing his shoulder. She hadn't hurt him. But his shoulder had been paining him since the night before, when he had come home too late for his father's liking. Naruto grimaced as he remembered what his father had done to him. Shaking out his blonde mane as the school bell rung, he hurried to class.

Been scared and lonely
I asked myself, "is something wrong with you"
My girlfriend told me
I need some time alone to deal with issues

When he got into his class, Naruto took his normal seat at the back of the classroom. It wasn't hard to figure out why. The three whiskers on each side of the boy's face showed that he was feared.

Even my own parents hate me, Naruto growled to himself. He folded his arms and buried his head into the crook of his elbow. He barely realized in his daze that a new kid was in the room.

It was only when he got smacked in the forehead with a chalkboard eraser that he looked up.

"NARUTO!" Iruka-sensei yelled.

"Hai?" Naruto mumbled.

"Stand up," was his teacher's reply.

Grumbling to himself, Naruto stood. He braced his arms on the desk so that he wouldn't fall over. He was feeling tired and didn't like being disturbed in the middle of his sleep. Especially not by a chalkboard eraser.

Iruka had turned back to the new student. "All right, Uchiha-kun," the man was saying. "You'll sit by Naruto."

The new kid nodded. His black-blue hair was spiked in the back and his midnight eyes stared at Naruto before he began to move. Naruto sat down, not caring if Iruka yelled at him for that. Uchiha was wearing a wide-colored blue shirt and jeans. His face betrayed none of what he was feeling. Naruto shrugged to himself, feeling the black stare on him. He felt self-conscious all of a sudden.

Uchiha took the seat next to Naruto, not speaking. In the front, Iruka-sensei had begun to teach the class history. Naruto took a sideglance at the new boy. Sasuke appeared to just be staring off into space, not showing that he saw anything around him. Naruto noticed that all of the girls in the class were staring at Sasuke and he could swear that a few of them were drooling.

"Hmph," he sighed to himself, putting on his headphones. He could care less what was being taught. Besides, he needed to rest up. He hadn't gotten a lot of sleep in the past few weeks.

A soft smile played at his lips as he heard the music blast in his ears and he fell into a somewhat peaceful sleep.

But something makes me carry on
It's difficult to understand why I always want to fly

"Oy!" someone broke into Naruto's dreams.

"What?" the boy growled, still half-asleep. Looking out through groggy eyes, Naruto saw none other than the new kid in front of him.

"Class is over, dobe," the boy sneered.

"So?" Naruto mumbled. The sentence hadn't been fully comprehended in his mind.

"Well, since class is over and we have to do a project, I'd suggest getting up," Sasuke snarled.

"Hn? Project?" Naruto inquired as he slowly worked out the kinks in his muscles and stood up. "What kind of project?"

"A current events project about violence in schools. Y'know, guns and the like," the boy answered.

"Okay, thanks for telling me, see you later," Naruto said. He turned to leave when Sasuke's hand shot out and grabbed his shoulder. Wincing slightly, Naruto turned around. "What?"

"It's a group project, idiot," he said, rolling his eyes.

The words took effect on Naruto immediately. "G-group?" he said, a blank look on his face. His eyes widened slightly as he stared at Sasuke. "Who's group am I in?"

"Its you, me, Haruno Sakura, Rock Lee, Yamamoto Ino and Naru Shikamaru," Sasuke answered.

"Okay. So, when do we meet?"



"I was sent by Sakura and Ino to get you," he grumbled. Grabbing Naruto's shirt collar, he pulled the boy with him to the cafeteria, where he saw the other four in their group already sitting at a table together. He plopped Naruto ungracefully into one of the vacant seats and took the other one.

"So, we have to do this on violence in the school system, right?" Ino asked.

The others nodded dully. "Well, how do we do it, then?" Sakura asked. "Iruka-sensei said to be creative and if he had to listen to another six students speak in monotone for an hour, he would give them an automatic F."

"So what's creative and has something to do with school violence?" Naruto asked, pulling out a piece of bread from his bookbag. The others, with their lunchtrays filled, looked at him as though he were crazy.

"Is that all you're eating?" Lee inquired, his eyes wide under his annoying thick eyebrows.

Naruto flushed, looking down at his lap, and nodded. The fact that he rarely ate wasn't something that he liked to discuss, even with people that he felt somewhat comfortable with. He was glad that it was these five in his group, rather than some of the other students who would've killed him by now.

"Its okay though," Naruto lied with a big fake grin on his face. "I eat too much when I'm at home, so I don't like to eat as much when I'm at school." In truth, the boy was usually starving when he was at home and at school, but he didn't have the money to get anything.

The others merely nodded and went back to their discussion. Naruto let out a small sigh of relief, glad that he was able to escape that inquiry.

I do it for the drugs
I do it just to feel alive
I do it for the love
That I get from the bottom of a bottle

Later that day, Naruto crept into his house. He listened closely for any movement from his parents. Determining that the cost was clear, the boy slipped his shoes off and walked quickly, but quietly, through the murky indoors. He finally came to a stop outside of his room. Just as he was about to open the door and walk inside, something grabbed him by his already bruised shoulder and slammed him into the wall. Naruto had to purse his lips tightly to prevent any sound from escaping. He looked up fearfully into the eyes of his father.

Uzomaki Yon was a large man, strong and tall. He easily pinned his son to the wall, blue eyes glaring down at the boy.

"So, where have you been, Naruto-kun?" the voice whispered.

Naruto could smell the booze on his father's breath and had to fight from gagging. Yon smirked evilly, his head moving closer to the boy. Unconsciously, Naruto curled back into the wall, hoping to find some way to escape his father. However, nothing helped him.

His father crashed his lips against Naruto, nipping slightly at the boy's bottom lip. He trailed kisses down Naruto's neck, occasionally biting and sucking on the skin that was there. Naruto shivered, fear running up and down his spine.

Without Naruto realizing it, for his mind was in a fogged state, Yon had twisted Naruto around so that the man's erection was brushing against Naruto's ass. Without warning, Yon ripped Naruto's pants down and shoved himself into his son. Naruto screamed as his father thrust harder and faster into him. Tears ran down the boy's cheeks as his father came inside of him.

Smirking, Yon smacked the boy's face and walked away. Naruto dragged himself into his room, shutting the door behind him. Pain laced through his entire being and he was sobbing uncontrollably into the stained carpet of his room. He didn't even have the energy to pull his pants back up before blackness set in as he fainted.

You always call me
And ask me how I make it through the day
I'm always falling
I guess its just God's way of making me pay

When Naruto awoke the next morning, he took a quick shower. Wrapping a towel around himself, he looked at his reflection in the mirror. His blue eyes were puffy and red from crying and his lip was split, still a little bloody, from Yon's fist. Naruto dressed quickly, pushing all thoughts of what had happened the night before out of his mind as he dashed off to school. His butt was sore and his lip throbbed, but he tried to smile and act the same way he did every other day. He had managed to clean his eyes so that they did not look as puffy. They were still a bit red, but that wasn't really noticeable.

"Naruto!" someone yelled. Naruto looked around, trying to figure out who was calling him. Sasuke Uchiha ran up behind him.

"Nani?" Naruto asked, stifling a yawn that was trying to escape from his mouth.

Sasuke looked at the boy. Concern flashed over his features as he saw the split lip that hadn't been there the day before. The puffiness of Naruto's heavenly blue eyes hadn't escaped him either, nor did the slight waddle in his walk that pointed to the blonde being in a lot of pain.

"Are you okay?" Sasuke asked. "What happened?"

"Nothing," Naruto replied readily. He wasn't that easy to let others privy to his thoughts and feelings and he didn't really want to change that anytime soon.

"Then where did that split lip come from?"

"I was in a fight yesterday and the boy punched me," Naruto snarled. "Now leave me the fuck alone!" He stormed off angrily, not even realizing that he had just helped Sasuke's suspicions that something was wrong.

He made his way to class, putting on his headphones and going to sleep. He hoped that no one would bother him today. The rest of the class filed in a little while later. Sasuke kept on sending worried glances in Naruto's direction, as did Sakura – who had known Naruto since they were seven.

What's he hiding? Sasuke wondered as he copied notes down. While Iruka-sensei was telling them a little bit more about their project, Sasuke began to draw.

The picture he made was one of a fox, curled up to sleep. For some reason, this fox had nine tails and his face looked restless, as though having a peaceful sleep was a dream of itself.

Looking at it, Sasuke didn't miss that the picture seemed to remind him a whole lot of Naruto. He stared at Naruto's head again, thousands of questions running through his mind. He hoped that the boy would be able to pull through whatever he was going through.

As the end of class drew nearer, Naruto woke up and yawned. His bright smile was back on his face as he looked around the classroom, then found himself contented with staring at the clock on the wall. Only ten more minutes, he thought to himself as he turned back to Iruka-sensei.

When I wonder why I try
And I wonder why I bother
And I wonder why I cry
Why I go through all this trouble

"Is that really all you eat?" Sasuke asked Naruto at lunchtime. For the second time in a row, the blonde had brought nothing but a few pieces of bread.

"I'm fine," Naruto snapped back.

Their group wasn't meeting today, so the two boys were enjoying the nice weather by eating outside under the cherry blossom trees.

Sasuke looked at his large lunchbox. He slowly divided everything up exactly in half and then pulled out a spare pair of chopsticks. He handed the utensils to Naruto.

Naruto stared at them as though they were foreign objects. "Wha-?" he began before Sasuke cut him off.

"Eat," the boy ordered. "You look like shit."

Not really finding the strength to argue, Naruto did as he was told, taking small bites. It felt so good to eat lunch again – and not just a crummy piece of bread. Naruto shook his head a little bit as he felt envy rise within his chest.

I'd rather have all of this shit happen to me than to someone else, he thought to himself.

"Arigato!" he cheered before digging in more greedily.

"Hey!" Sasuke shouted playfully. "That's my rice."

"Nah, its too good to just let you have all of it," Naruto grinned at the boy. Sasuke felt a faint blush on his features, shaking it off quickly.

Sometimes it felt good to have a friend there for you.

I do it for the drugs
I do it just to feel alive
I do it for the love
That I get from the bottom of a bottle

Hey, minna! Its Kyuubi-chan and this is my new fic. looks up at the lame excuse of a sex scene Well, its my first one, so I didn't expect it to be that great. I suppose it actually sucks a lot, but I don't care. Its more fun just to write something like this. As you can see, Sasuke and Naruto are getting along fine. I wonder if I should continue that or have something inherently evil happen to them. I'm not entirely sure. Please, if anything in this chapter offended you, I warned you at the beginning about what you should expect. Therefore, you're the only one to blame for reading further.

This is going to be a series of song fics. I just like doing it that way. The songs are from the Smile Empty Soul CD. The chapter titles will be the song title names, okay? That way I'm just putting a big disclaimer in now and I don't have to worry about it later, neh?